Who Makes Cien Products For Lidl (Are They Good?)

Who Makes Cien Products For Lidl

Do you know who makes Cien products for Lidl? Are they good? These are the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Lidl is a major grocery store found all throughout Europe and the East Coast in the U.S. They are a unique brand in that 80% of their products are private label and sell for affordable prices!

If you’ve been to a Lidl, you’ve likely seen the Cien products in their skin and hair care sections, but have you ever wondered about who makes them? 

Cien products are manufactured in Germany by a private manufacturer named Mann & Schröeder GmbH. They manufacture and package Cien products, and other popular brands such as Lacura and Aveo. The Cien products are then shipped to Lidl stores across the world and sold for affordable prices! 

In this article we will discuss Mann & Schröeder GmbH and the brands it produces, and the quality of Cien products you can find at your local Lidl store. 

Who Is Mann & Schröeder GmbH? 

Funnily enough Mann & Schröeder GmbH didn’t even begin as a skincare or hair brand, it actually began by making window putty, cleaning agents, and lubricating grease back in 1950.

Their company originated due to the demand for these products after the war. 

In 1958 Mann & Schröeder GmbH expanded into haircare and became the first company to launch hairspray in an aerosol can!

In another ten years they introduced their first in-house body care brand by the name of alkmene. Eventually they stop producing cleaning agents all together and only work in skincare and haircare. 

It was in 1980 that Mann & Schröeder GmbH started working with private labels. Now, their business ventures have led them to manufacture over 2,000 different products and sell them in close to 70 countries across Europe and the United States, producing an annual revenue of over 140 minion euro. 

Is Cien High Quality? 

Supermarket skincare, and haircare for that matter, get a pretty bad rap due to their low cost.

And, to be fair, when supermarkets first started releasing their own beauty products they really weren’t the highest quality. 

However, many supermarkets have come quite a ways since then and you can often find great products for low prices.

This is the case with Lidl’s brand Cien. Their products are sold for cheap, but seem to be comparable to higher-end brands. 

Now, regarding their skincare, they may work better if you have unproblematic skin, and don’t need a specialized formula.

And, you shouldn’t be expecting any miracles from these products, but users say they work as advertised and for the price, are well worth it. 

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What Products Are Under The Cien Brand? 

Cien is owned by Lidl, and the brand is home to a variety of cosmetics and toiletry items with options for everyone. 

The Cien skincare line isn’t simply facewash and a generic moisturizer either, they carry facial oils, serums, day/night creams, and anti-aging creams.

It is celebrated by Aldi shoppers for its affordable prices and high quality. 

Many have compared Cien’s skincare line to a designer skincare line known as La Prairie. 

Their haircare line includes four essential items:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner, 
  • Hair mask, and 
  • Heat protectant spray. 

They also carry body wash, micellar water, nail polish remover, lotion, etc.

Mann & Schröeder GmbH Private Label Business 

Mann & Schröeder GmbH is one of the major private label manufactured in the German body care sector. They offer a wide variety of skincare and haircare products for men, women, and children. 

The only area of the body care sector they don’t venture into is anything makeup related. 

They make products for private labels such as Cien, Lacura, Aveo, Natuderm Botanic, and others. 

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Who Is Lidl Grocery Store?

Lidl is a grocery store that originated in Germany. And expanded to the U.S. in the last five years. They are known for being a low-cost store with high-quality products.

Their U.S. stores emphasize their local products and imported European products. 

They don’t have much selection as a Kroger or Walmart, and would be more comparable to Trader Joes. By limiting the quantity of products available they make sure to only support high-quality vendors.

Over 80% of their products are sourced from private labels, which are curated specifically for their store. 

If you’re curious on how Lidl manages to keep their prices so low, the answer is that they know where to cut unnecessary expenses. 

For instance, they operate exclusively using a “bring your own bag” policy. This means they don’t have to include the price of bags into the prices of their products.

They also store all of their products in the boxes they come in.

This allows them to have less employees out working on the floor and lowers the amount of employees they need per store. 

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Cien, a brand sold by Lidl stores, is manufactured and packaged by Mann & Schröeder GmbH, a leading supplier of personal care products.

Cien is not your basic supermarket skincare and haircare line though, and it’s low price doesn’t indicate low quality. 

Although Cien may not outshine every product you’ve used before, it is still a great quality for its cost. Many Lidl lovers praise the Cien brand for bringing them affordable choices. 

And, now that you know the manufacturer behind the brand, you can feel comfortable knowing exactly where your money is going next time you stop by Lidl for a Cien moisturizer.





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