Where Are Nature Made Vitamins Manufactured? (The Truth!)

Where are Nature Made Vitamins Manufactured

Do you know where Nature Made Vitamins are made or manufactured? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

When it comes to health and medicine, most people want to know where the products they are buying are really coming from.

After all, the origin of your vitamins and products is a big deal if you are conscious of your health. If they come from somewhere undesirable, it doesn’t matter how much they claim to be healthy.

So, where are Nature Made vitamins manufactured? Well, the vast majority of Nature Made Vitamins are made at their own private facilities in California. The good news is that those California facilities have been recognized by the FDA for not only meeting but even exceeding Current Good Manufacturing Processes or CGMP.

Most brands have a number of big facilities where most of their products are made.

This doesn’t mean every single product they make is from those facilities, but the majority usually are.

Other Manufacturing Sites

However, not all Nature Made products come from California.

They also have partner facilities in Alabama, and a small number of their products are actually made by other companies, either in the USA or overseas.

However, even when those products are made in those circumstances, strict guidelines are still followed, and they are up to the same CGMP standards at the California facilities.

Nature Made offers more than 150 products in the realm of vitamins and other dietary supplements. Unfortunately, there’s no way to really pin down which products are made where exactly, but if Nature Made follows the same FDA-approved processes regardless of the manufacturing location, all of their products should be up to snuff.

We suppose this may be a small issue for people that want their products to be manufactured in the USA and nowhere else since you won’t be able to tell which product may have been manufactured outside of the United States.

But if we’re being honest, almost every product in the world contains ingredients from around the globe anyway.

All of that said, there’s unfortunately not much of a way to determine where exactly Nature Made’s other domestic and international partners are, as their website only expresses the fact that they exist, and not where exactly they are.

Short of an investigation you probably won’t be able to pull off with the power of the internet alone, there’s no way to tell where in the US some of these partners may be located, and the same is true of their overseas partners as well.

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What Certifications Does Nature Made Have?

Nature Made has a variety of certifications that prove they are the real deal when it comes to quality. Most of these certifications are signs of quality, such as the USP Dietary Supplement Verified Mark.

In fact, Nature Made is the first USA national vitamin brand to earn USP verification. Nature Made products are also NSF certified by the nonprofit group NSF International.

Is Nature Made Owned by Another Company?

Some companies own themselves, and the brand they present to you is the name they truly operate under. On the other hand, some companies are owned by larger conglomerates.

Nature Made is actually one of the latter, being owned by a bigger company known as Otsuka Pharmaceutical.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical is notably not a United States-based company, being based in Japan. However, they are merely the owner of Nature Made.

Similar to how someone who owns stocks in a company may not really affect how they do business, the fact that Otsuka Pharmaceutical owns Nature Made doesn’t negate any of the things we said about Nature Made previously.

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Nature Made is owned by Otsuka Pharmaceutical, a Japanese-based company. However, Nature Made is still a USA-based company itself, and the majority of its products are made in California and Alabama.

Some of their products are made elsewhere in the US or overseas, but the exact locations are not specified.

That being said, Nature Made’s primary facilities are FDA-Approved and they meet Current Good Manufacturing Processes, known as CGMP.

It’s safe to assume that the company adheres to that standard regardless of the location their products are being manufactured at.

Nature Made is a USP and NSF certified company, with those certifications applying to all of their products. 

All in all, Nature Made is a reputable provider of vitamins and other health supplements, with the vast majority of their products being manufactured in the United States, though it is more than reasonable to assume that some of their ingredients were sourced from overseas, though their quality is no lesser for it.

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