Belkin Lifetime Warranty (Do They Have One? Claims + More)

Belkin Lifetime Warranty

Do you know what Belkin’s lifetime warranty is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Belkin is a great store to shop at when looking for connective products to keep your devices up and running at full capacity. However, electronics aren’t known to last very long, which is why it is important to have a good warranty.

Belkin offers a limited lifetime warranty for most of their products that covers a customer for 12 months on any new item that has defects or damage due to manufacturer error.

Although the company does offer a decent warranty, all warranties have their “fine print.” For more information on Belkin warranties, read on.

Who is Belkin?

Before we dig too deep into the lifetime workings of this company, let’s talk a bit about who they are. Belkin is a consumer and networking company that sells computer and phone connectivity equipment such as:

  • Wireless chargers
  • Charging cables
  • Headphones and earbuds
  • WIFI routers
  • Docking stations
  • Network cables

The products sold by this company are not limited to the list above and make connecting to your devices from home and on the go easier than ever.

This company was founded in 1983 and is USA-based, with its headquarters located in Playa Vista, California. Belkin was purchased and is now owned by the largest provider of electronic manufacturing services, Foxconn.

They have stores in 18 different locations worldwide and an online retail site.

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What is Belkin’s Lifetime Warranty (Manufacturer’s Warranty)

The common misconception out there about lifetime warranties is that the product is covered the entirety of the consumer’s life. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

While it would be nice to have the ability to keep the same product forever, that isn’t a plausible scenario.

Belkin’s lifetime warranty covers qualifying products for the “lifetime” of the item. It is expected that any product, quality built or otherwise, will experience wear and tear, slowly break down, and the items or parts will eventually become obsolete, which leads to the end of that product’s life.

Most of the products sold by Belkins are covered by a 12-month as long as they are purchased brand new. Refurbished items are covered for 90-days, and software is covered for 90-days.

Belkin’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

While many stores offer customers “lifetime warranties”, most of them are limited. Belkin is no different from everyone else and does not provide customers with a promise to fix or replace any product that was lost or broken due to user error. 

The Belkin warranty, states that the company is only liable and required to repair or replace products sold by their stores that have damages or defects due to problems with materials used in manufacturing the items or issues with production and workmanship.

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What does this Mean?

In other words, a defective charging dock that no longer works due to an accidental spill will not be covered under the warranty.

Likewise, a phone or tablet that is cracked or damaged, even with a Belkin screen protector will not be covered.

However, if you have a WIFI router that you purchased from the company and it stops picking up a single in the warranty period, due to no fault of your own, you are entitled to a replacement.

It is important to note that more often than not, the company will opt to send you replacement parts in order to repair your defective item rather than giving you a brand new one in exchange.

In order for a warranty claim to be approved, you must provide proof of purchase and the original device at the time of the claim. 

Belkin’s Connected Equipment Warranty

Along with the traditional lifetime warranties, Belkin also offers customers a Connected Equipment Warranty.

This specific warranty guarantees shoppers that if any equipment is damaged from surges or spikes while properly connected to any of Belkin’s CEW products (chargers, surge protectors, and power banks) they will pay to have them repaired or replaced.

If there was a power surge or spike and it only destroyed your Belkin equipment, contact their customer service department for information on whether or not it can be replaced.

Criteria for filing a connected equipment warranty claim:

  • The six-digit model number (letters and numbers) can be found on the bottom of the product or back of the package, of the product
  • The equipment in question was connected to the product at the same time as the surge or spike
  • You must have the item was connected to the charger at the time of the surge or spike for proof
  • You must still have the Belkin product that was damaged or caused damage at the time of the surge or spike
    The exact date of when the damage occurred
  • Information on where the Belkin product was purchased
  • The exact date of purchase 
    You must show proof of purchase for the Belkin product

What About Recalls on Belkin Products?

Belkin updates their recall lists frequently. Whenever a product sold in any retail location or online gets recalled, they place it on their website along with information letting customers know why the product was recalled, the serial numbers on the affected items, and how to dispose of and get a refund for your item.

How Do You File a Warranty Claim?

To file a claim under the lifetime warranty, you will be directed to the online form where you will input your information along with the information of the product and answer a few questions. You will then speak with a customer service agent who will let you know whether you are covered or not.

What Products are Not Covered Under Belkin’s Lifetime Warranty?

Although most of the products sold by this company come with some form of warranty, not everything can be covered with a lifetime guarantee.

Things not covered in the warranty:

  • The product (software or services) will always be operational error-free or uninterrupted.
  • The software and service are secure from hackers and users are 100% protected.
  • Availability of third-party services for product needs.
  • Software and services that come with the products sold by Belkin
  • Products that have been tampered with or repaired 
  • The product was not installed correctly 
  • The product was obtained for research, beta, testing, or demonstration purposes.
  • The product was purchased from a third-party seller.

The exclusions listed above, are additional factors and considerations to the terms of the warranty, this co-inside with other reasons for a warranty claim to be rejected, such as accidental damage, alterations, theft, misuse, etc.

What is Belkin’s Return Policy?

Belkin has a strict return policy in place for customers who no longer want the products they have purchased. First, the item has to be in brand new condition, still in the original package, and sealed.

You will also be required to provide the original sales receipt, and the return must be initiated within 90-days of the original purchase date. 

To request a return, you have to log onto the Belkin website, create an online account and initiate the transaction from there.

You will be required to provide the serial number for the item you want to send back. Without the serial number, you can not return the product.

If you are looking for a replacement, you first have to contact customer service, where they will ask you questions, take down information, and let you know whether or not the exchange can be made.

If you are approved, the agent will give you an RMA number, this will need to be entered into a form online for the replacement process to take place.

Summing Things Up

Some companies have stricter policies on what they cover and what they don’t.

Belkin is one company that doesn’t like to hand things out for free if they don’t have to, so it is crucial you take good care of your items and always keep your receipt.



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