Does Airgas Fill CO2 Tanks (The Truth!)

Does Airgas Fill CO2 Tanks

Carbon Dioxide is also known as CO2. The gas is colorless, odorless, and non-flammable and it has many applications in the food industry, welding, paintball, and more.

If you are out of CO2, refilling your CO2 tank can help save money and time. It can also give you a chance to save your tank rather than throwing it away.

So, does Airgas fill CO2 tanks? Yes. Airgas will refill CO2 tanks of most sizes. They offer several different options for this product depending on how often you use CO2 and which products are best for your needs.

What CO2 Options Does Airgas Offer?

Airgas has CO2 in many different forms. It also offers different options for acquiring that CO2, including tank refills and leasing options.

Airgas offers CO2 suited for different applications including:

  • Beverage-grade CO2 for beer and other carbonated beverages
  • Liquid CO2 for pharmaceutical labs
  • Dry ice for special effects
  • Dry ice for cleaning
  • Stunning gas for livestock
  • Welding gas

If you are looking for any of the CO2 products offered by Airgas, you can look at one of the options for how they provide CO2. The different “plans” for CO2 at Airgas include:

  • Monthly Keep-Full Service
  • Lease Service
  • Product and Rental Service
  • Product-Only Service

These services offer varying products given what you may need. Here we will dive into those options so you can choose what is best for you.

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Monthly Keep-Full Service

If you use the Airgas Keep-Full service, you pay a low monthly fee. This fee includes tank rental and as much CO2 as you need.

It also provides bulk tank installation, so if you own a business or use bulk tanks, this can be very helpful.

When you use the Airgas CO2 installation, Airgas will also provide a CO2 monitor to help you stay on top of your refills.

Lease Service

If you are not interested in all of the products offered by the Keep-Full service, the Lease service may be good for you.

With the Airgas Lease service, you only pay per pound for the CO2 that you use. You pay a discounted yearly rate for a bulk tank.

If you want to just rent a bulk tank and pay for the CO2 you use, this is one of the best options for you. Like the Keep-Full service, the Lease service also provides a CO2 monitor with installations.

Product and Rental Service

If you do not necessarily want a bulk tank but would rather have a storage tank, then the Product and Rental service may be right for you.

With the Product and Refill Service, you rent a storage vessel and pay for that. Then, you pay per pound for the CO2 that you use.

You pay this when refilling your storage tank. This service also includes the CO2 monitor with installations.

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Product-Only Service

If you are not interested in subscribing to any of the rentals through Airgas, they do offer a product-only service.

With this service, you pay per pound for the CO2 that you need. This applies to any of the CO2 products that Airgas offers.

What is CO2?

CO2 is also known as Carbon Dioxide. It is usually found as a gas. Each molecule of Carbon Dioxide gas has two oxygen atoms and one Carbon atom.

CO2 has many applications in the world, and it can also be found through the use of dry ice.

What is the Airgas Nitro-DraughtTM System?

If you work for a restaurant, bar, or stadium, you may regularly need CO2 for the beverages you serve.

For those services, Airgas offers their Nitro-DraughtTM System. The Nitro-DraughtTM system combines a Nitrogen gas generator with a bulk CO2 tank.

You can customize the blends of gases you want for your beverages. There are three different versions of this system available for use through Airgas.

These include the Nitro-DraughtTM 1200, the Nitro-DraughtTM PRO, and the Nitro-DraughtTM MAX.

The Nitro-DraughtTM 1200is great for small restaurants and bars. It is equipped to handle:

  • Up to 100 kegs per month
  • Approximately 17 pints per minute

The Nitro-DraughtTM PRO is ideal for larger restaurants and/or draft houses. It is equipped to support:

  • Up to 200 kegs per month
  • Approximately 19 pints per minute

If you handle a brewery or a stadium, you will need more than the Nitro-DraughtTM 1200or the Nitro-DraughtTM PRO can handle.

Luckily, for those instances, Airgas has the Nitro-DraughtTM MAX. The Nitro-DraughtTM is equipped to support:

  • Up to 450 kegs per month
  • 36 pints per minute

How to Know if a CO2 Tank Needs Refilled

Staying on top of how much CO2 you are using can help you budget and plan ahead, no matter what you are using the CO2 for.

The easiest way to keep track of how much CO2 you are using and how much is left in your tank is to get a gauge to measure it. This is included with many of the installation options offered through Airgas.

Many CO2 cartridges used for paintball have an estimate of how long you can use them. You can keep track of this to help know when your cartridge is low on CO2.

If you are using CO2 to make carbonated beverages, you can keep track of how many drinks you are making. Many CO2 tanks and cartridges will give you an estimate of how many drinks they can carbonate before running out of CO2.

You can also watch the quality of your drinks. If the foam does not last for long or if the carbonation is weak, chances are you are low on CO2.

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