Onan Generator Fuel Consumption & Price (With 10 Examples)


Have you ever wondered what the Onan generator fuel consumption and price for the different models is? Look no more. We´ve got you covered.

Onan Generators is a leading company that provides long-lasting and efficient generators for industrial and commercial uses. Their generators are specifically great for RVs, boats, and other vehicles that need high-powered generators.

If you are considering getting an Onan generator, you need to consider the fuel consumption and price. These two factors will help you get the best bang for your buck.

Below you can find a list of the 10 most common Onan generators, their fuel consumptions, and price:

–           On average Onan 5500 generators cost $4,000 and the fuel consumption half load is around 0.6 g/h gasoline.

–           On average Onan 5500 LP generator costs $4,000 and the fuel consumption half load is around 0.8 g/h propane.

–           On average Onan 4000 generators cost $3,000 and the fuel consumption half load is around 0.5 g/h gasoline.

–           On average Onan 2500 LP generators cost $3,000 and the fuel consumption half load is around 0.31 g/h propane.

–           On average Onan 8000 generators cost $9,000 and the fuel consumption half load is around 0.49 g/h diesel.

–           On average Onan 12.5 KW generator costs $6,000 and the fuel consumption half load is around 0.71 g/h diesel.

–           On average Onan 3600 LP generator costs $3,500 and the fuel consumption half load is around 0.6 g/h propane.

–           On average Onan 10 KW generator costs $9,500 and the fuel consumption half load is around 0.54 g/h diesel.

–           On average Onan 6000e generator costs $8,000 and the fuel consumption half load is around 0.51 g/h gasoline.

About Generator Price And Fuel Consumption

Before buying any generator, you need to look at the generator’s price and fuel consumption rating. Obviously, you want to look at the price to ensure you get a generator that fits your budget.

Similarly, you want as good of a fuel consumption rating as possible to keep fuel rates low.

If you buy a cheap generator, it will likely go through a lot of fuel quickly, meaning you will pay less upfront but pay more in gas in the long term.

In contrast, more expensive generators often have better fuel consumption ratings, meaning you paid more upfront but less in gas.

The type of fuel for the generator will also affect the consumption rating and price. Diesel generators are more expensive and will cost you more in fuel both because it goes through fuel faster and diesel fuel is simply more expensive.

Whenever looking at generators, you want to find 1 that has both a good fuel consumption rating and a good price.

Shooting for a middle-tiered generator at price will tend to get you both good efficiency and price, making it best for short and long-term use.

Onan 4.0 generator fuel consumption test >> Checkout the video below:

Onan Generator Comparison Chart

The table below shows the fuel consumption an d price of most common Onan generator which include:

GeneratorPrice (USD)Fuel Consumption (gallons /hour)Fuel Type
Onan 5500 Generator$4,000+No Load: 0.3 g/h
Half Load: 0.6 g/h
Full Load: 0.9 g/h
Onan 5500 LP Generator$4,000+No Load: 0.4 g/h
Half Load: 0.8 g/h
Full Load: 1.1 g/h
Onan 4000 Generator$3,000+No Load: NA
Half Load: 0.5 g/h
Full Load: NA
Onan 2500 LP Generator$3,000+No Load: 0.18 g/h
Half Load: 0.31 g/h
Full Load: 0.55 g/h
Onan 8000 Generator$9,000+No Load: 0.13 g/h
Half Load: 0.49 g/h
Full Load: 1.02 g/h
Onan 12.5 KW Generator$6,000+No Load: 0.38 g/h
Half Load: 0.71 g/h
Full Load: 1.28 g/h
Onan 3600 LP Generator$3,500+No Load: NA
Half Load: 0.6 g/h
Full Load: 0.7 g/h
Onan Propane Generators$3,000+No Load: Various
Half Load: Various
Full Load: Various
Onan 10 KW Generator$9,500+No Load: 0.33 g/h
Half Load: 0.54 g/h
Full Load: 0.78 g/h
Onan 6000e Generator$8,000+No Load: NA
Half Load: 0.51 g/h
Full Load: 0.92 g/h

Onan Generator Fuel Consumption and Price

1.      Onan 5500 Generator

The Onan 5500 line is one of the most popular among RV owners. It is considered incredibly quiet with exceptionally low vibration levels. It even simplifies troubleshooting because it provides self-diagnostic capabilities. It will come with a 3-year limited warranty and lifetime warranty.

Depending on where you buy the Onan 5500 generator, it is typically a little over $4,000. The most common prices range between $4,100 and $4,400. Once again, the exact retailer you select will determine the more specific price.

