Cummins Generator Fault Codes List (Detailed Overview)

Cummins Generator Fault Codes List

Do you know the Cummins generator fault codes list? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

A backup power generator is very often the sole reliable source of electric power when electricity from the conventional power grid is not available.

So, what is the Cummins generator fault codes list? Below, you can find the list of the most common Cummins generator fault codes which included:

  1. Cummins Generator Fault Code 151 what “HIGH COOLANT TEMP” means
  2. Cummins Generator Fault Code 155 what “INTAKE MANIFOLD TEMP HIGH” means
  3. Cummins Generator Fault Code 197 what “COOLANT LEVEL LOW” means
  4. Cummins Generator Fault Code 359 what “FAIL TO START” means
  5. Cummins Generator Fault Code 427 what “CAN LINK LOST” means
  6. Cummins Generator Fault Code 441 what “LOW BATTERY” means
  7. Cummins Generator Fault Code 442 what “HIGH BATTERY” means
  8. Cummins Generator Fault Code 448 what “INTAKE MANIFOLD TEMP HIGH” means
  9. Cummins Generator Fault Code 1117 what “ECM POWER LOST” means
  10. Cummins Generator Fault Code 1131 what “BATTLE SHORT ACTIVE” means
  11. Cummins Generator Fault Code 1246 what “GENERIC ENGINE FAULT” means
  12. Cummins Generator Fault Code 1433 what “LOCAL EMERGENCY STOP” means
  13. Cummins Generator Fault Code 1434 what “REMOTE EMERGENCY STOP” means
  14. Cummins Generator Fault Code 1435 what “LOW COOLANT TEMP” means
  15. Cummins Generator Fault Code 1438 what “FAIL TO CRANK” means
  16. Cummins Generator Fault Code 1442 what “WEAK BATTERY” means
  17. Cummins Generator Fault Code 1446 what “HIGH AC VOLTAGE” means
  18. Cummins Generator Fault Code 1447 what “LOW AC VOLTAGE” means
  19. Cummins Generator Fault Code 1689 what “RESET REAL TIME CLOCK” means
  20. Cummins Generator Fault Code 1852 what “WATER IN FUEL” means
  21. Cummins Generator Fault Code 1965 what “EXHAUST TEMPERATURE OOR” means
  22. Cummins Generator Fault Code 2545 what “KEYSWITCH RESET REQUIRED” means
  23. Cummins Generator Fault Code 2964 what “INTAKE MANIFOLD TEMPERATURE HIGH” means

Cummins Fault Categories

Cummins generators feature more than a thousand fault codes, but wast majority of them depend on the exact feature set, model, and generation of the particular generator.

But, all models of Cummins generator have around 258 faults which are independent of any additional or optional features.

These fault codes are divided into five categories which serve to classify them by their nature and also the severity of the fault and who should repair it, whether it is the operator or trained technician.

The categories are named by letters:

Category A Fault Codes

These are faults that are related to the function of the alternator or the engine of the generator.

If they arise the generator set will not be able to work at all, as the control board’s logic will prevent the restart or running of the generator until the fault is repaired.

These are the critical faults concerning the proper operation of the generator.

Furthermore, these faults must be repaired by trained service technicians.

While for some potential causes, operators can take some limited corrective actions, those actions cover only a fraction of possible causes, and attempting to fix them will void the warranty.

Category B Fault Codes

These are faults that can have an impact on the performance of the generator or eventually cause damage to the engine, alternator, or other parts of the generator.

The generator can be operated in the case of these faults, but it is not advised unless used for powering critical loads, and shutting it down is not possible at the time.

Similarly to the category, A faults, operator has a limited number of corrective actions they can take, and repairs have to be conducted by a trained technician.

Category C Fault Codes

These are those that do not affect the performance of the generator and usually indicate problems with defective harnesses or sensors.

Replacement of either of those can void the warranty if not done by a trained technician, though the operator can, in most cases, diagnose the problem by themself.

If the generator is run while any of these faults are active, any damage that occurs to parts of the generator that are concerning the particular fault code is not covered by warranty.

