Who Makes Giant Eagle Brand Products? (7 Products Listed!)

Who Makes Giant Eagle Brand Products

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend who makes Giant Eagle Brand products? Are they good quality? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

As an avid Giant Eagle shopper always looking for a great deal, you typically shop the generic brand products that taste just as good as the name brand.

So, who makes Giant Eagle brand products? Giant Eagle brand products aren’t just made and packaged by one manufacturer; there are various local and large brand companies that make the Giant Eagle products found for lower prices than name brand products at Giant Eagle stores.

In this article, we will discuss seven Giant Eagle products and reveal who makes and packages them so that you can be well informed on your next shopping trip to the grocery store.

Where Are Giant Eagle Brand Products Made?

Giant Eagle products are manufactured all over America. A lot of their products come from the Midwest, especially dairy and produce.

Giant Eagle prides itself in providing tried and true American food that you can trust and feel good about supporting domestic producers.

Is Giant Eagle a Good Brand?

Giant Eagle is a great brand, being backed by a variety of high quality local producers. Not only are you getting the best product, but you are also saving money.

By purchasing store brand items instead of name brand, you are doing your wallet a favor as well.

You won’t be able to tell the difference between Giant Eagle products and the leading brand because of the quality guarantee.

Believe me, both your stomach and your budget will thank you for shopping Giant Eagle brand products.

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1.    Giant Eagle Milk Comes from Various Local Farms

Giant Eagle sources its milk from local farms to support its local economy. Some of the farm communities that provide Giant Eagle milk include Riceton Dairy in Farmdale, Ohio, Apple Shamrock Dairy Farm in Townville, Pennsylvania, and Dean Dairy in Sharpsville, Pennsylvania.

Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin are also states that source Giant Eagle milk. Like most current milk products, Giant Eagle milk is labeled as hormone free.

You can get Giant Eagle milk in a variety of different options including fat free, 2%, and whole milk.

2.    Giant Eagle Frozen Vegetables Is Made by Pictsweet Farms

Giant Eagle frozen vegetables are packaged by Pictsweet Farms. With farm sources from over thirty different states, Pictsweet Farms boast 100% American grown products, so you know that what you’re eating was planted and harvested right here in the United States.

You can get lima beans, peas, broccoli, corn, spinach, and more in the frozen foods section of Giant Eagle grocery stores.

When you heat up some tasty veggies to eat for dinner or add to a casserole, take comfort in the fact that you are getting American grown produce packaged under the Giant Eagle name.

Most Giant Eagle frozen vegetables are priced around $2 per 10 oz bag, while the leading competitor Birds Eye is priced around $2.80 per 10 oz bag.

That’s almost $1 savings per bag when you purchase Giant Eagle.

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3.    Giant Eagle Goat Cheese Is Made by Mackenzie Creamery

Giant Eagle goat cheese is produced by a local Ohio goat cheesemaker known as Mackenzie Creamery.

This family owned business is dedicated to selling quality tasting cheese with high quality goat milk from four of their local dairies.

Mackenzie Creamery guarantees fresh cheese because they use goat’s milk that is no more than three days old. This once small cheese producer now provides goat cheese to a large grocery store brand.

Next time you pick up a log of Giant Eagle goat cheese know that you are getting a product that is rated number one for quality.

Chavrie goat cheese which is the leading name brand sold at Giant Eagle sells for $7.50 for 5 oz, while the Giant Eagle goat cheese sells for $4.60 for 4 oz.

When put into perspective, you are saving over $2 on goat cheese by purchasing Giant Eagle.

4.    Giant Eagle Potato Chips Is Made by Shearer’s Chips

The delectable, crunchy, kettle cooked potato chips by Giant Eagle that you know and love are manufactured by the Brewster, Ohio chip company Shearer’s.

What started out as a small family operation in the early 1900s grew quickly to a major snack corporation.

Giant Eagle is proud to have such a quality name behind its potato chips. They started off hand cooking the potato chips and the taste is like no other.

Thanks to Giant Eagle, you can get these awesome chips at a lower price than any name brand because they are the Giant Eagle store brand.

Giant Eagle chips are priced at $2.70 per 8 oz bag, while the leading name brand Lay’s costs $4.10 per 8 oz bag.

That’s almost $1.50 worth of savings when you buy Giant Eagle.

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5.    Giant Eagle Coffee Is Made by Marley Coffee

The United States based coffee company Marley Coffee makes your favorite Giant Eagle brand coffee.

Giant Eagle continues its promise to support home-grown products by having the American coffee company from O’Hare Township, Pennsylvania produces the store brand ground coffee.

The Giant Eagle Coffee is offered both in large containers of ground beans and as individual Keurig cups. It also comes in a variety of flavors to compete with leading brands such as Dunkin Donuts, Eight O’Clock, and Starbucks.

A 30 oz container of Giant Eagle ground coffee only costs $9, while a 25 oz container of Folgers ground coffee costs $13.

Do the math and you’ll find that you’re saving more than 20 cents per ounce if you buy Giant Eagle coffee.

6.    Giant Eagle Cocktail Sauce Is Made by Silver Spring Foods

The Giant Eagle cocktail sauce you love to dip your shrimp in is actually made by the famous Silver Spring Foods out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

This company has been in business for almost one hundred years and prides itself on creating the best sauces and spreads in America.

Giant Eagle’s cocktail sauce is rich and zesty, you won’t be able to tell the difference between a bottle of the store brand and a bottle of the name brand.

Instead of buying a 12 oz bottle of Heinz cocktail sauce for $3 or McCormick cocktail sauce for $4, pick up a 12 oz bottle of Giant Eagle cocktail sauce for only $2.20.

You’ll be saving money and getting great flavor.

7.    Giant Eagle Ice Cream Is Made by Yuengling’s

No, you didn’t read that wrong – the Giant Eagle brand ice cream is made by Yuengling’s of Pennsylvania.

The ice creamery is not associated with the brewery of the same name, but their frozen treat is just as good, if not better, than the famous Pennsylvania beer.

With ten different flavors including classics like vanilla and chocolate and more adventurous concoctions that contain marshmallows, pretzels, and caramel sauce, Giant Eagle ice cream is a sweet frozen treat not to be missed.

True to its American made sourcing, Giant Eagle champions yet another U.S. based food brand.

If you’re looking for a great deal, grab a carton of Giant Eagle ice cream priced at $3 per 48 oz.

It certainly beats Edy’s 48 oz container priced at $4 and Turkey Hill’s 48 oz container priced at $5.


Giant Eagle grocery stores aim to give their customers the best quality food for their money. That’s why Giant Eagle brand products are sourced from the best American brands so that they taste delicious and support our domestic economy.

You can’t beat the prices of these products that will have your saving significant amounts of money compared to name brands.

From dairy farms in the Midwest that source milk and cheese to Pennsylvania ice cream and coffee, you rest assured that the groceries you are purchasing only come from the highest quality producers.

Next time you go shopping pick up Giant Eagle items – you won’t regret it!






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