Who Makes Kirkland Signature Products? (14 products listed!)

Who Makes Kirkland Signature Products

Do you know who makes Kirkland Signature products? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

The secret here is that most Kirkland Signature products are manufactured by many of the same manufacturers that bring us brand-name goods. And because Kirkland is a private label, you can score the same (or similar) name-brand products at much lower prices. 

Some Kirkland Signature products are made by the same manufacturers as these name brands: Duracell, Starbucks, Keurig Green Mountain Coffee, Chinet, Stearns & Foster, Jelly Belly, Reynolds, CooperVision, and Ocean Spray, among many others.

Read on for details on the manufacturers behind Kirkland Signature products, and where you might save a few dollars on quality products. 

1. Kirkland Signature Batteries Are Made by Duracell

Costco CEO Craig Jelinek has admitted in interviews that Duracell makes the Kirkland Signature batteries. 

It’s difficult to know which batteries are best, since you have to wait until your batteries start dying to know the life of the product.

That being said, Duracell has enjoyed a long reputation as a reliable battery manufacturer, and often performs well in product testing and reviews. 

Costco also sells Duracell batteries under the Duracell brand, but you will pay more for the same product. 

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2. Kirkland Coffee Is Made By Starbucks

The product information for Kirkland’s blends, including Espresso Blend, House Blend, and Decaf House Blend, indicates that the coffee is custom roasted by Starbucks, though this is an easy detail to miss. 

Costco also sells Starbucks French Roast under the Starbucks label, but you will pay significantly more. 

3. Kirkland k-cups Is Made by Keurig Green Mountain Coffee

It isn’t just Starbucks coffee that Kirkland is selling under its private label.

The Kirkland Signature brand of your favorite k-cups, including Organic Summit Roast, Organic Breakfast Blend, and Organic Pacific Bold, are all made by Keurig Green Mountain. 

Keurig Green Mountain also sells other brands of its k-cups on the Costco website, but at the time of this writing expect to pay $43.99/100 for Keurig listed brands vs $37.99/120 for the Kirkland brands.

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4. Kirkland Signature red cups Is Made by Chinet Cups

Yes, the iconic red cups. You can host your next party for less money, now that you know that you can buy that giant bag of Kirkland Signature red cups and get the same heavyweight quality as Chinet. 

5. Kirkland Mattress Is Made by Stearns & Foster Mattresses

This product is actually listed as the “Kirkland Signature by Stearns & Foster Mattress,” so there isn’t really a secret here, though mattresses are an expensive item and a good place to lock in cost savings by going with a private label option. 

The mattresses have the same features as more expensive mattresses, including Tempurpedic memory foam, IntelliCoil® support system, and the Precision Edge + AirVent System at a much lower price point. 

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6. Kirkland bottled Water Is Made by Niagara

Niagara makes private label water for a number of retailers, so Kirkland Signature may not be the only way to get Niagara water on the cheap. 

Costco says it adds a proprietary mineral blend, however, to achieve a certain fresh taste. 

7. Kirkland Signature Jelly Belly Is Made by Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

This one isn’t really a secret, either, since the giant jars of colorful beans clearly state “Kirkland Signature Jelly Belly” on the front. 

That being said, Jelly Belly beans really do taste better than other brands and come in a crazy variety of flavors (49, to be exact). 

If you want to buy Jelly Belly in bulk, Kirkland Signature will be the way to go. You can score a 4lb jar of your favorite colorful candy and make flavor combinations to your heart’s delight. 

8. Kirkland Signature Foil is Made by Reynolds Aluminum

Kirkland Signature foil is made by Reynolds, perhaps the most well-known manufacturer of aluminum foil. The Kirkland Signature brand is sold under the name “Kirkland Signature Reynolds Foodservice Foil.”

Costco also sells Reynolds aluminum foil online under the Reynolds brand, though in different quantities. Reynolds wrap comes in 2-packs of 150-250 feet each. 

The Kirkland Foodservice Foil is sold in larger rolls of 500 or 1,000 feet (or single sheets). If you want to save money on aluminum foil, you may have to purchase one of the larger rolls, though you will be getting the same durable foil as the Reynolds brand. 

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9. CooperVision Contact Lenses

If you do a little digging into the specifications of the Kirkland Signature contact lenses, you will see that they are manufactured by CooperVision. 

CooperVision also has its own branded lines of lenses, including MyDay, Clariti, and Biofinity lenses, which are also sold at Costco. 

The Kirkland Signature brand lenses are the same as the MyDay lenses but are sold at significant cost savings over the brand name lenses.

At the moment, a 90-day pack of MyDay lenses costs around $85, compared to around $60 for the same lenses under the Kirkland Signature label. 

10. Kirkland Formula Is Made by Perrigo Infant Formula

Perrigo lists the store brands it manufactures on the website storebrandformula.com, and you can see that Costco ProCare formula is among them. Perrigo also manufactures formulas for Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart, and Target. 

According to Wirecutter, the product testing service from The New York Times, Perrigo store brand infant formulas ranked among the top infant formula brands. 

The Kirkland Signature brand is around half the price of name brand powdered formula. 

11. Kirkland Diaper Is Made by Kimberly-Clark

Kimberly-Clark is the manufacturer behind Huggies brand diapers, which also include GoodNights and Pull-Ups. 

These brands are also sold at Costco, though you will save significantly by going with the Kirkland Signature brand itself. 

Trying a new brand of diapers can be a risky proposition for new parents, because you don’t want to be stuck with an expensive box of leaky diapers. 

Parents seem to love the Kirkland Signature diapers, however, with an online rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars after approximately 14,000 reviews.

The Kirkland signature diapers may be worth a try, considering the cost savings over time for name-brand quality diapers. 

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12. Kirkland Wine Is Made by Patrick Lesec Côtes du Rhône

If you are looking for authentic French wine at a fraction of the cost, Kirkland Signature may fit the bill with its Patrick Lesec wines. 

The label states that only a fifth of the wine grown in the region qualifies for the title “Côtes du Rhône Villages”–and this is some of it, for under $10.

Reversewinesnob.com rates this wine a “Recommended Buy” for quality at a low cost.

13. Kirkland Cheese Is Made by Formaggi Zanetti  

In a similar fashion, the name Parmigiano Reggiano is reserved for only those cheeses made in certain regions of Italy. Rest assured your Kirkland Signature Parmigiano Reggiano is bona fide. 

The cheese is specially selected by Formaggi Zanetti, an Italian company well-known for its cheese exports and branding.

14. Kirkland Cranberry Juice Is Made by Ocean Spray

This one isn’t really a secret, either, though the Kirkland Signature brand combines the names of the brands. 

Kirkland Signature Ocean Spray Cranberry Premium 100% Juice is similar to the Ocean Spray juice, with no added sugar, 100% Vitamin C, and no added flavors, colors, or preservatives.

The mix of juices is slightly different, though you can score 96 ounces of Kirkland juice for around $10. 


You may be reluctant to try store brands or private labels, wondering if you will be getting the quality of your trusted name-brands.

In some cases this may be true, but Costco has made a point of bringing the quality of its private label up to the quality of name-brands. 

The proof is often in the customer reviews–Costco customers seem to love the Kirkland Signature brand products, often happily choosing them over the name brands next door on the shelf. 

So, next time you are shopping at Costco, take a look at this list and then give a Kirkland product a try–you may be surprised that the products are identical to the name brands, and you will definitely be happy to save a few dollars. 




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