Who Makes Daytrip Jeans? (Are They Good?)

Who Makes Daytrip Jeans

Finding a good set of jeans that fits well and lasts can be a challenge, and it’s one that brands like Daytrip Jeans are rising to meet, with positive results. Daytrip Jeans feature dozens of styles and sizes, with more options every day.

Daytrip Jeans are a brand made and sold exclusively by Buckle, one of the premier suppliers of denim garments in the USA today. Daytrip Jeans are some of Buckle’s most popular in-house brands.

This article explores the relationship between Daytrip Jeans and Buckle, the company that claims responsibility for the popular line of clothing.

Who Makes Daytrip Jeans?

Daytrip Jeans are one of the in-house exclusive brands belonging to Buckle, a national clothing chain in the United States that specializes in denim clothing.

Daytrip Jeans are one of the widely popular brands made for women and sold only in Buckle stores.

They’ve been a popular item ever since their introduction to Buckle’s clothing line around 1977, which is when the first Womens Denim clothing lines were produced in this store.

What Type of Store is Buckle?

Buckle is known as one of the leading sellers of medium-priced fashionable casual wear. They market a number of private labels, including Daytrip.

Apparel lines include Denims of several types, as well as other types of tops, pants, accessories, and footwear.

Buckle stores pride themselves on customer service and giving each visitor a personalized and pleasant experience.

Part of their customer service includes free alterations, layaway programs, and Frequent Shopper Reward Programs.

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What Styles of Daytrip Jeans Does Buckle Make?

Daytrip Jeans come in a variety of styles, and each unique style line comes with its own array of fits and sizes.

Almost all of Buckle’s Jeans are made with stretchy fabric, to give plenty of room for movement. There are a number of different shades or washes available, however, their colors tend to stay within the various shades of Denim Blue.

Virgo Line:

The most popular and main style of Daytrip Jeans.

Mid-rise waistline

Universal Fit

Different Cuts for Virgo Line: Cropped, Cuffed, Boot Cut, Straight Cut, Ankle Skinny, Skinny, Refined and Flare

Colors: Comes in most Shades

Trouser Fit:

Not so much a range of styles as a particular stand-alone style and cut

Mid-to-high-rise waistline

Universal Fit

Comes primarily in Medium or Dark Blue

Mila Line:

Designed for a more curvy fit, with a straighter waistband

High-Rise waistline

Curvy Fit

Different Cuts For Mila Line: Cropped, Boot Cut, Skinny, Refined

Colors: Comes in most Shades

Refined Contour Line:

Designed to fit close and show the curves.

High-Rise Waistline

Curvy Fit

Different Cuts For Refined Contour Line: Cropped, Skinny

Colors: Comes in Most Shades

Lynx Line:

A jean style that’s perfect for slimmer, straighter body shapes.

Mid-Rise or High-Rise Waistline

Slim Fit

Different Cuts For Lynx Line:Skinny, Straight Cut, Refined, Cropped, Ankle Skinny

Colors:Comes in Most Shades


Like the Trouser Cut, this is a stand-alone style, rather than a line

Low-Rise Waistline

Slim Fit

Color: Comes in Medium


Similar to Gemini, this style is only available in a limited range. It’s most notable for the low waistline and the prominent embroidery on the back pockets.

Super-Low-Rise Waistline

Slim Fit

Boot Cut

Color: Comes in most shades

Can I Get Acid-Washed or Ripped Jeans From Buckle?

Buckle offers several styles of acid-washed, faded, and ripped jeans in their collection.

The Virgo and Lynx both have these designs available among their lines.

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What Sizes of Jeans are Available in the Daytrip Line from Buckle?

Buckle offers a range of sizes from Juniors 00 to about a Regular Size 20 (US). These sizes are determined by waistline circumference.

A size Junior 00 translates to a waistline of about 23 inches

A size Regular 20 (US) translates to a waistline of about 36 inches.

In some cases, sizes are even offered up to a waistline size of 38 inches, approx a Regular 22 (US).

It should be noted that these are approximate values. 

How Does Buckle Make Daytrip Jeans?

All Daytrip Jeans are made with Superior Stretch Fabric, a denim blend that’s about 70% cotton, 15% Rayon, with the remainder a mix of polyester and spandex.

This gives an ultra-stretchy fabric to the maximum freedom of movement.

Why Are Daytrip Jeans from Buckle So Popular?

They are extremely comfortable, designed to fit just about any body shape.

They’re also made of stretchy materials, designed to allow for maximum range of movement.

Handled correctly, they’re said to last a fairly long time.

How Should I Care For My Daytrip Jeans?

Buckle recommends machine washing on cold and drying on low, or sending them to dry cleaning.

Where Can I Buy Daytrip Jeans?

Daytrip Jeans – at least new ones – are sold exclusively at Buckle Stores. There are 449 stores in the United States, so it may be a matter of finding the closest store to you.

If you don’t have a Buckle store nearby, you can also order Daytrip Jeans from their online site, Buckle.com, which is also a great place to find out about sales and new arrivals.

Is There Anywhere Else I Can Buy Daytrip Jeans?

There are some places where you can buy gently used Daytrip Jeans. Sites like EBay, and Poshmark offer used clothing, including these brands, for a reduced price.

There are even some places you can find advertisements outside of Buckle’s store and website. Buckle shows many of their products on Pinterest.

Daytrip Jeans are one of many exclusive brands offered by Buckle stores, and while they may be a bit on the high side, pricewise, the general consensus is that these are jeans that will wear well…and that you’ll love wearing.





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