Zara Holiday Return Policy (All You Need To Know)

Zara Holiday Return Policy

Do you know what Zara´s holiday return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Holiday return policies make holiday shopping so much more convenient. You don’t have to worry about the gift being outside of the return window by the time your loved one opens it. If you shop at Zara, you probably want to know the Zara holiday return policy as a result.

Unfortunately, Zara does not have a set holiday return policy, but they have offered some extended returns surrounding holiday purchases in the past. Keep reading to learn more about the Zara holiday return policy.

About Zara’s Holiday Return Policy

Unlike many other stores, Zara does not have a set holiday return policy. In other words, you are not going to find information about a holiday or Christmas return policy on their website.

This means that Zara does not have a standard holiday return policy.

That being said, Zara has offered some extended policies from year to year. For example, Zara has offered an extended return window for Black Friday purchases.

Most notably, Black Friday purchases had an additional 22 days for return on top of the standard return policy. This policy does not happen every Black Friday, but it has happened in the past.

Because Zara sometimes offers extended returns but does not have a set holiday return policy, it’s important to ask customer support about any specific holiday return policies each year.

Doing this will provide you with the most up-to-date inaccurate information about Zara’s holiday return policy.

How Does the Zara Holiday Return Policy Compare to the Regular Return Policy?

Because Zara does not have a standard holiday return policy, most holiday purchases fall under their regular return policy.

The regular return policy is standard, and you can reliably return online or in-store products using this return.

Understanding how the holiday return policy compares to the regular return policy will provide a lot of clarification about returning Zara products.


Obviously, the biggest difference between the holiday and regular return policy is that the regular return policy is standardized.

You can learn all about the regular return policy by looking at Zara’s website and reading the specifics of the policy.

In times where there is an extended return policy for specific purchases, this extended return is longer than the regular return policy.

As we discussed above, the regular return policy allows you to return items within 30 days of purchase. Extended returns will tack extra days on top of these 30 days to return the item.


Other than the extended return window, all other specifics of the regular return policy apply to holiday purchases.

For example, what items you can return and what you will need for the return are the same. For this reason, it’s essential to know about Zara’s regular return policy.

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About Zara’s Regular Return Policy

Even though Zara does not have a standard holiday return policy, they have a standard regular return policy.

This return policy applies to all returns, regardless of the season. The only returns that fall under a separate category are items purchased from Zara IPOD locations.

It’s important that you know about Zara’s regular return policy whenever you shop at the store. Even if you shop during the holiday season, this regular return policy is what you will need to know in the case that Zara does not offer a holiday policy or benefits that year.

Return Overview

Under Zara’s regular return policy, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to exchange or return items.

You must have the paper sales receipt or the purchase QR code returns. You’ll be refunded to the original payment method.

Certain products, such as undergarments and personalized items, cannot be returned.

Return Window

You have 30 days from the day you purchased the Zara items to return them.

This 30-day return window applies to all products, including items purchased online or in-store.

What You’ll Need

For all returns, you’ll need proof of purchase and all items that came with the purchase. Online purchases will require a packing slip, whereas in-store purchases will require a paper receipt.

You should pack up all cardboard and papers in the return to make sure nothing is forgotten about.


Zara has a few exceptions regarding the items that can be returned or exchanged. Most notably, some items cannot be returned or exchanged for hygienic purposes.

Some products can be returned but have specific rules. Take a look.

  • Swimwear: Hygiene strip must be present
  • Women Undergarments: Protective strip and bag must be present
  • Male Undergarments: Not eligible for return
  • Kids Undergarments: Only bodysuits, socks, tights, tops, and undershirts are eligible for return; items must be in their original packaging
  • Pajamas: Protective bag must be included

In addition to undergarments and other clothing that cannot be exchanged for hygienic purposes, some items can’t be returned for other reasons.

