Who Makes Kirkland T-Shirts (White, Black, Grey)

Who Makes Kirkland T-Shirts

Do you know who makes Kirkland Signature T-Shirts? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

The Kirkland Signature brand is the driving force behind Costco’s enormous popularity and sales. Kirkland Signature products are generally very highly reviewed products.

But who makes Kirkland T-Shirts? As far as Kirkland Signature T-shirts are concerned, it’s not entirely clear who is behind the manufacturing process. This isn’t abnormal. Costco works hard to protect their trade secrets because of competition and how their partners may be affected.

Regardless of who makes Kirkland Signature T-shirts, they benefit from a pretty widespread appeal amongst customers and they’re highly reviewed—insofar as their quality in comparison with similarly priced T-shirts—amongst popular websites. 

Because of these things, Kirkland Signature T-shirts remain pretty popular, especially amongst Costco card-carrying shoppers.

You can also purchase most Kirkland Signature merchandise on Amazon and other online retailers. 

Kirkland White, Black T-Shirts

The most popular t-shirt amongst the several that Costco sells, is surprisingly the white t-shirt. The most common of common t-shirts, the white t-shirt is the highest purchased and most highly reviewed t-shirt amongst the Kirkland Signature line. 

For one, they’re $20 for a pack of six. Cost helps, but they also happen to be very comfortable and are thicker than normal t-shirts of the same type.

The Kirkland Signature t-shirt also doesn’t feel like wearing a lawn-sized garbage bag in a stiff wind.

It fits snug around the arms and shoulders, thanks to its reinforced seams and they generally represent their sizes, unlike some t-shirts who market a size medium only for it to arrive small enough to fit your chihuahua if he curls up in a tight ball.

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People love the Kirkland Signature t-shirts because they fit and are comfortable. Rather than purchase a single, comfortable, name-brand shirt from Amazon, for a sum that would put meals on the table for a week, Costco presents a viable option. 

Why Are Costco Clothes So Cheap?

There are several reasons for this. First, brand-name retailers deliver merchandise that didn’t sell to Costco, and in turn, it gets massively discounted. 

This isn’t a new retail strategy by any means, but it is one that Costco embraces to build a clothing retail market that is currently beating Old Navy

Second, the Kirkland Signature Brand T-shirts—along with its other shirts—are incredibly popular, highly-reviewed, and known for their comfort. Word-of-mouth drives sales and increases Costco membership. 

Third, Costco places a cap of 15% on their profit margins. That cap creates an environment of incredible deals.

Costco isn’t concerned about racking up jaw-dropping profit margins and therefore, they can provide steep discounts on their products. 

When you add all three points together, you have a recipe for great discounts. It’s simple, common sense and Costco is well aware that their retail chain, known for bulk groceries, is capable of attracting other markets as well. 

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Where Are Kirkland Shirts Made?

A difficult question to answer, as Costco provides no information on the manufacturers that provide their merchandise under the Kirkland Signature brand. 

However, it is known that Costco shirts are manufactured throughout China, Bangladesh, and the USA. Outside of that, very little is known. 

Many products behind the Kirkland Signature brand are leaked by insiders or show up in legal documents for attentive consumers to find. That hasn’t happened with Costco’s tee shirts as of yet.

What Other Brand T-Shirts Does Costco Sell?

Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand doesn’t exist in it’s own bubble. There are several other brands of clothing lines that sell in Costco stores. In fact, Costco does an estimated $7 billion in clothing sales yearly. 

Beyond their own clothes line, Costco also sells:

  • 32 Degrees
  • Calvin Klein
  • Birkenstock
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • BCBG
  • Absorba Paris
  • Pendelton
  • Disney
  • Carters
  • Gloria Vanderbilt
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Sanctuary
  • Levis

The list goes on for quite a stretch, so the ones listed here are not all that make up Costco’s clothing merchandise. 

Like the bulk-buying customers that shop there, Costco scoops up bulks of merchandise that haven’t sold from other retail brands, and offers them up packaged in an excellent deal.

So long as Costco continues their brand of buy and sale, with quality, big-name clothing lines, they’ll continue to prosper. This is especially true when your line is pretty popular as well. 

Kirkland White T-shirts Size Chart

Below you can see the Kirkland White T-Shirts size chart:



Chest Circumference (in):

S = 34-36

M = 38-40

L = 42-44

XL = 46-48

XXL = 50-52  

3XL = 54-56

Final Word

While there’s no telling who it is that manufactures the Kirkland Signature brand of t-shirts, there’s little doubt that they’re extremely popular and well-received with Costco car-carrying consumers. 

It says a lot that you can move over $7 billion in clothing merchandise per year, with the vast majority of it restricted to members only.

No matter who makes t-shirts for Costco, you can stake your reputation, and theirs, on the quality and comfort of Kirkland Signatures tees. 

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