Travel Trailer Rentals: Find The Best Deals And Save Money


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How much it will cost for renting a travel trailer? A case study of more than thousands of people shows that RV rentals cost between $650 and $850 per week. The trailer rental rate will vary between $50 and $150 per day.

However, renting travel trailer is not too expensive and the final rate will vary depending on the model of the camper trailer, the time of the year you are renting and also on the rental location.

High end models of travel trailer rentals are even available for up to $500.

If you want to save more money, I recommend renting a travel trailer for a longer time a week or month-long rental could average out to less than $60 per night.

Renting a Travel Trailer Vs. Other RV Rentals

Recreational Vehicle (RV) motorhomes and travel trailers are becoming exceedingly popular for people who want to travel without leaving the luxuries of their home.

Travel trailers and RVs offer you a sense of freedom when traveling on the road.

Travel Trailers differ from other RVs because they are only towed behind the vehicle.

Motorhomes have an engine that powers them, so when you drive a motorhome, you are driving the entire vehicle.

When you drive a travel trailer, you are driving a truck or other large vehicle and pulling the trailer behind it.

1. Pros for Renting a Travel Trailer

✔️ If you already own a truck or other towing vehicle, you just have to attach the trailer and you are ready to hit the road.

✔️ Once you reach a campsite, if you want to go somewhere without the trailer, you can detach it and take your vehicle.

✔️ Once you have packed everything into your trailer, you do not need to keep packing and unpacking at every destination like you would when checking into different hotels.

✔️ Sight-seeing is great when you have a travel trailer because everything you have is very portable.

✔️ Travel trailers tend to be less expensive than motorhomes and many other RVs. Renting a travel trailer can save you a decent amount of money, particularly if you also will not need to rent a vehicle to tow it.

✔️ Since travel trailers do not have a built-in engine, there is less maintenance that you need to worry about when towing a travel trailer.

RVs have engines and simply more parts that can experience breakdowns.

✔️ Travel trailers are widely available. They are easy to find and rent, so whenever you want to go, you can find the perfect trailer to fit your needs.

✔️ If you rent a smaller travel trailer, you can save significantly on gas money. Large RV motorhomes often use more gas than trucks with travel trailers.

2. Cons for Renting a Travel Trailer

❌ Travel trailers can be difficult to drive with, particularly if you are inexperienced at towing trailers. You have to watch to avoid backing into things.

You must leave extra width for your turns. Extra stopping distance is a must when towing any form of trailer.

❌ You have to ensure that your vehicle can tow a travel trailer. Some vehicles cannot tow particular trailers, and you do not want to rent a trailer only to find out you cannot drive it anywhere.

❌ In most places, you cannot ride inside the travel trailer while you drive. You will have to check the legality of where you are driving.

This means more time cramped into the same vehicle. RVs have more seatbelts, and thus do not run into this problem.

❌ Travel trailers, in general, are smaller and have fewer amenities than RVs.

If you have a large traveling-group or want an extra shower and/or sleeping space, travel trailers may not have enough room to fit your needs.

❌ You will have to re-hitch the trailer every time you detach it from your vehicle. This extra step adds one more thing that can go wrong while you travel.

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Travel Trailer Rental Prices: How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Travel Trailer?

The total cost of renting a travel trailer will depend on where you are going, the size of the trailer you want, and how long your trip will be.

There are many rental options available, which we will explore later in this article.

If you are renting a used travel trailer from an owner or an RV rental service, the size and manufacturing year of the trailer you rent will be the largest factors that determine the cost.

Small travel trailers usually cost around 80 to 100 dollars per night. These trailers can sleep about 4 people, though in some cases that is a tight squeeze.

Larger trailers can cost anywhere between 100 and 250 dollars per night. The more expensive trailers can sleep up to nine people and usually have large showers, expanded sides (for extra sleeping spaces), and large kitchens.

If you are worried about space with one of the less-expensive options, check to see if they have sleeping bunks available, as this can add more sleeping space without taking out of the overall space available inside of the travel trailer.

Where to Rent a Travel Trailer

There are plenty of available options when you choose to rent a travel trailer.

👉 If you are driving from your home, check out rental companies in your hometown.

You will want to read their rental policies and reviews first to make sure you are getting the best deal for your money.

