Who Makes Kroger Brand Products? (11 Products Listed)

Who Makes Kroger Brand Products

Lindsey, do you know who makes Kroger brand products? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Many big-name companies these days sell their own brand name line of products, typically for a lower price than the popular competitors. If you are a Kroger shopper, do you know who makes their brand of products?

According to Kroger’s website, about 60% of its products are made from plants and factories owned and operated by the company itself, and the rest is outsourced to other quality companies.

In this article, we are going to go over ten popular items sold at Krogers across the country, giving you information on where they actually come from.

Who Makes Kroger Products?

Kroger is a large and successful supermarket chain that provides almost every product you can imagine in stores and online. These products are sold in more than 2700 stores across the U.S., providing food, household supplies, and more to their massive amount of customers. 

Similar to popular chains such as Walmart and Target, Kroger offers shoppers a variety of their own “brands” with three distinct tiers. A low-cost, generic option, a basic yet affordable option, and a high-end or “luxury” option. 

Kroger outsources a lot of the brand’s products, with more than 60% of its supply coming in from third-party manufacturers. However, the rest of the items are made in-house at the nearly 40 Kroger facilities that produce many products, including 18 dairy plants, nine bakeries, and seven grocery plants.  

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10 Popular Kroger Products and Where they are Made

Now that we provided a little background, we can get info on the details surrounding the Kroger brand and where each of their popular items is made. 

Keep your eyes peeled for famous names, as a lot of their products are created by your favorite name brands, and you never even knew it. 

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1. Kroger Brand Cereal Is Made by Ralston Foods

Ralston Foods is the company you can thank for the Kroger brand cereal you will typically buy off this company’s shelves on any given day. This manufacturer produces all of Kroger’s line of cereals as well as cereal for other popular store brands you probably shop at frequently.

Ralston Foods has been making various hot and cold cereals for private label selling for over 100 years, partnering up with big names such as Purina and General Mills. 

2. Dairy Products (Kroger Dairy Plants)

Kroger is one of the few retail chains that actually have their own dairy farms across the county to not only supply milk products but also bottle, label, and distribute their dairy.

The company’s most modern and innovative plant was constructed in 1972 and was actually known for being the largest dairy plant in the world. 

When purchasing your Kroger dairy products, you are enjoying milk made from one of these dairy plants.

  • Crossroad Farms Dairy – Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Pace Dairy – Rochester – Rochester, Minnesota
  • Winchester Farms Dairy – Winchester, Kentucky
  • Jackson Hutchinson Dairy – Hutchinson, Kansas
  • Centennial Farms Dairy – Atlanta, Georgia
  • Pace Dairy – Indiana – Crawfordsville, Indiana
  • Vandervoort’s Dairy – Fort Worth, Texas
  • Westover Dairy – Lynchburg, Virginia
  • Mountain View Foods – Denver, Colorado
  • Tamarack Farms Dairy – Newark, Ohio
  • Riverside Creamery – Riverside, California
  • Layton Dairy – Layton, Utah
  • Michigan Dairy – Livonia, Michigan
  • Swan Island Dairy – Portland, Oregon
  • Tolleson Dairy – Tolleson, Arizona
  • Hunter Farms Dairy – High Point, North Carolina
  • Heritage Farms Dairy – Murfreesboro, Tennessee
  • Compton Creamery – Compton, California

3. Kroger Coffee Is Made by Tara Foods

Tara Foods supplies Kroger with peanut butter products created in their Albany, GA, peanut butter processing plant.

This company is one of Kroger’s owned and operated plants that specifically create products in-house for the store.

They are also known for making the retailer’s spaghetti sauce, microwavable flavors, and cashews.

4. Kroger Paper Towels Is Made by Clearwater Paper

Clearwater Paper was first developed in 1900 when the Clearwater Timber company opened up its first manufacturing facility in 1926.

This would soon become the world’s largest white pine mill, creating its first tissue products in 1963, then developing a partnership with Kroger in 2010.

