Aruba Lifetime Warranty (What’s Covered, Claims, Time Frame)

Aruba Lifetime Warranty

People ask, what is Aruba lifetime warranty?

Aruba, a subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard (HP), is recognized as an industry leader in providing data and network support in the ever-changing landscape of business digital platforms.

Used by some of the largest companies (such as Walt Disney and Dropbox) Aruba offers a wide range of products, solutions, services, and support for technology business needs such as implementation of Wi-Fi 6, switching, Sd-Branch, and Data Center networking.

Does Aruba have a Lifetime Warranty? Yes, Aruba has a detailed Lifetime warranty. The warranty duration of Aruba products and solutions has varying levels of coverage and is highly dependent on many factors.

What is the warranty policy of Aruba?

Aruba products, services, and support are managed and processed according to highly variable terms and conditions of warranties. Some items, like certain models of Aruba switches, are eligible for a lifetime warranty as long as certain conditions are met.

These conditions include but are not limited to purchase date, proof of purchase, and item registration. Other Aruba products, such as software and support service, are governed by service contracts rather than warranties.

While certain products come with warranties, Aruba customers can also opt to purchase additional protection plans, such as Foundation and Pro Care.

Limited Lifetime Warranty for Aruba items?

Aruba products and services have highly variable warranty terms. For example, a warranty is very different that a subscription or service contract.

Aruba has warranties that can be categorized by the length of warranty coverage on a product.

Limited Lifetime

Limited lifetime warranties are generally extended to products purchased after November 1st, 2019. The warranty extends only to the original end-user of the product. The warranty can be limited up to five years after the sale date.

Power supplies and certain built-in parts (like cooling fans) are under lifetime warranty service. Proof of purchase is required to receive warranty service. Additionally, items may require registration.


Lifetime warranties have many conditions and restrictions. For example, items purchased in December 2014 and 2015 only apply to the original end user of the product.

Just like with items covered under the limited lifetime warranty, registration of the product and proof of purchase may be required to receive warranty service.

What items are eligible for an Aruba Lifetime item warranty?

An Aruba Lifetime Warranty is not without conditions and criteria. More information about the specific terms and conditions of the Lifetime warranty is available at the Aruba Network website.

The following Aruba products are covered by a Lifetime Warranty. This also includes support and software that is designated as providing updates to users “as long as owned.” 

Some items under warranty may be replaced with a newer model while others may be refurbished with updated hardware.

  • Aruba switches purchased after November 1st. 2019. Includes these models: 82xxzl, 54xxzl/R, 42xxv, 38xx, 35xx/yl, 29xx/al, 281x, 26xx, 25xx/G 
  • Smart Managed Switches: Aruba Instant On 1930, HPE Office Connect 195x, 192x, 191x, 18xx, 1620, 1420, 1410 
  • Flex Networks: 512x, , 36xx, 31xx, 514x, 55xx, 513x. Some items must have been purchased prior Jaunary 1st, 2022.
  • Flex Fabric 580x/AF 
  • Access Devices: Aruba Access Points running ArubaOS (controller-based networks), Aruba Access Points running Aruba Instant (controller-less networks)
  • Controllers: Aruba Mobility Access Switches 
  • Transceivers:  purchased prior to July 1, 2020: Aruba branded transceivers (except transceiver product numbers JWxxxx) and HPE branded with X244, X132, X131, X129, X122, X121, X119, X112, X111 in the description 
  • OS software releases (with few exceptions)

 Who is eligible to start an Aruba Warranty claim?

Aruba products under warranty are only available to the original end user for items that were purchased directly from Aruba, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, or other authorized retailer.

The original end user may be able to assign an agent to begin the warranty claim process on their behalf.

Transfering an Aruba product to a third party voids the remaining warranty coverage.

How do I submit a warranty claim for my Aruba product?

In order to start the warranty claim process, the consumer must contact Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) support.

The warranty coverage service agreement provides a phone number upon product registration or the purchase of a service contract.

If you are unsure if the product has warranty coverage, contact HPE or the HPE reseller. The warranty claim process can be started during HPE’s business hours, which may vary by location.

The Aruba product covered by the warranty should be accessible to the consumer so that HPE can assist with troubleshooting and determining whether the problem with the Aruba product qualifies as a warranty failure.

The availability of replacement parts may delay the processing of a warranty claim.  

What information do I need to provide to Aruba for my warranty claim?

Aruba representatives will ask for information about the product during warranty claim intake. This information includes details such as the product number, serial number, purchase date, and proof of purchase.

This information will be used by HPE to confirm the warranty level and time period of coverage the consumer is entitled to. 

Additionally, HPE will ask for a description of the product’s malfunction and may suggest troubleshooting tips to further determine what is wrong with the product.

Other information that may be required includes: product configuration, software revision, and network environment. Aruba may suggest additional measures, such as updating to a newer version of the software.

Are there any circumstances that void or cancel my Aruba product warranty?

Aruba product warranties (lifetime, limited lifetime, and other warranty time periods) do not apply under the following circumstances:

  • Item damaged due to a lightning strike
  • Damage caused by power surges, power outages, or similar events
  • Damage caused directly or indirectly by a fire
  • Modification or service by third-party not affiliated with HPE

What is the difference between an Aruba Warranty and Aruba Foundation Care?

Adding Foundation Care to a warranty gives additional protection for Aruba products and services. Foundation Care contracts offer additional support options, such as advanced troubleshooting for users, personalized guidance on best practices, expanded warranty coverage, and a personal support team that is available 24/7 to ensure all needs are met with maximum efficiency.

Additionally, Foundation Care can provide more flexibility and timeliness for hardware replacement. Foundation Care can be a cost-effective supplement for Aruba support, usually costing only 10% of the overall hardware investment.

What is Aruba Pro Care?

Aruba Pro Care is another layer of service and hardware solution support that can help users with large case loads.

In addition to the protections available through Aruba Foundation Care, Aruba Pro Care also provides quick access to senior TAC engineers that will resolve any issues as soon as possible.

These expert engineers also serve as the primary point of contact for incident resolution across multiple Aruba products and services.


Aruba, an enterprise from HP Hewlett Packard, offers robust technology solutions focused on innovation for digital business solutions.

Aruba provides a variety of warranty and protection guarantees that fit a variety of budgets and include protection and support for products and services.

Many Aruba products are eligible for lifetime or limited lifetime warranty. Depending the combination of products, services, and support that Aruba provides, some customers may want to extend warranty protections via Foundation or Pro Care warranty coverage.

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