Who Makes Kirkland Underwear? (All You Need To Know!)

Who Makes Kirkland Underwear

People also ask, who makes Kirkland underwear? Well, we´ve got you covered.

Many of us go to Costco for bulk deals on groceries! But, did you know that Costco is actually a great place to buy clothes?

One of their best-selling items of clothing is their Kirkland Signature underwear pack for men.

But who makes Kirkland underwear? Costco doesn’t often reveal who their partners are for many of their Kirkland Signature products, and this is the case for their mens underwear as well. However, it is stated on their packaging that the underwear is made in India. 

This article will go over the basics on how Costco keeps their clothing prices so low, what underwear is available under the Kirkland brand, and provide some insight on who makes Kirkland underwear. 

Does Costco Sell Good Quality Clothing? 

Costco sells a variety of brands at their warehouse, including Calvin Klein, Birkenstock, and Tommy Hilfiger.

However, they also sell clothing under their own Kirkland Signature private label! Costco actually does make a lot of clothing sales each year, often selling billions of dollars of clothing.

While the name brands speak for themselves as far as quality goes, you may be wondering if Kirkland Signature clothing is actually worth it.

Kirkland Signature only carries fairly basic items when it comes to clothing. In fact, they only have one option for some items. 

Costco doesn’t sell too many clothing items under their private label, but rest assured that all of the products in the Kirkland clothing line are high-quality. 

The reason Costco is able to sell high quality clothing items at low prices is due to their markup rules. 

How Much Does Costco Markup Their Clothing? 

The markup that Costco places on their products is different depending on if it is a name brand product or a Kirkland Signature product. 

Name brand products have a markup ceiling of 14%. This means that if a pair of Calvin Klein underwear is purchased by Costco for $12, the highest they will sell it for is $13.68. 

However, the Kirkland Signature brand has a markup capped at 15%. This means that if it costs Costco $12 to make a pack of underwear, they would only be permitted to sell it for a maximum of $13.80.

These markup caps ensure that Costco is selling their products for a low price, especially in comparison to many competitors who have much higher markup percentages.

It is typical for fashion brands to markup their products between 50-65%.

This is a strategic move by Costco that allows them to compete with other companies and continue to make a large profit every year. 

What Kind Of Clothing Does Costco Sell Under The Kirkland Signature Brand? 

Kirkland Signature produces a variety of different men, women, girls, and boys clothing. They sell sweatpants, sweatshirts, slacks, t-shirts, pajamas, jeans, socks, underwear, and even a few different boots. 

However, Kirkland Signature only has one option for underwear! They sell a 4-pack of men’s boxer briefs, but do not carry underwear for women, boys, or girls. 

It is worthwhile to note that we are basing this information on the Costco website, however it is possible that your local Costco store may carry more options for Kirkland Signature underwear. 

Are The Kirkland Signature Men’s Underwear High Quality?

Kirkland Signature currently sells a 4-pack of men’s boxer briefs made with a 96% cotton and 4% spandex blend. These are available in sizes from small – 3x large, and come in gray and black.

The boxer briefs are sold for $13.99 online, however they may be cheaper at a local Costco store. The price online will generally be a little higher due to the costs of delivery. 

Many of the reviews online for the boxer brief pack are positive, resulting in a 4.6 overall rating. And given that there are over 8,000 reviews, consumers can feel confident knowing that the boxer briefs are good quality. 

Where Are Kirkland Signature Underwear Made?

The Kirkland Signature men’s boxer briefs are made in India. This is the most we are able to confirm about their origin.

Costco does not reveal who manufactures this product for them. However, all of Kirkland Signature products are made in accordance with a high standard set by Costco. 

This gives consumers peace of mind in that, even if they don’t necessarily know what company made the product, they at least know that it is well made. 

There are only a few name brands who have been explicitly linked to Costco Kirkland products. The partnerships are only announced if Costco and the other company both desire to have the information become public knowledge.

This is just not the case with the Kirkland underwear. 

Final Thoughts: Kirkland Underwear Is Made In India

While we have tried our best to expand on who makes Kirkland underwear, it is, unfortunately, impossible to pin down a specific manufacturer.

All we know is that the Kirkland boxer briefs available at Costco are made in India. 

Costco does vow to its consumers that its Kirkland Signature private label is of the same or higher quality than other comparable brands, and they also only work with reputable companies. 

In addition, Costco has a great return policy! Which means if you want to give these underwear a shot and take a risk despite not knowing for sure who manufactures them, you can do so without any fear of not getting your money back!

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