Anker Lifetime Warranty (What´s Is Covered, Claims + More)

Anker Lifetime Warranty

Do you know what Anker lifetime warranty is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

When you’re buying a product that you want to last, there’s nothing better than getting a lifetime warranty, but not all companies keep to their promises the way that you would hope. If you’re looking to buy electronics you’ve probably been attracted by Anker’s lifetime warranty. Is it really as good as it seems?

Sometimes, a great deal can seem too good to be true, and a lifetime warranty on a charging cable does sound like one of those deals.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about the warranty that you really get from Anker when you buy one of their products, including the different types of warranty that are available, how to claim one, and the experiences real customers have had.

Who Are Anker?

Before we look at the warranties that they offer on their products, who exactly is the company and what do they do?

Anker Innovations Co. is a Chinese electronics company that is based out of Changsha, Hunan. Though their products are sold all over the world, they are mostly manufactured in China. The main subsidiaries of the company are located in Japan, Singapore, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Up until 2016, Anker sold almost everything that they produce through the Amazon marketplace, but they are now available through many different e-commerce sites as well.

They are generally known for making high-quality electronics, the most famous of which are their power banks. Their cables are also a favourite because they can come with a lifetime warranty that is very appealing for something that is known to break or malfunction so often.

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What Does Anker Sell?

You might know the name Anker from their very popular power bank and portable battery products, but they actually sell a lot more than just power packs. In fact, you can get all sorts of different electronics from Anker. Their product line includes:

  • Chargers for phones, tablets, and laptops
  • Portable power stations
  • Solar panels
  • Wireless charging stations and magnetic stands
  • Power strips and USB outlets
  • Power banks
  • Hubs, adapters, and docking stations
  • Cables
  • Webcams, headphones, and speakers
  • 3D Printers

With such a wide range of products, a lifetime warranty is surely a fantastic investment! Unfortunately, the lifetime warranty that Anker offers does not actually apply to the vast majority of what they sell.

What Anker Products Have a Lifetime Warranty?

The only Anker products that come with a lifetime warranty are some of their charging cables, screen protectors, and cases, although even these are not all covered. You need to check the packaging, online product page, or invoice for each specific item to find out whether it is covered for life or not.

What Is the Standard Warranty for Anker Products?

The standard warranty period for most Anker products, including some of their cables, is 18 months. Not all of their products have the same warranty period, though, and it depends on the type of electronics that you are dealing with.

The number of months that you can expect an Anker warranty to cover for each item is:

ProductWarranty Period (Months)
Cables18 or lifetime
Hubs & Adapters18
Power Stations18 or 60, depending on the battery cell
Screen Protectors & Cases18 or lifetime
Mice & Keyboards18
Anker & SoundCore Speakers18
Anker & SoundCore Headphones18
Appliances – Home Kitchen18
Appliances – Lighting12 to 18
Appliances – Control12 to 18
Appliances – Health15
Appliances – Home Care12 to 15
Zolo Headphones12

[The data used for this table can be found on the Anker Refund Policy.]

When it comes down to it, not very many of Anker’s products are actually covered by their lifetime warranty as most are only covered for 18 months.

Can You Trust the Anker Lifetime Warranty?

The reality of a lifetime warranty can be different from how it might appear in the marketing waffle. However, most people are pretty happy with the lifetime warranty that you get on some Anker cables, screen protectors, and cases, and it definitely draws in many buyers.

The majority of people who have taken advantage of the warranty on Anker products have been very happy with the service, which is more than can be said for a lot of electronics companies. This is particularly true when claiming within the 18-month warranty period that almost all of the Anker products have.

Despite the fact that most reviews have been very positive, there have been some reports of a limit on how far the Anker lifetime warranty will go. A few customers that have tried to get replacements on items that are more than three years old have reported being offered a discount rather than a new product.

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Do You Need to Register an Anker Product to Have a Lifetime Warranty?

Unless your product has been refurbished, or pre-owned, it comes to you already covered by the warranty that they offer. There is nothing you need to do, purchasing the product already guarantees you whichever warranty comes with it, which includes the lifetime warranty.

How Hard Is It to Claim an Anker Lifetime Warranty?

Whether your product has an 18-month, 12-month, or lifetime warranty, one of the main concerns for most customers is how difficult it actually is to make a claim. Sometimes, the hassle of getting a replacement is so painful that you would rather just buy a new one.

When dealing with Anker, though, most people seem to have an easy, hassle-free experience. You can often get a replacement for a product without even returning the faulty item. It seems that the people at Anker customer support are happy to just see a photo of any damage and you will get a new one through the post in no time.

There are even many reports of people being sent full replacements for products that don’t visually appear to have any fault, if they are experiencing an issue that the company is aware of.

How to Claim an Anker Lifetime Warranty

If you want to claim your Anker warranty, there are a few ways that you can go about it. You can file online, claim over the phone, or write an email. The easiest method is probably to fill out the feedback form on their warranty page.

All you need to do is give them some information about you and the product you bought, detail the issue that you’ve had, and send them some evidence if it is relevant.

To claim by phone:

  1. Call their customer service number at 800-988-7973
  2. Inform them that you want to make a warranty claim
  3. Detail the issues with the product
  4. Give them your purchasing and contact information, including your Order ID

To claim by email:

  1. Address your email to [email protected]
  2. Write down your purchasing and contact information, including your Order ID
  3. Detail the issues that you have with the product
  4. Attach any evidence that may support your claim, like a photograph

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When Does Anker’s Lifetime Warranty Not Apply?

Although their warranties are certainly attractive, there are some things that are not covered. These include:

  • Lost or stolen items
  • Free products
  • 3rd party repairs
  • Damage from outside sources
  • Damage from misuse
  • Unauthorized or unverifiable purchases

These are pretty standard conditions when it comes to warranties, though, and it seems that most people are pleasantly surprised by what the warranty does cover.


The truth is, the Anker lifetime warranty is not actually available on too many of their products, but most customers are very happy with it when it does apply.

The standard Anker warranty is 18 months for most of the electronics that they sell, but some cables, screen protectors and cases have a lifetime warranty.

When people have claimed their Anker warranties, it is usually an easy and hassle-free process, although there have been some reports of a limit on how far the lifetime warranty will apply.



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