Where Are Swisse Vitamins Manufactured – Made (The Truth!)

Where Are Swisse Vitamins Manufactured

Do you know where Swisse vitamins are made? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Tracing back the supply chain and source of the things we consume can be a tricky business. So much so that labeling and legislative laws and controls do not necessarily align from country to country. 

Vitamins and supplements and the source of their manufacturing have long been a questionable issue, with many wondering where the products they consume are being manufactured.

So, where are Swisse Vitamins made? Swisse vitamins are manufactured in a variety of different locations all around the world, from Australia to the USA to Europe. Checking the label of any Swisse product sold in the US will indicate where the product is manufactured, and this is due to the US-FDA requiring all products not manufactured in the US to state the point of manufacture. 

Who are Swisse Vitamins?

Established in 1969, Swisse Vitamins is a long-standing Australian vitamin manufacturing company headquartered in Melbourne.

Over 2015 and 2016, the company changed hands and is now owned by a Chinese company called Health; Happiness which is headquartered in Hong Kong. 

Swisse Products

Swisse has over 200 various products available today with their range including vitamins, multivitamins, skincare products, complementary medicines, therapeutic goods, and other wellness and diet supplement products. 

Swisse vitamins and multivitamins are available internationally and are the leading multivitamin brand in Australia.

With products catering to all stages of life, Swisse Ultivite multivitamin was the first product to target the vitamin requirements of specific genres and age groups. 

Swisse’s product line varies from country to country and in 2020 they released their new website where customers can buy vitamins directly.

But all of this leads to one question: if the vitamins are sold internationally, where are Swisse vitamins manufactured? 

Buying Swisse Vitamins

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Are Swisse Vitamins Australian Made?

At the time of writing, it is not public knowledge where all Swisse products are manufactured. However, many would-be internet sleuths have made an educated guess.

Swisse, being an Australian-owned and operated company for many years, has 82 factories in Australia, employing over 29,000 people involved in the manufacturing of vitamins and health supplements in accordance with strict controls administered by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration. 

Are Swisse Vitamins Made in the USA?

Yes, if you’re purchasing Swisse vitamins from a US-based store or online, then they could be manufactured in the US.

This can easily be checked by reviewing the label of any Swisse products sold in the US, where they will have a manufacturing contact address. 

For example, on the Swisse Calcium + Vitamin D product, the rear labeling of the bottle shows that the product is “Manufactured for Health; Happiness (H;H), Culver City, CA, USA”. The rear packaging of Swisse vitamins from the US also states that they are “Made in USA”.

Let’s take another example: Swisse Men’s Ultivite product that is for sale in the US. The rear bottle labeling indicates that the product is manufactured by Health; Happiness, with an address, noted as being in San Diego, California, USA.

Below the address, the packaging states that the product was “Made in Germany”. 

One more example: Swisse’s Immune Forte product that is for sale in the US. It is again labeled with Health; Happiness Headquarters in San Diego, California, USA.

However, the packaging states below the HQ address “Made in Australia”.

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Why are Swisse Vitamins Labeled as Made in the USA?

The US-FDA requires that manufacturers must display the country of manufacture if made outside of the US. 

While dietary products and supplements are classified as ‘food’ in the eyes of the FDA, they do not require a specialized ‘place of origin’ labeling.

Most manufacturers will use “Made in USA” labeling as it is a positive marketing tool when sold to US-based consumers.  

It is common that vitamins and supplements sold in the US are manufactured in the US. Many companies use globally sourced ingredients to make their products on US soil.

However, there is no requirement for manufacturers to disclose the point of origin for all ingredients listed on the packaging. 

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Where are Swisse Vitamin Ingredients Sourced?

According to the Swisse.com.au website FAQs, Swisse sources ingredients used in their vitamins and other products from “all around the globe”. 

Depending on what ingredients are in your vitamins will indicate where the raw ingredients are coming from.

Vitamin C and glucosamine are almost exclusively processed and manufactured in China, and Swisse has confirmed that they source these ingredients from China. 

With over 40 ingredients used to make some of the Swisse vitamins, it would be very difficult to track down every ingredient’s point of origin.

Swisse uses a fluid supply line from various countries, depending on what raw ingredient is required. 

Swisse’s natural skincare uses “hero” ingredients that are sourced from the world’s most nutrient-rich regions, such as cranberries sourced from Cape Cod (cranberries) and blood oranges from Mount Etna in Sicily.

While most raw ingredients used for vitamin and supplement manufacturing are likely to be sourced in China, the manufacturing location of vitamins will be dependent on each company’s individual processing plant locations. 


While Swisse is like so many other competing vitamin companies that offer products globally, they all rely on supply chains and manufacturing plants located in different countries to suit their business requirements.

They also need to align the labeling of products with legislative food and labeling laws corresponding to each country. 

It’s not unusual to discover that your vitamin’s ingredients are sourced from China, the company has headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, and they have a processing and manufacturing plant in Germany, and then finally, distribute vitamins for sale in the US market. 

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