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best buy TV Return Policy

Do you know what Best Buy TV’s return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Best Buy is the place to go for all of your electronic needs, especially TVs. However, if you are not satisfied with your TV purchased from Best Buy, there is always the option to return it.

Best Buy accepts returns and exchanges on TV purchases within 15 days that have a valid form of proof of purchase.

In this article, we will cover a suite of topics concerning Best Buy’s TV return policy including what is covered, receiptless returns, open box returns, returns on TVs purchased online and in-store, return timeframes, exchanges, and restocking fees.

What Is Covered Under Best Buy’s TV Return Policy?

Any TV you purchase from Best Buy qualifies for a return. As long as the TV is returned in like new condition with all of the parts and accessories that it came with, Best Buy should accept your TV for returns.

You will also need to bring proof of purchase so that the Best Buy associate knows you are returning it within the allowable timeframe.

If your TV came as part of a bundle discount or with a promotional free item, you need to make sure that you bring everything back in order to get your full refund on the TV. If you paid for a TV mounting service, that will not be reimbursed.

If you have any questions regarding your TV return, you can always call, chat online, or go to a store to speak to a representative.

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Best Buy TV Return Policy Without a Receipt

Best Buy will allow you to return a TV without a receipt, however, you need to have some other proof of purchase with you to make the return. A packing slip or credit card statement is usually sufficient enough proof that you purchased the TV.

Best Buy needs to know that the TV was purchased by you or gifted to you and that your return falls within the allowable timeframe.

You will also be required to bring in a valid photo ID and they may ask for your email address. Best Buy reserves the right to refuse to accept a return from anyone at any time, especially for returns without a receipt as they may suspect fraudulent activity.

Best Buy will not sell your email address to anyone, rather they will store it in their own database to keep note of how many non-receipted returns you have made so that they can protect their assets.

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Best Buy TV Return Policy for Opened Box

Best Buy accepts open box returns on TVs. You should keep the original packaging and all of the accessories and manuals to return with the TV.

If you are missing any items, Best Buy may refuse to accept the return. Best Buy understands that oftentimes you don’t realize there is a problem until you open the box, and they want to ensure customer satisfaction.

Always hold on to the receipt and try to open the box in a way that will make it easy to repackage the TV in case you need to return it.

If you suspect damage to the TV before you even open the box or realize it is not what you wanted, leave it unopened to make your return easier.

Returning the TV with the original box will help ensure that you receive the full refund for your purchase and allows Best Buy to be able to resell the product provided it wasn’t returned due to damage or defects.

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Best Buy TV Return Policy for Online Purchase

There are two ways to return a TV you bought from Best Buy’s website: ship it back or return it to a physical store.

If you don’t live close to any physical Best Buy location, you can look up your order on Best Buy’s website and print a prepaid shipping label to send the TV back to Best Buy’s warehouse.

Initiate the return process online and make sure you follow the instructions so that you include everything you need in the packaging to make a full return and receive your refund. Alternatively, you can bring it to any physical Best Buy location.

Since you won’t have a printed store receipt, bring your packing slip or print out your order confirmation from your email.

This will provide proof of purchase and the Best Buy associate who helps you should be able to refund your card for the purchase. Shipping fees will not be refunded.

How Do I Return a TV I Bought from a Physical Best Buy Store?

If you bought a TV from a physical Best Buy store, you can return it to any physical Best Buy store. It doesn’t have to be returned to the actual location where you purchased it as long as it is a Best Buy store and not a kiosk or third party seller.

Unlike with online orders, you cannot ship a TV you bought in store back to the warehouse; you must return it in person.

Bring the TV in its original packaging with all of the accessories, parts, and manuals along with your receipt or other form of purchase proof, a photo ID, and the card you purchased the TV with (if you used a debit or credit card).

A Best Buy associate will be able to process your return and refund your money in the same form of tender with which you paid.

If you paid more than $800 in cash, you will receive a check in the mail from Best Buy within ten business days of the return. Any refunds to debit or credit cards will be fully sent to the account within seven to ten business days.

Gift card purchases and cash purchases less than $800 will be refunded immediately in the appropriate form of tender.

How Long Do I Have to Return a TV to Best Buy?