👉 If you are traveling to a destination and plan on renting a trailer when you arrive, do a quick search of rental availability and be sure to book your travel trailer before you finalize plans for your trip.

👉 When looking to rent a travel trailer from a recreational vehicle rental agency, be very specific about the kind of trailer you want. Many of these agencies do not offer small travel trailers.

If that is what you are looking for, a large motorhome will not fill your travel needs and budget.

👉 If you are looking for another simple option, there are several peer-to-peer rental agencies available online, including RVshare and Outdoorsy.

These sites work much like an Airbnb or Vacation Rental by Owner. RV and travel trailer owners can rent out their travel trailers when they are not in use.

Because many of these trailers are also used by the people renting them out, they are usually well-maintained.

Another benefit to renting from a peer-to-peer rental site is flexibility! You have plenty of options and you can set the terms with the specific travel trailer owner, rather than being held down by the demands of a rental agency.

When you rent from a peer-to-peer RV or travel trailer rental site, if there are no RVs or trailers available in your area, you may not be out of luck.

Many of these sites offer delivery of travel trailers and RVs.

“If you fall in love with a travel trailer from New York but you live in California, you can pay to have the New York trailer dropped off at your home before you begin your journey.

Are There Camper Trailer Rentals Near Me or In My Area?

Are there travel trailer rentals near me? Yes, travel trailers are available to rent in most parts of the United States and Canada. Many are available through RV rental agencies.

To check for availability near you, contact a local RV rental agency near you and ask about their camper trailer availability.

If they do not offer camper trailers, they may be able to point you in the direction of someone who does.

If there is not an RV rental agency in your area, that does not mean that camper trailers are completely unavailable. Search on Outdoorsy and/or RVshare to find travel trailers in your area.

You can widen the search if you are worried about travel trailers available in your area. This may mean you have to drive farther, but you will likely find options if you widen the search radius to 50 miles or more.

If after all of this searching, there are still no travel trailers available in your area, you can look into having a travel trailer delivered.

This option is available for many travel trailers and RVs. While it may cost more, it can still make an inexpensive travel trailer journey possible for you, no matter where you live.

3 Best Travel Trailers You Can Rent

Once you know that travel trailers are available and you have your road trip planned, you will want to ensure that you have a high-quality trailer.

This will save you time, money, and hassle along the way. These travel trailer brands all offer high-quality, inexpensive options with great layouts.


Airstream is one of the most popular travel trailer brands in the world. They are iconic for their compact, “silver bullet” trailers.

These trailers are fantastically light and aerodynamic, so you can save on gas money without sacrificing trailer quality.

Airstream reviewers rave about the comfortable beds. Other reviewers love that airstream trailers are all created with great construction, so they can withstand many journeys.

Older airstreams are also fairly safe to rent because they last for years without experiencing the wear and tear that other trailers have.

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Winnebago has become a household name when talking about motorhomes. This great brand does not only offer motorhomes, though.

They also have great camper trailers. Winnebago travel trailers are renowned for their attention to detail and safety features.

Winnebago reviewers love the customer service provided by Winnebago. While this may not necessarily be important for you as a renter, Winnebago’s customer service can affect the ease of your trip.

Winnebago listens to their customer reviews and makes adaptations to their designs as necessary. Winnebago travel trailers are incredibly customer-friendly.

Forest River

Forest River is another incredibly popular RV and camper trailer brand. Forest River has a wide variety of options, so you will not have to look hard to find the travel trailer of your dreams.

Forest River travel trailer reviewers love the color schemes available and the customer service and warranty options.

Forest River reviewers also love that the space is incredibly efficient for the size you get. If you want a smaller option, but do not want to feel cramped, Forest River is for you.

Top Travel Trailer Destinations Renters Love

If you know you want to take a travel trailer vacation, but you are not yet sure where to go, look no further! These destinations are great for stops along the way or an entire vacation.

They offer plenty of camping options and activities and are travel trailer-friendly.

Things Travel Trailers Can Do in San Diego, California

San Diego, California is a popular vacation area for everyone because there is something there for everyone. There are many camping areas with desert, lake, and beach options.

You can plan an entire vacation and try all kinds of locations without needing to drive all over the country.

👉 Lake Jennings is a beautiful park in San Diego County. The campground is open year-round, so whenever you visit you can enjoy the lake.

