Does Target Accept EBT Cards? (Yes, Do This Now!)

Does Target Accept EBT Cards

Do you know if Target accepts EBT cards? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Yes, Target accepts EBT cards. Although there are certain restrictions on what you are able to use your card to purchase. EBT cards are accepted as forms of payment in all Target stores,

An EBT card can be used to buy items deemed eligible by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, meaning that you are restricted in what you can use it for.

In the following article, we look at whether Target accepts EBT cards and some of the restrictions on what you can and cannot buy.

Does Target accept EBT cards?

All Target stores accept EBT cards as a form of payment, but not every item sold in store is eligible for purchase with an EBT card.

Many people rely on EBT cards to pay for everyday essentials and, fortunately, they are able to be used in all 1900 of Target’s stores throughout the country.

The card works like a debit card for recipients of benefits to spend on SNAP-eligible items in their chosen stores, including Target. This means the card is likely to be used to pay for necessities like food and groceries.

It also means that, while you can use your card in any Target store, there are some restrictions on how you can use it.

Whilst it is possible to use your EBT card to make purchases in Target stores, it is not currently allowed to use your card on Target online.

Also, as only SNAP-eligible items are able to be purchased using an EBT card, there are some items which cannot be purchased in store using the card. We will discuss these restrictions in more detail further on

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What is an EBT card?

EBT refers to the electronic benefit transfer system, a means of accessing state welfare. An EBT card is a way of accessing these benefits through a payment card.

It means that people enrolled into the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) can get their benefits on a card to be used to pay for eligible items.

Benefits are provided directly to the EBT card and payments are tracked through the EBT system. There are restrictions on what can paid for using an EBT card, with the main intention of the card being that users should buy nutritious food.

Many stores throughout the USA will accept the EBT card for eligible payments, including Target stores.

What is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)?

SNAP provides benefits to low-income families to assist with the purchase of food and everyday necessities.

It is currently the largest nutrition assistance benefit system and works through the EBT card, which is used to pay for eligible purchases.

It is only authorized to be used in certain stores and is only available to people who meet requirements.

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What is the policy on EBT cards at Target?

EBT cards will be accepted at any Target store throughout the country and can be used to either cover the whole cost of an eligible shop or to pay for specific items.

If you are purchasing a mix of both SNAP-eligible and non-eligible products, you will have to cover the cost of any non-SNAP items with another payment method. 

Many of the SNAP-eligible items that can be paid for with an EBT card will be labelled in most Target stores, so they should be easy to find and identify.

Usually, the ‘WIC’ label will be used to identify eligible items. They will often be among the cheaper price points, but they should still be nutritious and filling foods.

As with any product you buy and are unhappy with or is faulty, EBT purchases are able to be returned for refund or exchange within the standard 90-day period.

Purchases made using an EBT card are eligible to be exchanged for credit or for the same item, or to be refunded back to the card.

What items can you buy with an EBT card?

An EBT card is intended to be used to purchase food, non-alcoholic beverages, and other essentials for your family to use.

The card must be used to purchase SNAP-eligible items, and you are likely to be unable to purchase anything else. Eligible items include:

  • Food items, including:
    • Cereals and bread
    • Fruits and vegetables
    • Dairy products like milk, cheese, and yoghurts
    • Meat, fish, and other poultry products
    • Formula
  • Non-alcoholic beverages such as juice, water, and soft drinks
  • Seeds and plants to be able to grow your own food for you and your family to eat.

What are the restrictions for using an EBT card?

Although the EBT card has a number of helpful uses, it is also restricted in some of the ways it can be used.

Currently, the card cannot be used to make purchases online or through the Target app and instead can only be used in store.

This can be annoying if you can’t get out of the house, but you should be able to use your card at your local store.

As we discussed briefly earlier, there are also some items which you are not able to purchase with an EBT card. Given the nature of the SNAP benefit system, the restricted items are unlikely to come as a surprise to many people. Let’s look at some of the items you cannot buy:

  • Alcoholic beverages e.g. beer or wine
  • Cigarettes and tobacco
  • Non-food grocery items like cosmetics, cleaning supplies, and hygiene products
  • Medicines and supplements, including vitamins and nutritional supplements. Any item with a Supplement Facts label is illegible for SNAP.
  • Foods which are purchased hot.
  • Live animals except for shellfish, fish out of water, and circumstances where the animal is no longer alive at the point of pick-up from store. 

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Final Thoughts

Target will accept EBT cards but, as we have seen, they are only eligible to be used for certain items. These items must be SNAP-eligible, and your card cannot be used to purchase items that are not on this list.

EBT cards are accepted at all Target stores and should be available for use at your local store.


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