Does Best Buy Deliver TVs? (Shipping, Delivery + More)

Does Best Buy Deliver TVs

Do you know if Best Buy delivers TVs? Free Shipping and Free Delivery for TVs. Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Best Buy is one of the most popular locations for technology purchases. They have everything from computers to vacuums. Best Buy has an especially great collection of TVs available in store and online. But, if you’re in the market for a TV you need to have the right transportation to get it home, or hope the store offers delivery! 

The great news is that Best Buy does deliver TVs! They have a few different delivery services available and additional installation options available for purchase as well. 

This article will discuss the process of Best Buy shipping, along with what qualifies for free shipping, and the various installation add-ons available. 

How Does Best Buy Delivery Work?

Technically Best Buy will deliver a TV you find and want to purchase in the store, and if you’re lucky it might even qualify for Best Buy’s Same Day Delivery. This is only available for some items and can be trickier to purchase in store. 

However, it is likely a little bit easier to purchase your TV online and choose the shipping that you would prefer.

You will also have more options available when shopping online, and all of the delivery details will be spelled out for you on the website. 

There are two different options for shipping/delivery from Best Buy depending on the size of your TV.

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What Is The Process For Shipping or Delivering TVs From Best Buy?

If your TV is 50” or smaller it qualifies for free shipping and if it is larger than 50” then you can get free delivery! 

The free shipping available for smaller TVs just sees the delivery agent leave the TV at your front porch, and no signature is required. 

But, if your TV is 51” or larger, then it must utilize Best Buy’s scheduled delivery service. The perk to this delivery is that the TV will be brought into the room of your choice. 

This delivery option requires an adult 18 or older to be present to sign for the package. And, if you are going to have a delivery agent come into your home you should always make sure they have a clear pathway from the door to the room the TV will be in. 

This means moving all furniture or other items out of their walkway and making sure that all pets are secured in a separate room. 

How Does Scheduled Delivery Work?

As we stated, if your TV is 51” or larger you must make a scheduled delivery appointment that requires an adult to be home. 

Appointments for this delivery are fairly simple to make. You will pick the day and time range for the delivery. 

The delivery agent will bring the TV to the room, unbox it, and remove the packaging. However, if you want your agent to install the TV you have to purchase Delivery with Installation at checkout. 

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What Is Included In Best Buy’s Delivery and Installation?

If you select to have your TV installed by Best Buy you will have to pay an additional fee. For example, best buy offers a TV Connect and Mounting service for $249.00. 

Their installation services are performed by the well-known Best Buy “Geek Squad,” or by a licensed third-party contractor. 

This service provides the customer with a professional who will mount the TV to your wall, connect the cables to your TV and connect your TV to a power source, set up the TV, connect it to the internet and add up to two streaming services onto it, and make sure the setup looks professional. 

The only form of mounting included in their basic delivery and installation service is drywall mounting. If you need custom mounting onto a surface other than drywall or above the fireplace, then you will have to request this separately from Best Buy. 

This is a great option for customers who are not as tech-savvy and need help setting up their TV how they would want it. 

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Will Best Buy Haul Away My Old TV?

Another add-on you can make to your schedule delivery, or delivery and installation is to add Best Buy’s Haul Away service.

This service allows Best Buy to remove your old TV and recycle it. They will also remove all of the packings your new TV came in and make sure nothing is left behind. 

Adding Haul Away costs $29.99. This is a great option for anyone who wants to ensure that their TV is properly recycled, but doesn’t have the transportation to haul it anywhere themselves.  

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Final Thoughts

Best Buy has a great delivery system and most TVs will get delivered through them for free! In addition to basic delivery services, Best Buy can bring your TV into the room of your choice, install it, and haul away your old TV to ensure it is properly recycled. 

Best Buy is known for their high quality electronics and their delivery process doesn’t leave much to be desired either.

Best Buy can provide installation for many different items and your installation appointment can be as detailed or minimal as you would like. 

The ability Best Buy gives their customers to customize their deliveries and installation is just another thing that helps them stand out against competitors.

Hopefully, all of this information has helped provide you peace of mind when it comes to ordering your next TV from Best Buy!



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