To compare this price to other Onan generators, this is really affordable. The affordability is due to the fact that there are more Onan 5500 generators on the market.

You can find new and used versions, allowing you to get the exact model that matches your preferences.

As far as fuel consumption goes, an RV with no load will get about 0.3 gallons per hour, whereas an RV with a half load will get about 0.6 gallons per hour and a full load will get about 0.9 gallons per hour.

These are some pretty impressive fuel consumption ratings.

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2.      Onan 5500 LP Generator

The Onan 5500 LP generator is within the Onan 5500 line. In most respects, the 5500 LP has the exact same specs as the 5500. It includes all of the same features, such as a super quiet gas series, National Park Service noise level requirements, and spark arresting muffler.

The main difference between the regular 5500 generators and 5500 LP generators is that the LP uses propane. It’s best to opt for the propane version if you go dry camping and anticipate using the generator a lot.

In terms of price, the 5500 LP generators are about the same as the 5500. Most are slightly over $4,000, with most retailers pricing them at around $4,300. Even though this may sound like an expensive price, this is a pretty affordable cost for a good generator.

The fuel consumption for the Onan 5500 LP is worse than the regular 5500. It gets 0.4 gallons per hour with no load, 0.8 gallons per hour with half load, and 1.1 gallons per hour with a full load.

If you compare this to the 5500, the LP goes through 0.1 t o.2 gallons per hour more with every load type.

Even though the outright price of the LP generator isn’t very different from the regular, you have to remember that propane is more expensive, and you get fewer gallons per hour. as a result, you will end up paying thousands of more dollars for the LP generator than the regular purely based on the fuel.

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3.      Onan 4000 Generator

Like the 5500 generator line, the Onan 4000 generators meet all EPA specifications. These facts mean that the generator is suitable for motorhomes, campers, and other RVs in all 50 states.

They also come with a 3-year limited warranty and a 90-day adjustment policy.

One of the best features of the Onan 4000 generator is that it meets all of the requirements for National Park driving. It has a sound level of 60 decibels at 50 feet.

This allows you to enjoy the scenery of the National Parks without disrupting the wildlife and other visitors.

Like the 5500 series, the Onan 4000 generator is discontinued. Even though these generators are discontinued, you can find them priced around $2500. More realistically, retailers price them at between $3,300 and $3,600. Many of these generators will be used.

The Onan 4000 generator has a higher fuel consumption than other generators. The average is about 0.5 gallons per hour when at half load. The LP consumes about 0.6 gallons of fuel at half load.

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4.      Onan 2500 LP Generator

If you are looking for something slightly more affordable, you may like the Onan 2500 LP generator. This generator uses less fuel and produces pretty low noise.

It includes inverter technology, allowing the engine to run at variable speeds.

The operation is computer-controlled, helping to minimize the noise level and vibration from the generator. As with all other Onan generators, the 2500 LP generator meets all National Park Service noise requirements and USDA Forest Service requirements.

The price of the 2500 LP generator is slightly more affordable than the generators we have looked at so far. Most retailers price this generator between $3,000 and $3,200. Although this is not much more affordable than the other generators, it is less expensive, nonetheless.

Where this generator really stands out is in the fuel consumption rating. At no load, it gets 0.18 gallons per hour. Meanwhile, it gets 0.31 gallons per hour at half load and 0.55 gallons per hour at full load.

The fact that the fuel consumption is so impressive on the Onan 2500 makes it even more affordable. You won’t have to fill up your tank as often when this generator is used, helping you to spend less money in the long run.

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5.      Onan 8000 Diesel Generator

The Onan 8000 diesel generator is a tier four final and stage IV diesel generator.

It has the ability to run two air conditioners and is quieter than the National Park Service sound level requirements. This makes this generator super powerful and nonintrusive.

Not to mention, this generator is computer-controlled, meaning the variable speed matches the engine speed to low demand. It also includes self-diagnostic capabilities, which simplifies the troubleshooting process.

Because this diesel generator is so impressive in terms of efficiency and noise, it is very expensive. Most retailers price this generator over $9,000. A more specific price range puts this generator between $9,400 and $9,600.

This price range places it well above the top four generators we have already looked at in terms of price.

For a diesel generator, this generator gets pretty good fuel consumption. It gets 0.13 gallons per hour with no load, 0.49 gallons with half load, and 1.02 gallons with a full load.

This is really similar to the 7500 series, but the fuel consumption with a full load is slightly higher on the 8000.

6.      Onan 12.5 KW Generator

The Onan 12.5 KW generator includes a quiet diesel design, making it suitable for National Park services sound level requirements. It also meets the USDA Forest Service requirements, making it approved for most RV travelers.