You have fifteen days from the date of purchase to return a TV to Best Buy. You must provide some form of proof of purchase so that the Best Buy associate recognizes that you are still within the allowable return time period.

After fifteen days have passed, Best Buy will not accept your TV for return.

Best Buy Totaltech members can enjoy a slightly longer return time frame of ninety days. If you are unsure whether or not you will enjoy your purchase after fifteen days, it might be worth it to get a Totaltech membership so that you can get the upgraded return period.

For online purchases, make sure that you initiate your return within fifteen days of purchasing the TV and ship it back right away.

Best Buy will honor the return if it is initiated within fifteen days. If you bought a Best Buy product straight from a manufacturer’s website or third party, you must adhere to the return policy timeframe of that organization.

Why Would Best Buy Not Accept a TV for Returns?

There are several reasons why Best Buy might not accept your TV for a return. If the TV is scratched, dented, or damaged in any way after the unit left the store, Best Buy will not accept the return.

If the TV has been damaged during shipping, you can notify a Best Buy customer service representative and they will help arrange a replacement.

For TVs that are on clearance or final sale, they cannot be accepted for returns. These are items that the store needs to move out and will no longer be carrying so there is no available room in the stores or their warehouse to accept final sale items including TVs.

If TVs are returned without a proof of purchase, Best Buy may choose to refuse the return.

If you return a TV to Best Buy without all of the accessories including cords, remote controllers, wall mount equipment, screws, manuals, etc. Best Buy will not accept the return. You must include everything in the box when you return a TV to Best Buy.

Can I Exchange a TV at Best Buy?

Best Buy has a program called the Best Buy TV Promise which guarantees the satisfaction of its customers who are looking to purchase a large screen TV.

If you purchase any TV from Best Buy that is over sixty inches and are not satisfied, Best Buy will allow you to exchange it for the same size or larger TV.

If the TV has increased in price, Best Buy will honor the lower price for the exchanged TV. Best Buy will cover shipping, mounting and unmounting, and delivery fees for exchanged TVs larger than sixty inches.

This program is applicable for any brand or model TV that is at least sixty inches.

This program is perfect if you don’t know what size TV will fit in your home space. It makes it easier than dealing with the hassles of returning and repurchasing a TV.

Best Buy’s TV Promise is a great way to get a big TV and not worry about the consequences of wanting to go bigger.

Best Buy TV Return Policy Restocking

Although there are many products at Best Buy that require a restocking fee, TVs are not one of them. Since TVs are one of the most popular items sold at Best Buy, there is ample selection and a lot of stock on hand.

There is also no customization for TVs so Best Buy can easily restock TVs that have been returned.

Restocking fees normally apply to items that are hard to sell or customizable, but TVs do not fit under that category. If you need to return your TV for any of the valid reasons for return, you can do so without being charged a restocking fee whether you return it to a physical Best Buy or ship it back to the warehouse.

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Can I Return a TV to Best Buy That Was Gifted to Me?

Best Buy does accept returns on gifted TVs as long as you present the gift receipt at the time of the return. The gift receipt will act as proof of purchase and you will be refunded a Best Buy gift card in the amount that the gift giver paid for the TV.

Without a gift receipt, it is possible for a Best Buy associate to know that the TV came from Best Buy and you may not be able to return it.

If the gift giver had the TV shipped to your house and you decide to ship it back, the gift giver will receive the refund for the item and be notified via email.

Either way, if you received a TV as a gift and you do not want it, make sure that you politely explain this to the gift giver.

That way they can make the return or provide you with the proof of purchase you need in order to get a refund.

TVs that are purchased as final sale items and given as gifts are not eligible for returns. TVs damaged in shipping may be exchanged for the same item to replace the one that was broken.


TVs are one of Best Buy’s best sellers, but that doesn’t mean every customer is satisfied with their purchase.

Best Buy allows its customers to return TVs within fifteen days of purchase as long as they provide a valid proof of purchase, photo ID, and the product itself in like new condition along with any accessories and parts that may have come with it.

TVs purchased online may be shipped back or returned in person, while TVs purchased in store can only be returned to a physical store location.

No restocking fees are applied to returned TVs and gifted TVs should be returned with a gift receipt.

If you’re not satisfied with your TV purchase, don’t worry! You can always get your money back from Best Buy.



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