Does Big Lots Sell Floor Models? (Buying Tips + More)

Does Big Lots Sell Floor Models

Do you know if Big Lots sells floor models? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

When at Big Lots, there are hosts of floor models and other displays for customers to see. These include patio furniture, couches, chairs, holiday displays and so much more.

Sometimes, they look good enough to take home as is.

So, does Big Lots sell floor models? No Big Lots does not sell floor models. However, there are some exceptions depending on the product and your local Big Lots. Some locations refuse to sell floor models and others will allow it.

What this is going to boil down to is your ability to do a little research and inquiry before attempting to purchase the floor model. There are many variables in this regard.

How Do You Know Big Lots Won’t Sell Floor Models?

There are several clues to indicate that Big Lots won’t sell floor models. First, if you do a search for “Big Lots floor models” (keep the quotes), there are several results that popup indicating several customers’ experiences.

Many people discuss how their Big Lots refuses to sell displays and floor models. This is particularly true in several locations across California.

Then, if you contact Big Lots customer care, they fully admit that they don’t sell floor models.

Why Won’t Big Lots Sell Floor Models?

The main reason why Big Lots refuses to sell their floor models is because of the high likelihood for defects and faulty functionality.

For instance, some customers do notice how floor models will have one leg shorter than the rest or other similar foible.

Are There Any Exceptions in Buying Floor Models from Big Lots?

There is one teeny exception in attempting to buy a floor model from Big Lots. In the event, the manufacturer discontinued the product or Big Lots decided to no longer carry it, you can buy the floor model at a discounted price.

But, there’s a HUGE caveat with this – it all depends on your local Big Lots.

Each store reserves the right to refuse the purchase of their floor models. So, even though a discontinued product looks ripe for the picking in terms of the floor model, the store may not allow it.

If they do, you’ll save a lot of money for the amount they’ll take off. However, the sale will be final and you can’t return it.

How Do You Go about Buying a Floor Model from Big Lots?

The process of going about obtaining a floor model from Big Lots is a delicate operation. Plus, even if you follow the advice here, there are no guarantees.

So, it will become a matter of exhaustive trial and error on your part.

There Are No Guarantees

First, it’s important to understand your location and the laws put in place on businesses about selling floor models.

Therefore, if you live in California, forget trying to buy the floor model unless a sales clerk offers it. For all other areas, you’re going to have to walk a bit of a tightrope.

Ask Your Local Big Lots

When you go into your local Big Lots and you see a floor model you like, ask a sales clerk outright if they will sell it to you and see what happens.

If they refuse the sale, take note of the item and the name of the manufacturer along with details like color, style, materials, components and etc.

Online Research; Info Gathering

Go to Big Lots’ website and attempt to find the item in their inventory. Try to find a list of Big Lots in your area that carries the same piece.

Also, read the description and see if there’s any information about the item’s plans for discontinuation or dropping it from inventory.

Then, do an independent search for the brand along with the item and all its details. See if you can find similar information from the manufacturer.

Next, go into every Big Lots location around you that does stock the item. Try to find the floor model and then ask a sales associate if they’ll sell it to you.

In the event no store will sell you the floor model and if there are no plans for discontinuation or dropping it from inventory, you will have to wait until it does.

This is the only effective means of attempting to purchase a floor model. Your only other alternative is to wait for the item itself to go on sale.


While Big Lots won’t sell their floor models as a regular policy, you may be able to buy one depending on your store.

Sometimes, they’ll allow it and it will be hassle free. In other cases, they will adamantly refuse. Therefore, you’ll have to do a bit of digging if it’s something you really want.

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