Category D Fault Codes

These are the group of faults that can be relatively easily repaired by the operator.

Category E fault codes

These are mostly the non-critical operation status of the generator set, various faults that have limited impact on the generator’s function, or faulty user inputs.

List of Cummins Generator Fault Codes

While the Cummins generator can have more than a thousand potential fault codes programmed in the PowerCommand control units, most of them are specific for some particular auxiliary equipment the generator can have.

They are also very unlikely to happen to an average owner of a Cummins generator, or very unlikely to happen.

Most common fault codes fall into the category D group and are faults that can be corrected by the operator.

Below, you can find out the list of the most common Cummins Generator Fault Codes:

Cummins Generator Fault Codes TypeMessageHow To Fix
151ShutdownHIGH COOLANT TEMPReplenish coolant, remove obstructions from the radiator, and check the fan belt for damage or slipping.
155ShutdownINTAKE MANIFOLD TEMP HIGHCheck the coolant level and function of the radiator fan, replenish or fix if needed. Another cause is the high ambient temperature.
197WarningCOOLANT LEVEL LOWShut down the generator and wait for it to cool before replenishing the coolant and inspecting for leaks.
359ShutdownFAIL TO STARTCheck the fuel level, then fuel lines and filter for fouling and blockages, replace or repair as needed. Check also the air filter and replace it if dirty.
427WarningCAN LINK LOSTPull out the Emergency Stop button and reset the generator to the desired mode, Manual run or Auto.
441WarningLOW BATTERYPoor battery contacts, or discharged or faulty battery. Clean the cable terminals or replace the battery if needed.
442WarningHIGH BATTERYClean the battery contacts or adjust the charge float level by lowering it, if applicable.
448ShutdownINTAKE MANIFOLD TEMP HIGHDecrease the load on the generator by removing some consumers, and restart it when cooled.
1117WarningECM POWER LOSTReset the Emergency Stop button, keyswitch, ECM, and PCC.
1131WarningBATTLE SHORT ACTIVEThe generator is in the Battle Short mode, certain fault codes are automatically bypassed. No action is needed.
1246WarningGENERIC ENGINE FAULTThe engine ECM has sent a fault code unrecognized by PCC. Not operator repairable.
1433ShutdownLOCAL EMERGENCY STOPPull out the Emergency Stop button and reset the generator to the desired mode, Manual run or Auto.
1434ShutdownREMOTE EMERGENCY STOPPull out the Emergency Stop button and reset the generator to the desired mode, Manual run or Auto.
1435WarningLOW COOLANT TEMPWait for the engine to reach the operating temperature before putting a load on it.
1438ShutdownFAIL TO CRANKCheck battery contacts and clean or tighten them as needed.
1442WarningWEAK BATTERYPoor battery contacts, or discharged or faulty battery. Clean the cable terminals or replace the battery if needed.
1446ShutdownHIGH AC VOLTAGEThe generator output leads were erroneously connected and need to be reconnected. Or the throttle body is stuck open due to binding in it or faulty governor or linkages, and they need to be cleaned or fixed.
1447ShutdownLOW AC VOLTAGERemove the excessive load or repair the consumer which is shorting.
1689WarningRESET REAL TIME CLOCKReset the RTC, real-time clock.
1852WarningWATER IN FUELThe oil-water separator of the engine needs to be emptied of the water in it.
1965WarningEXHAUST TEMPERATURE OORThe optional I/O module was installed and the exhaust temperature is out of range. Remove the blockage of the exhaust, decrease the load.
2545ShutdownKEYSWITCH RESET REQUIREDReset the Emergency Stop button, keyswitch, ECM, and PCC.
2964WarningINTAKE MANIFOLD TEMPERATURE HIGHCheck the coolant level and function of the radiator fan, replenish or fix if needed. Another cause is the high ambient temperature.

Final thoughts

Having a reliable source of electricity is the reason why you have a backup generator in the first place.

Besides the proper maintenance, the warranty is the thing which protects you from the effects of any sudden problem it can develop.

So, attempting to correct any issues that are not advised by Cummins to be done by the operator is something you should be avoided at all costs.

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