Here are the specifics about other exceptions to be aware of:

  • Cosmetics: Must be sealed up in original conditions; unopened
  • Fragrances: Must be sealed up in original conditions; unopened
  • Packs: Items within the pack cannot be returned separately; the entire pack can be returned
  • Items with Special Packaging: All packaging must be returned in its original condition
  • Magazines: Not eligible for returns
  • Personalized Items: Not eligible for return

If you have any other questions about items that have special requirements regarding a return, it’s best to talk to customer support.

How to Return Items to Zara

No matter what return policy Zara is offering, how you return the item is the same. Here is how to return your items to Zara in-store, online, or IPOD stores.


Returning your item in-store is easy, fast, and free. You must return the products to a store within the same country you purchased the items.

You’ll need your paper receipt or Zara QR for in-store returns. If you cannot return the item in-store for whatever reason, you can have someone else do it for you.


Online returns are fast and easy too, but there will be a fee of $3.95 to cover return postage. You will need to fill out a return request.

You can do this through the “Returns” page on your account. If you checked out as a guest, you can do so with the emails you received regarding the purchase.

Zara will provide postage that you will need to print out. Package up your items and put the postage on the outside of the package.

Drop off the item at a shipping location for it to be shipped to Zara. Note that the item must be postmarked within the 30-day window for the return to be approved.

Unfortunately, online return is not an option for items purchased at regular in-store locations. In-store items can only be returned in-store.

IPOD Stores

IPOD stores are those that offer special IPOD devices that allow you to shop for items online that are not offered in-store.

That way, you can get all of your shopping done at once, even if the store you’re at does not offer what you are looking for.

Not all stores have these devices. Even if you shop at stores with the devices, this return policy only applies when you purchase items using the device.

The return process for items purchased at IPOD stores is virtually the same as described above, but there are some subtle differences.

Any item purchased at an IPOD store is eligible for return at any Zara store. You don’t have to return it to an IPOD store specifically. Just make sure that the store is in the same country or region you paid for the item.

Unlike regular in-store purchases, you can also return IPOD items online. The reason for this difference is that IPOD purchases are shipped to you, just like a regular online purchase.

You’ll need to follow the steps above to return IPOD purchases online.

Note that some items cannot be purchased through IPOD devices. Most notably, no ZARA home items can be ordered through this method.

You will have to purchase the item through regular online purchase.

Refund Process

Because the paper receipt is required for all returns at Zara, you’ll be refunded the amount of the item to the original payment method.

If you return the item online, there will be a $3.95 deduction taken from the refund to cover postage.

Refunds normally take a few business days to hit your account. Refunds take a little bit longer from online items. You first have to wait for the item to arrive at the facility.

After that, it will take a few extra business days for Zara to process your return and approve the refund.

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Zara Return Policy FAQs

What is Zara’s holiday return policy?

Zara does not have a standard holiday return policy. You will have to check up on the return policy every year to see if they have an extended window.

Some years, Zara does not offer any form of holiday return policy.

Can I return something after 30 days to Zara?

Unless you purchased an item with an extended return window, Zara does not accept returns after 30 days. They are pretty strict on their return policy.

Can I return something to Zara without the receipt?

Zara requires returns to have some form of purchase. As such, you will need the paper receipt. If you purchased an item using your Zara account, you can use the QR code instead of the paper receipt as proof of purchase.

Can you return items from the Zara sale?

Yes. Unless otherwise noted, Zara sale items are eligible for return.

Can you return Zara in-store purchases online?

No. Online returns are only eligible for online returns. The only items that can be returned online or items purchased online or items purchased through an IPOD store.

How much does Zara charge for returns?

In-store returns are completely free. Online returns will have a deduction of $3.95 to cover processing and handling. There are no other fees associated with online returns.


Unfortunately, Zara does not have a standard holiday return policy. Zara does offer an extended return policy for some special events, such as Black Friday, but this extended policy does not happen every year.

For purchases that do not fall under a special policy, you will have to follow Zara’s regular return policy.

Per this policy, you have 30 days to return items in their original condition. You can return items online or in-store, but in-store returns are the cheapest and the fastest.

If you have any other questions regarding returns, talk to Zara’s customer support for answers.



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