Who Makes Lacura Products for ALDI (12 Products Listed!)

who makes lacura products for aldi

Do you know who makes Lacura products for Aldi? Are they good? These are the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

You might have heard of the Lacura line of beauty and skincare products that you can find at ALDI, and from the reviews that they have been getting there is a lot to be excited about. Lacura has been available across Europe for many years, and they are starting to appear on the shelves in the US as well.

You might be surprised to find out that Lacura is actually an own-brand label that is made exclusively for ALDI, mainly in Europe, so you won’t find this stuff for sale at other stores. But what are they actually like?

What Are Lacura Products Similar To?

One of the reasons why so many people swear by the Lacura brand is its ability to dupe some of the more expensive and popular products on the market.

The company has taken inspiration from huge names like Nivea and L’Oréal, as well as more curated labels like Drunk Elephant and Pixi Skincare.

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Are Lacura Products Good Value?

As with almost everything own-brand, particularly at ALDI, Lacura products are significantly cheaper than any name-brand alternatives.

You can get your hands on these copycats for a a lot less than you would expect to pay elsewhere, and many people compare them very favorably with their more expensive counterparts.

To truly understand the kind of value that you can get from products at Lacura, though, we need to look at what options there actually are in-store and online.

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Can You Buy All Lacura Products At ALDI?

Unfortunately, not all of ALDI’s Lacura products are available via their website, and not every store will stock them all either – particularly in North America. Although they are slowly rolling out these products into their US stores, you might not find all of them at your local ALDI just yet.

This does mean that trying to get your hands on some Lacura products can be a bit of a mission, but it might well be a worth the hunt.

With that being said, let’s have a look at some of their most popular items, so that you know what to look out for when you’re shopping.

1.  Lacura Cleansing Exfoliating Scrub

The classic exfoliating scrub from Lacura is designed for all skin types, so it’s not too harsh on sensitive skin. It contains jojoba pearls that are nice and gentle for daily use, and it has a very cool and refreshing menthol formula.

2.  Lacura Hydrating Facial Cleanser

A firm favorite among ALDI shoppers, the Lacura hydrating facial cleanser is a gentle face wash that ticks all of the boxes. Soothing aloe is one of the main ingredients and it is very cheap compared to comparable products on the market.

3.  Lacura Foaming Gel Cleanser

In the same vein as the hydrating facial cleanser, Lacura makes a foaming gel cleanser as well. This is a particularly mild formula, and you will find bioflavonoids, coenzyme Q10, and many vitamins in this aloe vera moisturizing complex.

This version is particularly good for removing makeup, though it has a slightly stronger scent than the hydrating facial cleanser.

4.  Lacura Q10 Renew

The Q10 Renew cream from Lacura is an Anti-Wrinkle Multi Intensive Serum that is surprisingly close to the Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Serum from Nivea. It’s designed to give you smooth skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

This product is almost 5 times cheaper than the name-brand alternative, but an equally effective product according to most customers. It is suitable for sensitive skin, not too greasy, and super hydrating.

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5.  Lacura Q10 Renew Night Cream

To go hand in hand with their Multi Intensive Serum, Lacura offers an Anti-Wrinkle night cream under the same Q10 Renew name. Also receiving rave reviews from most customers, this cream is designed to protect the skin from premature aging.

The ingredients include retinol complex, avocado oil, and coenzyme Q10.

6.  Lacura Jelly Cleanser

Part of the new premium collection, Lacura’s Jelly Cleanser is similar to the Drunk Elephant Best No.9 Jelly Cleanser, but it’s nearly ten times less expensive. It contains marula oil, glycerin, and watermelon extract – and it gives a great lather on the skin.

7.  Lacura Moisturising Face Wash

Similar to products that you can get from brands like Simple, this face wash uses a gentle, water-based formula to give a hydrating and calming clean. It is not fragranced and it is incredibly good value.

The ingredients list for this face wash includes panthenol, Vitamin E, and bisabolol.

8.  Lacura Exfoliating Glycolic Treatment

Another one from the selection that is pretty similar to a Drunk Elephant product, the Exfoliating Glycolic treatment from Lacura uses glycolic acid to improve the appearance of dull or dry skin.

It is not recommended for use on sensitive skin, but a little goes a long way and it is reportedly very effective and fast-absorbing.

This treatment contains a little less than 5% glycolic acid, as well as sodium lactate, lemon grass, and prickly pear extract.

9.  Lacura Intensive Eye Cream

With a lot of vitamins contained within the ingredients list, this cream is very nourishing for the thin, sensitive skin around your eyes.

It is a much cheaper option than what you can get from bigger brands, and it contains a huge number of the most beneficial ingredients too.

With this eye cream, you get 3-O-Ethylated Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin A, C, and E, as well as glycerin, fatty alcohol, fatty linoleic acid, and other antioxidants.

10. Lacura Multi-Peptide Moisturiser

Perhaps the thing that people like most about this particular Lacura product is its smart packaging. The push pump function makes it easy to get the exact amount that you need every time, and it keeps the product fresh inside.

It is a relatively straightforward hydrating formula that contains a 7-peptide complex, stem cell extract, and water lily. It’s also quite a soothing jelly that feels great on the skin.

11.  Lacura Pineapple Microdermabrasion Scrub

Much lighter than other exfoliants that you might use, the microdermabrasion scrub from Lacura actually feels more like a cream than a scrub. It is great for giving a deep clean and unblocking pores, and it is designed to leave your skin looking clear and smooth.

This scrub contains pineapple extract and enzymes that give it a really fresh fragrance.

12.  Lacura Vitamin C Serum

This Serum almost seems like a direct cousin of the Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum, but with a much more reasonable price tag. It even has very similar packaging. It has a little pump that pops out of the top for easy applicaton, and it absorbs quickly as well.

It contains 15% vitamin C, ferulic acid, and both pumpkin and pomegranate enzymes.

Where Can You Find Lacura Products?

ALDI is not exactly known for its consistency when it comes to what is available in-store, and you might not actually have an ALDI near you just yet, so it can be tricky to get your hands on the best Lacura products that are out there.

Not to mention the fact that many of the Lacura brand beauty products haven’t made their way over to the states.

You can try the ALDI website, but a lot of the most popular Lacura items are often sold out, so you might be better off shopping via a third-party option, like Amazon or eBay.


Lacura is actually an ALDI own-brand that they manufacture themselves in Europe.

The label is known for producing great beauty and skincare products that take their inspiration from bigger brands.

Many of the different options that you can get from Lacura are very well-received and favourably compared to the much more expensive well-known brand options.

If you can find yourself some Lacura products, they are definitely worth checking out, though you may need to get a bit creative about how you get hold of them.





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