Where Are Walgreens Vitamins Manufactured (The Truth!)

Where Are Walgreens Vitamins Manufactured

Walgreens has its own vitamin and supplement brand. These products are a lot cheaper than some of the other products in their range. As a result, a lot of people wonder where they are coming from.

So, where are Walgreens vitamins manufactured? Well, nobody knows exactly. It likely does differ between products. However, since there is no mention on the label saying they were produced outside of the USA, they must have been produced within the country.

Let’s expand upon this a little bit.

That way, you are going to have a rough idea about Walgreens vitamins, and whether they could be beneficial to you.

Where are Walgreens vitamins manufactured?

The thing is that it is pretty difficult to tell exactly where the vitamins are manufactured. This is because Walgreens does not include it on their product packaging.

Walgreens is not under any legal obligation to include the manufacturing locations for the vitamins unless it was produced outside of the United States.

So, if you look at the product packaging and it doesn’t tell you where it was manufactured, then it was manufactured within the United States. Simple as that.

Chances are that their vitamins are manufactured in different facilities all over. Walgreens may even change where it buys its vitamins from, on occasion.

Walmart has done this. Yes, we know they are not related to Walgreens. However, Walmart does have products in their range, from the same product line, that are manufactured all over the globe.

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For example, one bottle of a product is made in Belgium and the same product line could also have bottles manufactured in the US.

The only way to know where your Walgreens vitamins come from is to actually read the bottle of the vitamins that you are purchasing.

The one time that Walgreens has ever even indicated one of the providers of their product came from a product recall a few years back.

These products were manufactured by International Vitamin Corporation (IVC), of Freehold, N.J.

Because they are a massive white label vitamin retailer, chances are that that the International Vitamin Corporation produces most of the USA-made products in the Walgreens range.

However, because it is not listed anywhere on the bottle, we cannot tell you for sure.

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Who is International Vitamin Corporation? 

The International Vitamin Corporation is a major white-label producer of vitamins in the United States. They do not have their own product lines. Instead, they sell their products to other companies.

Those companies will then bottle or package the products up and sell them as their own.

The reason why it is likely that the IVC is producing most of the products for Walgreens is all down to the fact that the IVC is the largest producer of vitamin products in the United States.

They have a huge range of products, and the description for many of these products will line up perfectly with what Walgreens produces.

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Are Walgreens vitamins safe?

Yes. Don’t worry about that.

All vitamins in the USA need to meet FDA requirements. This means that they will have been extensively tested before they can be sold to the consumers.

Granted, the tests are not going to be as rigorous as they would be if you were purchasing pharmaceutical products, but the vitamins do need to be safe for consumption.

As we mentioned previously, Walgreens has had at least one of its products recalled in the past. However, don’t worry. This wasn’t down to the fact that the vitamins were dangerous.

It was down to faulty product packaging that wasn’t as child-friendly as the bottle should have been. Obviously, the only people that would have presented an issue to were children.

Are Walgreens vitamins effective?

Walgreens vitamins are cheap. Just like many cheaper vitamin products, they would have been largely made from synthetic vitamins.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are bad. Without getting into the science of it all, we do want to point out that your body will have a far, far harder time absorbing vitamins that are delivered this way.

It prefers the vitamins to come in a more natural route.

This means that Walgreens vitamins are not going to be anywhere near as effective as actually getting the vitamins that you need from your food sources. However, they are going to be effective for a vitamin supplement. 

Remember, many of the vitamins on the market will actually include more of the vitamin than you actually need in one of the pills. This is to ensure that you do absorb as much as you possibly can from the vitamin.

Basically, manufactured vitamins are never going to be hugely effective. This applies across the board. However, it is going to be a lot better than not having any vitamins in your diet at all.


It is difficult to state where Walgreens vitamins are manufactured. However, it is likely that all of the products that you encounter in their stores are going to be made in the United States.

They would have to say if they were produced in another country. 

Honestly, it doesn’t matter where they are manufactured. It seems that Walgreens is a company that likes to change their vitamin supplier on occasion.

This allows them to keep up with the demand. However, no matter which company they use for the manufacturing process, the composition of the vitamins should remain the same.

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