How To Fix Fault Code 2545 On Cummins Generator (Error Solved!)


Fault code 2545 is one of those warnings that can raise a great deal of alarm.

In case that you are already experiencing some issues with its operation, the last thing you would want is another unknown fault code to deal with, or even worse a couple or three of them.

Understanding why this fault code appears, and when it is normal, and when it is a symptom of a problem is very important for you as owner and operator of a Cummins power generator.

So, how to fix fault code 2545 on Cummins generator? To solve the fault code 2545 on Cummins generator, just check and follow the steps below:

Step #1 Reset the keyswitch

Step #2 Reset ECM and PCC

Step #3 Check CAN datalink

So, keep on reading this post to learn everything you should know about this error code.

What is Fault Code 2545 on Cummins Generator

The fault code 2545 is a warning that is shown when the CAN data link is interrupted, and generator control has lost the link to engine ECM

The most common situation when this happens, and when you should expect to see it, is when you press the Emergency Stop button.

In that case, you should also have fault codes 781, and 1433 or 1434, which means that the ECM has also lost the link to generator controls, because either the local or remote Emergency Stop button was pressed, respectively.

If you are using your generator in the proper manner, you will not be using the E-Stop button instead of the proper shutdown procedure.

So, chances are you will use it only when you absolutely have to stop the generator so you would protect it or some other equipment.

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Reading the Fault Code on Cummins Generator

When you press the Emergency Stop button, the shutdown indicator should light up with a red LED, while the warning indicator should light up with an amber.

The LCD screen of your Cummins generator will then display the three-line message:

  • Fault Number 1433: LOCAL EMERGENCY STOP
    Fault Number 781: CAN DATA LINK FAILURE

Though the first fault code can also be “Fault Number 1434: REMOTE EMERGENCY STOP”, depending on whether the local or remote E-Stop button was pressed.

In case that you can’t see this message, you can easily recall it on the screen by pressing the STOP button.

Troubleshooting fault code 2545

The fault code 2545 happens when the CAN data link communication between the generator’s controls and the engine’s ECM is interrupted because this is a “two-way street” in normal circumstances it should happen at the same time as the fault code 781.

This happens when you press the emergency stop button, as it causes the CAN data link to experience a communication failure.

In such a situation, all you need is to reset the keyswitch, ECM, and PCC; though this communication failure can happen for other reasons, this is also in such situations the very first thing you should do.

Step #1 Reset the keyswitch: Resetting the keyswitch is done by placing the generator in OFF mode and pushing the Reset button on the control panel.

This will clear all active fault and warning codes, but also reset the keyswitch.

Next, you will have to open the Setup menu and, with navigation arrows get to the Adjust item and open it with the OK button.

Once there you should find the Keyswitch Override Enable item and change its setting to Enable.

Step #2 Reset ECM and PCC: Next, you should reset the ECM and PCC by pushing the emergency stop button and waiting 30 seconds.

When that time elapses you need to disconnect the battery leads from the engine’s battery and reconnect them after it was disconnected for at least 15 seconds.

Next, you need to pull or pull and twist, depending on your generator model, the Emergency Stop button.

The last action you need to take is to press the Reset button on the control panel once more.

After this, you should attempt to start the generator. If everything is OK it will start, otherwise, you may have a faulty keyswitch or ECM on your hands.

Step #3 Check CAN datalink: If the attempt to start your backup generator fails, chances are that there are issues with the CAN link or ECM.

To test the CAN data link you need to remove both the J11 connector and engine ECM harness and visually inspect whether J11-19, J11-2, J1939- and J1939+ properly connect.

If you have a voltmeter, you should also test for continuity between J11-19 and 1939-, and between J11-20 and J1939+.

If all of this is OK, you should get the help authorized by Cummins service, as the other three potential issues you will not be able to either diagnose or fix by yourself for various reasons.

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Causes of the Fault Code 2545 You Can’t Fix

Keyswitch relay 

The role of the keyswitch when the Emergency Stop button is pressed is to cut off the CAN data link and thus prevent any intentional or accidental command signals to generator engine ECM.

But if it is faulty, the CAN data link can be severed by that fault.

The most common problem with the keyswitch is a faulty keyswitch power relay, but fiddling with it will certainly void the warranty you have on your power generator.

If you were to have access to replacement parts, soldering a good relay would be an easy fix if you have decent soldering skills, but conditions of the warranty policy forbid it.

Faulty ECM 

To diagnose the engine’s ECM and whether it is faulty, you would need some equipment and software which are not available to the general public.

The EControls’ 4G Diagnostic or InPower diagnostic software is available for license purchase only to authorized repair shops.

And also, Cummins is not a fan of unauthorized repairs and replacements of the critical and sensitive parts of the generator, such as the ECM, so you will void the warranty.

Terminating resistors

With the CAN data link harness disconnected from both J11 and ECM you can using the voltmeter very easily to measure the resistance between J11-19 and J11-20, replacing the faulty terminating resistors is not something you should do by yourself.

Resistance on these two pins should be 60 ohms, with a plus or minus 6 ohms variation, which is the product of having two 120 ohms terminating resistors connected in parallel.

If the resistance is out of this range on J11 connector pins, it has to be also on the terminating resistors, which means that one or both of them are faulty.

Prevent Fault Code 2545 from Reoccurring

When it comes to preventing the fault code 2545 from reoccurring, not a lot is that you can do.

It is normal for it to pop up when you press the Emergency Stop button, and if you are doing it at the moment, you should stop using the E-Stop button instead of the proper shutdown procedure.

It is intended only for actual emergencies, and only then it should be used, it’s in its name after all.

All other potential causes of the fault code 2545 are extremely rare, and it is very likely that you will never experience them.

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