Does Big 5 Fill CO2 Tanks (Paintball Tanks)

Does Big 5 Fill CO2 Tanks

Do you know if Big 5 fills CO2 tanks? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Like most other paintballers, you probably need to get your CO2 tanks refilled more than you would like.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to find stores in your area that offer CO2 tank refill services.

So, does Big 5 fills CO2 tanks? Well, despite being a large sporting goods store, Big 5 does not fill CO2 tanks, but they sell CO2 tanks already filled. So, you can purchase new CO2 tanks at Big 5, but you will have to go elsewhere to get the tank refilled in the future.

In this article, we fully explained what CO2 products Big 5 provides and offer alternative stores that will fill CO2 tanks for you.

To learn more about getting your CO2 tanks filled at Big 5, keep reading.

Does Big 5 Fill CO2 Tanks?

Despite being one of the more popular sporting goods stores around the nation, Big 5 does not fill CO2 tanks. No location contacted offers the service either.

Not to mention, there are no rumors about stores considering adding CO2 tank fills to their services, which means you shouldn’t hold your breath in hopes of Big 5 offering the service any time soon.

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Does Big 5 Sell CO2 Tanks?

Even though Big 5 does not refill CO2 tanks, they sell them. For example, Big 5 sells Tippmann 20 OZ CO2 tank, which is a refillable tank with a pure energy repeater valve and burst disc.

They also sell other CO2 tanks, such as 12 ounces and HPA tanks. You must be 18 years of age or older in order to purchase one of these products.

If you need CO2 desperately, you could always purchase a new tank, but it will cost way more money than simply getting the tank refilled.

Continue looking for locations that offer CO2 tank fills and only purchase a new CO2 tank if there are absolutely no options in your area.

Stores That Fill CO2 Tanks

Luckily, you won’t have to look that hard to find stores that fill CO2 tanks. Even though Big 5 does not offer this service, many other big-name stores and locally owned stores in your area dos.

You’re almost guaranteed to find CO2 tank fills at welding stores, but you could also look at Dick’s Sporting Goods, independently owned sports stores in your area, and paintball-specific stores.

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Welding Stores

The most reliable way to fill your CO2 tank is to visit a welding store in your area. Welding stores almost always offer CO2 tank refills and fills.

If no other convenient stores in your area offer CO2 tank fills, you can depend on local welding stores instead.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods is one of the most convenient sporting goods stores to get your CO2 tank refilled at.

Even though not all Dick’s Sporting Goods locations offer CO2 refills, the majority do.

You can easily see if your Dick’s Sporting Goods offers the service by calling their location.

Independent Sports Stores

Unfortunately, most sporting goods stores do not offer CO2 tank refills, especially big-name stores like Big 5 and Academy.

Independent sports stores in your area may offer the service, though.

Especially if you know the independent store sells paintball products, you might get lucky.

Paintball Stores

If there happens to be a paintball-exclusive store in your area, they likely will offer CO2 tank refills.

 Because there are no paintball stores in all communities, you might have to look outside of your direct county to find paintball stores with CO2 tank filling options.

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Hydroponics Stores

If you live in a bigger community, there might be a hydroponic store in your area too. Sometimes, hydroponic stores offer CO2 tank fills, but not always.

How to Find Out Which Stores Offer CO2 Tank Fills In Your Area

No matter where you live, it’s important to call the selected store before going to get your tank filled to ensure they offer the service in the first place and are not running low on CO2.

More so, calling ahead of time ensures that the location you are going to is not running low on CO2.

Even though welding shops almost always offer CO2 tank fill services, they can run low on CO2, which means they can’t fill your tank that day and must wait for a new batch to come in.

Calling the store ahead of time simply ensures that you aren’t wasting your time and not heading to a location that offers CO2 tank fills that day.

Final Thoughts

Big 5 does not offer CO2 tank refills, despite the fact that they sell CO2 tank products.

You could always buy a new CO2 tank if you absolutely need more CO2 and don’t have other options in your area, but many other stores are likely to sell CO2 tanks.

The best place to go for getting your CO2 tanks filled is local welding shops. These stores are almost always guaranteed to offer CO2 tank fills.

You can also check out other independently-owned stores and sporting goods stores. No matter which stores you choose to be your final destination, always call ahead of time.

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