5. Kroger Bread Is Made by Kroger Bakeries

Kroger owns and operates nine bakeries, where they produce their own baked goods and bread. Before the store grew into the giant retailer it is known for today; it would outsource to many different bakeries to have their bread made and labeled.

These days, if you are purchasing baked goods with the Kroger label, it was probably made in one of these nine plants.

  • RCK Foods – Kenosha, Wisconsin
  • Layton Dough – Layton, Utah
  • Anderson Bakery – Anderson, South Carolina
  • La Habra Bakery – La Habra, California
  • King Soopers Bakery – Denver, Colorado
  • Clackamas Bakery – Clackamas, Oregon
  • Country Oven Bakery – Bowling Green, Kentucky
  • K.B. Specialty Foods – Greensburg, Indiana
  • Indianapolis Bakery – Indianapolis, Indiana

6. Dog and Cat Food Is Made by Delight Products

Delight Products is an animal food manufacturing facility located in Springfield, Tennessee. This company is owned and operated by Kroger, which makes packages, and distributes the company’s brand name, dry cat and dog food.

Delight Products is one of Kroger’s smaller companies and only manufactures pet food and products for the Kroger company.

7. Kroger Cheese Is Made by Kraft

The Kraft food brand is the company that makes Kroger brand cheese. That’s right, Kraft; you know, the third-largest food and beverage company in North America.

Not only does the Kraft-Heinz facilities produce a massive amount of cheese products that will be stamped with their iconic labels and shipped to stores every, but they also produce cheese products for store brands. 

8. Kroger Baby Formula Is Made by Perrigo Nutritionals

Perrigo Nutritionals manufactures Kroger store brand baby food.This baby food is created with all of the same nutritional ingredients as high-end brands but at a much more affordable price. 

Not only does Perrigo Nutritional produce Kroger brand baby formula, but they also provide formulas for most other popular store brand lines such as Walmart and Walgreens.

9. Kroger Batteries Are Made by Duracell

According to many online sources, Kroger has requested the aid of the popular battery manufacturing company Duracell to produce their line of batteries as well.

Kroger isn’t the only store that Duracell has partnered with; they are also known for creating batteries for similar big-name companies like Costco.

10. Kroger Vitamins Are Made by Vitacost

VitaCost is a company known for manufacturing Kroger brand vitamins. Vitacost first opened its doors in 1994 with the name Natures Wealth.

Its first manufacturing company was stationed in Lexington, North Carolina, in 2008 and has a reputation for quality vitamins and other health products.

In 2014, Kroger actually purchased the Vitacost company, although it is believed the products are still being created in the original Lexington facilities.

11. Kroger Rice Is Made by Pontiac Food

Krogers rice products and some spices, noodles, and seasonings are all manufactured by the Pontiac food company. This facility is operated out of South Carolina and is also a company owned by Kroger for them to create and sell their brand name products. 

What Other Brands Does Kroger Own?

Kroger may be best known for its large stores with a huge variety of products to pick from. However, this is not the only thing the company makes good money doing.

They are also a parent store to many other brands you may have heard of, such as Ralphs, Fred Meyers, and Smith’s.

Fred Meyers is probably one of Krogers’ leading stores with a variety of their own department-specific branded items. These include but are not limited to,

  • HemisFares – imported foods.
  • Luvsome – pet food
  • Pet Pride – pet food
  • Abound – natural pet food
  • Everyday Living – home goods
  • H.D. Designs – upscale home goods
  • Murray’s Cheese – artisanal cheese shop founded in Greenwich Village in 1940
  • Dip – fast fashion brand designed by Joe Mimran[147]
  • Bakery Fresh Goodness – fresh-baked foods
  • OfficeWorks – stationery and office supplies
  • Home Chef – meal kit and food delivery company acquired in 2018
  • Bloom Haus – floral arrangements
  • Comforts – baby products

Summing Things Up

There is no way to track down where each and every item Kroger sells has been manufactured.

The company is so large and has so many of its own facilities; there is a good chance the brand itself made the product you are purchasing.

However, if it was resourced out to a third party, you can trust it was made from a quality brand.




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