The generator comes with pure sine wave power, a four-cycle liquid-cooled diesel engine, and microprocessor-based controls, making diagnostics and troubleshooting very easy.

This generator is ideal for work Class A RV motorhomes that are diesel-powered.

This generator is difficult to come by. You will likely need to buy the generator from individual sellers or retailers. Most are priced around $6,000, but the price can go up to $7,000 or more. This price is pretty high, especially considering the fact that many of these generators on the market today are used.

In addition to being expensive in and of themselves, the fuel consumption rate is not very impressive. It gets 0.38 gallons per hour with no load, 0.71 gallons per hour at half load, and 1.28 gallons per hour with a full load.

This is one of the poorer fuel consumption ratings so far.

7.      Onan 3600 LP Generator

The Onan 3600 LP generator is really similar to the Onan 4000. It meets the National Park Service sound level requirements and USDA Forest Service parts.

As with the 4000, it comes with microprocessor controls for diagnostics and troubleshooting. Plus, it comes with quiet operation.

One reason we are happy this generator is similar to the 4000 is in its noise level. It comes with four-point vibration isolation, leading to smooth and quiet operation. Not to mention, it is a fuel-efficient option and is very lightweight.

The price of the Onan 3600 LP generator is on the lower end of the generators looked at in this list. Its price typically ranges between $3,500 and $4,000, though you can find some slightly above $4000 as well.

Even though the Onan 3600 is fueled by propane, it still gets better fuel efficiency ratings than many other generators. At full load, it gets 0.7 gallons per hour.

At half load, it gets 0.6 gallons per hour. This consumption rating is the best on this list so far.

8.      Onan Propane Generator

The Onan 3600 LP isn’t the only propane fuel generator. There are quite a few propane generators in their line. You know an Onan generator is fueled by propane whenever you see “LP” in the name.

For example, the 5500 LP, GQ 2800, and 2500 LP are all examples of Onan propane generators. The prices for these generators are relatively low in comparison to some Onan generators.

You can find some for about $3,000, but the price goes up from there and has a wide range.

The fuel consumption ratings are all over the board as well. You will have to look up individual Onan propane generators to find out the exact fuel consumption rating.

Generally speaking, propane generators go through less fuel than other generator types.

9.      Onan 10 KW Generator

The Onan 10 KW generator is best for Class A and C motorhomes. It can power three 15,000 BTU air conditioners plus more appliances, lights, and electronics. It is suitable for sale in all 50 states and meets all EPA standards.

Not to mention, it is quieter than the National Park Service sound level requirements.

This generator also comes with pure sine wave power, a four-cycle engine, microprocessor controls, and quiet designs.

The generator even comes with a focalized mounting system, which reduces vibration, along with the intake silencer.

Like many of the older Onan generators, the 10 KW generator is difficult to find, making it the most expensive option on this list. Most of the retailers sell this generator for around $10,000.

Because of its rarity, it is mainly sold by independent sellers who are getting rid of a used model.

In terms of fuel consumption, this one is really similar to the 12.5 KW generator, though it goes through less fuel than the alternative model.

It gets 0.33 gallons per hour with no load, 0.54 gallons per hour with half load, and 0.78 gallons with a full load.

10.  Onan 6000e Generator

Finally, the last generator on this list is the Onan 6000e generator. This one is best for Class A and C motorhomes, as well as diesel truck campers. This generator is super easy to use and very effective. It can run two air conditioners with extra power.

The generator also comes with computer-controlled features, such as variable speed operation and troubleshooting.

This makes it super easy to use and perform any diagnostic feats. It also comes with a sound controlling house, allowing the generator to be suitable for National Parks.

The Onan 6000e generator is very expensive. Most are between $8,000 and $9,000 in price. You can find these generators on generator websites or through individual sellers online.

Although the generator is expensive, it at least gets relatively good fuel consumption ratings. It gets 0.51 gallons per hour with half load and 0.92 gallons of power with a full load.

Onan does not list the fuel consumption if there is no load.

Final Thoughts

Onan generators are highly impressive and useful for RVers. These generators are specifically designed for RVers and travelers because all of them meet National Park noise requirements and most others safety requirements required by parks.

In terms of price, these generators are a bit pricier, but they have more specs and features than most other generators.

Not to mention, they are more durable and come with more impressive warranties. The diesel generators are more expensive than gas or propane ones, not even considering the long-term financial differences between diesel and other fuel sources.

All in all, Onan generators are really impressive in terms of specs, features, and fuel consumption in comparison to other generators.

You will likely have to pay a higher price for these generators, but the price will be worth it for most RV owners.

Compare the different generator specs to one another to find the right model for you.




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