How To Fix Fault Code 1433 On Cummins Generator (Error Solved!)


The Cummins generator fault code 1433 is one of those problems that don’t happen very often but can create a lot of confusion.

Especially if you have in mind that the most common reason for this fault code is the user’s action.

And this is the type of situation which can be very alarming, you do what you are supposed to and the fault code 1433 jumps at you.

Having a reliable backup power source is very important in any situation, that’s why you have the generator after all.

So, how to fix fault code 1433 on Cummins generator? To solve the fault code 1433 on Cummins generator, just check and follow the steps below:

  • Step #1 Check the fuel pump and filter
  • Step #1 Reset the Emergency Stop button
  • Step #2 Reset the generator
  • Step #3 Check the emergency stop button connectors
  • Step #4 Check for the faulty emergency stop button
  • Step #5 Check wires for continuity

What is Fault Code 1433 on Cummins Generator

In normal situations, you are getting electricity from the power grid.

But when for any reason that supply is interrupted, the only power source available to you is the power generator.

When it throws at you the fault code 1433, if you are not fully aware of what this code means, you may be alarmed.

The fault code 1433, like all four-digit fault codes, is a specific characteristic of Cummins backup generators that are equipped with the PowerCommand 2.3 or 3.3 control unit. It means that the local emergency stop signal was tripped, either by the user or in some other way.

In other words, it is either just reporting you that you have performed the emergency shutdown of the generator, or it happened on its own.

In case that you didn’t press the Emergency Stop button, you shouldn’t be concerned that some serious problem has shut down your generator.

The fault code 1433 can be caused only by the Emergency Stop button, so the most likely cause is the button itself.

But before starting to fiddle with the Emergency Stop button and its wiring, it’s good to make sure that you are dealing with this particular fault code.

Reading the Fault Code on Cummins Generator

Before you can fix any problem, you need to be aware it exists at all.

The PowerCommand control unit of Cummins generators is one of the most elegant and user-friendly control units among all power generators available on the market.

Reading the fault codes that lead to the generator’s shutdown is particularly easy.

All you need to do is press the STOP button on the control panel, and the red shutdown status LED will turn on, while the LCD display will show the message:

  • Fault Number: 1433 LOCAL EMERGENCY STOP

And that’s basically all when it comes to reading fault codes on Cummins generators.

In case that you are seeing some other message displayed on the LCD screen, you are dealing with a different fault code and not 1433.

In such case you these instructions will be of no use to you.

But you can browse our other pages where you should be able to find the solution for your particular problem with a Cummins generator.

Troubleshooting fault code 1433

The fault code 1433 is always caused only by the emergency stop signal. This can happen either by pushing the emergency stop button or by a malfunction related to the same button.

In case that you have pressed it, you should be aware that you are not supposed to use it for shutting down the generator outside of critical situations when you need to stop it to prevent some serious damage to it.

Instead, you should use the proper stopping procedure outside critical situations.

During the emergency stop shuts down immediately and completely, the oil pump, fuel pump, cooling pump; everything just stops.

During the normal shutdown, the cooling pump almost always continues working, so that the engine of the generator would cool down.

Using the emergency stop button prevents this.

While in an emergency this isn’t a problem, lack of this active cooling after the engine’s shut down can decrease the life span of various parts of the engine.

If you use an emergency stop too frequently you will very likely cause various issues related to parts of the engine that are exposed to heat, if the heat is not removed by coolant and oil, their lifespan will be shortened.

In case that you have pushed the emergency stop button, first, you must remove the reason why you have done so, and then you can proceed to reset it.

Step #1 Reset the Emergency Stop button: To reset the emergency stop button you need to either pull it or twist and then pull it, depending on the exact model of your backup generator.

Once you have done so, you need to press the STOP button to confirm this action.

Step #2 Reset the generator: The next step is resetting the generator itself by pressing the reset button on the control board.

Once you have done so, you need to press either the Manual Run or Auto button, depending on whether you want the generator to be operating in automatic or manual mode.

In case that the emergency stop was not initiated by you, you will need to troubleshoot what was the exact cause of it.

There are two potential causes for this, either a faulty switch or connectors.

To do this, it is a good idea to have a 3-4 inch piece of insulated wire, 16 or 14 gauge, with insulation stripped on both ends, around half an inch.

Step #1 Check the emergency stop button connectors: The emergency stop button works on the positive feedback principle, in other words when it’s pressed the circuit gets opened.

But the circuit can be opened also by a loose wire at the button’s connectors so this is the first and easiest thing to check.

When you open the service hatch of the control you should see the backside of the emergency stop button.

You can visually inspect the wires, and if some looks lose to reconnect them. In case that all looks good, move to the next step.

Step #2 Check for the faulty emergency stop button: When the button is pulled it should close the circuit in the so-called run position, but if the button itself is faulty the circuit will be permanently open.

To test this, you will need to jump the connectors with a piece of wire, best is a 16 or 14 gauge with both ends stripped of insulation some half of inch.

If you have an inclination, you can even put on such wire end terminals, and then connect with each other the two connectors on the emergency stop button.

This will certainly close the circuit and you should attempt to reset the generator by pressing the STOP and then RESET button.

If all else is OK, the code will clear and you can press the Manual Run button and then the START button, and the generator will start.

If the generator starts, your emergency stop button is faulty and you will need to replace it.

In case that it doesn’t, there is some problem with the wires leading to the control board and you need to check them for continuity.

Step #3 Check wires for continuity: Using a voltmeter you will need to check the continuity of both wires that lead to the control board and replace the faulty one.

Prevent Fault Code 1433 from Reoccurring

The fault code 1433 is one of those problems you can’t predict nor prevent, especially when the cause is a faulty emergency button.

The good side of this is that it doesn’t happen often, and it is very easy to fix, even when the issue is faulty wiring of the button.

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