Who Makes Kirkland Boxer Briefs? (Are They Good? Reviews)

Who Makes Kirkland Boxer Briefs

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend who makes Kirkland Boxer briefs? Are they good? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Kirkland has some of the comfiest and high-quality clothing items for the lowest prices you’ll see anywhere today.

In fact, their men’s undergarment selection is one of Costco member’s favorites. If you or anyone you know has purchased a pair of their Kirkland boxer briefs, you may be curious who actually makes this underwear. 

Well, unfortunately for all of us curious people, Costco does not reveal who manufactures their Kirkland boxer briefs. All we can say definitively is that they are not manufactured by Costco themselves, and they are made in India. 

In this article, we will discuss why Costco doesn’t make their own boxer briefs, and how Kirkland products are made. 

Does Costco Manufacture Their Own Kirkland Clothing Products? 

If you’ve been in a Costco warehouse lately, you’ll have seen that Costco carries their own Kirkland product in just about every section of the store. Whether it is food, batteries, or clothing, there is sure to be a Kirkland option. 

When we think about the logistics of Costco producing and manufacturing all of these products themselves, it makes sense that they just simply don’t have the capability.

This is the main reason that Costco outsources their Kirkland products from third-party retailers. 

Costco will pick retailers who are already established in their niche field of the market in order to ensure that they are choosing quality products for the Kirkland brand.

They also make their manufacturers uphold certain guidelines so they don’t under-deliver to their members. 

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Does Costco Ever Reveal Their Partners? 

Oftentimes the contracts that Costco draws up with their third-party manufacturers include a non-disclosure agreement. This is put in place to ensure that Costco and the third-party do not confirm that manufacturing agreement. 

There are a few reasons that both Costco and the brand they are working with wouldn’t want to reveal this information to the public. 

For one, the brand may be concerned about the public’s view of the manufacturing for a private label such as Kirkland.

If the brand sells high-quality expensive products under their own name, customers may refuse to purchase these products from them if they feel that they can get a similar product of the same quality for cheaper from Costco. 

As for Costco’s reasoning, they want to ensure that when people think of their Kirkland brand they don’t have any association with another brand in their mind. They want Kirkland to be a memorable product on its own, not because it is associated with other popular brands. 

These are just a few reasons why it is rare for a confirmed partnership to be revealed by Costco. 

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Kirkland Boxer Briefs Reviews 

Now, onto the Kirkland boxer briefs. Kirkland boxer briefs are good and we know that these are high-quality, men’s boxer briefs sold for an affordable price. According to reviews on the Costco website they are comfortable and a great deal for their price. 

A 4-pack sells for only $13.99! However, it may be possible to get these for a cheaper price in your local Costco warehouse as the prices online can be higher to encompass shipping costs. 

Overall, these boxer briefs get a 4.6 star rating from over 8,000 reviewers. 

On their website Costco simply states that these boxers are their Kirkland Signature brand, they don’t state who makes them. 

But, they do state where they are made!

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Where Are Kirkland Boxer Briefs Made?

Kirkland boxer briefs are made in India according to the Costco website and the packing of the underwear. 

However, beyond the location, we don’t really know much about their manufacturing process. 

This is unfortunately common for many Costco products; however, this doesn’t mean that Costco is hiding anything about their suppliers.

In fact, considering the fact that Costco has high standards for their Kirkland brand, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about concerning the quality. 

This is simply a matter of Costco not wanting to disclose the manufacturer they are associated with. 

Is Kirkland The Only Private Label That Outsources Its Manufacturing? 

If you’re curious about how common it is for private labels to outsource their manufacturing you should be relieved to know that this is a standard practice.

Essentially every private label you come across, whether it is from Costco, Albertsons, Target, or Walmart, likely outsources their products. 

It is also fairly common for them not to reveal who their partner is. This is not a practice unique to Costco. 

The only downside to this process is if you are someone who wants complete transparency about the goods they purchase. 

Final Thoughts

Although the only piece of the puzzle we confirm about the manufacturing of Kirkland boxer briefs is that they are made in India, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t a quality product. 

Costco simply doesn’t like to reveal their partners very often, and this works out well for all involved parties.

However, given the high-standards Kirkland products adhere to, you can feel confident in knowing that these will be a worthwhile purchase. 

Plus, if you’re familiar with Costco’s return policy it is fairly extensive. So, even if you aren’t a fan of these boxers once you purchase them, you’ll likely be able to return them fairly easily. 

But, don’t be scared away by the lack of transparency from Costco’s private label, this is an industry practice that many other corporations follow.

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