Who Makes Bandolino Jeans (Quality, Review + More)

Who Makes Bandolino Jeans

Bandolino jeans are likely made by a company called Authentic Brands Group, the company who currently owns the brand. While manufacturing details are not clear, Authentic Brands Group is known to be responsible for making clothes and footwear for some of the other brands it owns.

In the rest of the following article, we cover everything you need to know about who makes Bandolino jeans.

Who makes Bandolino jeans?

Although we don’t know much about who is responsible for manufacturing Bandolino jeans, is it likely that they are made by a company called Authentic Brands Group.

Authentic Brands Group is the company that currently owns the Bandolino brand and is responsible for the manufacturing of clothing and footwear products for many other brands. 

While Bandolino used to manufacture their own products when the company was first founded, this is no longer thought to be true as the brand has expanded.

Previously owned and manufactured by Nine West Holdings, Bandolino was sold to ABG in 2018 when Nine West filed for bankruptcy.

Authentic Brands Group is a brand management company based out of New York. Founded in 2010, the company currently owns many well-known clothing brands, which it works with other companies to manufacture and promote products for. Some of the brands ABG are involved with include Forever 21 and Reebok.

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Where are Bandolino jeans made?

It is not known exactly where Bandolino jeans are made, but it is thought they are currently produced in China.

Bandolino clothing and footwear are manufactured in South America and Asia, with China being a key manufacturer of clothing in Asia.

Although it is unknown where Bandolino clothes are made, many assume it is China.

The Bandolino brand itself is based out of Boston, MA, where its headquarters are located. From there, much of the brand’s production, advertising, and marketing are privately run.

It is unlikely that Bandolino clothing is manufactured on-site; more likely, it is outsourced to another manufacturer to be distributed under the Bandolino name.

What is Bandolino?

Bandolino is a clothing and footwear brand known and loved for producing high quality garments at an affordable price.

Founded in 1981, it offers on-trend clothing and footwear inspired by a love of travel. Bandolino is well known for its high-quality, long-lasting footwear, which many consider Bandolino to be experts in.

Bandolino’s clothing line is a newer addition to the brand, which originated as a footwear brand. As the brand has expanded over the years, the list of items they produce, and sell has also grown.

Currently, the brand offers a rather limited selection of clothing, yet most customers loving the quality and affordability of what Bandolino offers.

Where are Bandolino jeans sold?

Customers of Bandolino jeans have a lot of choice as to where to purchase their jeans. Bandolino jeans are currently available to buy from many well-known stores, including Macy’s, Target, and Walmart.

For online shoppers, their jeans are also available online at Amazon, where a wide range of Bandolino’s jeans are currently sold. 

For second-hand shoppers, Bandolino jeans are available from eBay, Poshmark, and ThredUp.

Even though Bandolino jeans are already reasonably priced, many people prefer to shop second-hand in order to save a little extra money and do their bit for the environment.

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Pros and cons of Bandolino jeans


  • A lot of customers love the comfort of Bandolino jeans, with some reviewers even comparing their jeans to pajamas when it came to comfort. Many customers love that Bandolino jeans are so comfortable without compromising on style, stretch, or price.
  • Many reviewers appreciated that Bandolino jeans were unlikely to shrink when washed. This is a problem that occurs with many other brands of jeans yet does not seem to be an issue for Bandolino jeans. It’s a great advantage for anyone who needs to wash their jeans regularly.
  • A big part of why so many people love the Bandolino brand is its affordability, something that can also be said for their jeans. A lot of customers noted that the affordable price point of Bandolino’s jeans doesn’t necessarily indicate their high quality.


  • Unfortunately, while some customers noticed that their Bandolino jeans did not shrink in the wash, others found that they could sometimes fade in colour. This is something that seems to happen particularly with darker jeans, and some customers noted it happened sooner with Bandolino jeans than with other brands.
  • Some reviewers, particularly those who purchased their Bandolino jeans from Amazon, found that the jeans came with quite a strong chemical smell. Whether this comes from something that is used in the manufacturing or is part of the sale process, it can be quite off-putting for customers to experience and hard to remove.
  • Other customers also experienced inconsistencies with sizing, which made it difficult for some to purchase Bandolino jeans in the right size to fit them. Some reviewers were left with jeans that were too small or too big after previously purchasing the same size and having no issues. Such inconsistencies can put people off from buying.

Final Thoughts

Bandolino jeans are likely made by Authentic Brands Group, the company who currently owns the Bandolino brand and is responsible for manufacturing products for many other clothing brands.

Bandolino jeans are a great brand for anyone who doesn’t want to spend too much money without having to compromise on quality.




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