Travelers to Lake Jennings have the option to try fishing, camping, picnicking, hiking, and swimming. Lake Jennings is not far from San Diego, so you will still have access to downtown shops and activities if you want to include those on your adventures.

👉 If you are more of a beach-going adventurer, San Diego also has a beachside RV resort. Paradise by the Sea is a fantastic RV park with beach access.

You can park your travel trailer and walk to the beach for surfing, diving, swimming, and tide-pooling.

Beachcombing and sun tanning are also popular pass-times for visitors of Paradise by the Sea.

San Diego has plenty of options for exploring. You can rent ATVs to drive in the desert, soak up the sun on the beach, explore the aquatic life in the area, and hike by a lake all with the comforts of home provided by your travel trailer.

Things Travel Trailers Can Do in Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas offers camping and “glamping” (glamorous camping) for travel trailer adventurers.

👉 Northlake RV Resort is one of the most popular RV destinations in Northern Houston. This park is popular for those who want to enjoy the joys of hiking and exploring near a lake.

It is situated right by Northlake, so you can hike, swim, fish, and enjoy the view.

👉 If you are less interested in “roughing it,” Northlake RV Resort has plenty of options for you. The RV resort offers a recreation hall, exercise room, swimming pool, jacuzzi hot tub, and a laundry facility.

👉 Many of the other RV resorts in the Houston area offer lakeside views, hot tubs, and swimming pools. You will have plenty of luxury options for your adventure.

Once parked in the campground, detach your trailer and take your vehicle to see the other sites Houston has to offer.

You can explore the Houston Space Center to learn more about astronomy. The Houston Zoo is perfect for animal conservation lovers. Houston also offers a great aquarium and a museum of fine arts.

Check out the Houston Grand Opera for some of the best music America has to offer.

Houston has lots of offerings for camping and exploring with a travel trailer.

Things Travel Trailers Can Do in Utah

Utah State offers some of the most scenic parks in the United States. Scenic deserts, soaring mountains, and expansive lakes make this state a popular destination for all kinds of adventurers.

👉 Travelers flock to Utah’s mountains in the winter for thrilling skiing escapades, but their summers offer beautiful travel trailer trips.

Zion National Park is one of the most popular camping and hiking destinations in Utah. They offer a wide variety of trails, including paths for beginners and hiking aficionados.

The scenery is incredibly beautiful with red sandstone cliffs that are sure to stun.

👉 There are three campgrounds available near Zion National Park. Some in the area offer inexpensive, primitive campsites. Others offer electrical hookups for slightly more money.

When staying near Zion National Park or any of the other fantastic national parks in the area, there are plenty of options if you want to take a break from exploring and hiking in the beautiful scenery.

👉 Lagoon is an amusement park just a short drive away from Salt Lake City. There are rides for kids and intense roller coasters for adults.

You can enjoy the amusement park and be back at your campground in time for bed.

Utah literally has dozens of national parks. Most have RV parks and trailer parking options. Explore those and the cultural offerings in Utah to have a great camping trip.

Things Travel Trailers Can Do in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada is famous for its casinos, magic shows, and glamorous malls. Las Vegas is situated in a desert and it offers a refreshing spot of a city in that desert landscape.

👉 Las Vegas offers beautiful outdoor activities for those of you with adventurous hearts.

There are forest trails, vistas, coves, and gorgeous desert rocks to explore on your hikes. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is home to amazing plants and wildlife that can entertain you for hours.

👉 The Valley of Fire, named after its bright red sandstone, has petroglyphs that are about 2000 years old. Hike to find them to entertain the history buffs in your group.

Valley of Fire

👉 Lake Mead is not far from Las Vegas if you want to try swimming, water-skiing, fishing, and kayaking.

Visiting Lake Mead is a great way to get away from the hustle of the city and the heat of the desert. It is a refreshing way to spend a day or two during your Las Vegas vacation.

👉 If you find an RV park near these beautiful outdoor events, you can always detach your trailer and take your vehicle into the city to catch a magic show or a musical spectacular.

Things Travel Trailers Can Do in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is the famous site of the unforgettable Alamo. It is a great place to visit if someone in your group loves history and would love to explore the history of this area.

👉 The San Antonio River Walk is close to several RV parks, so you can park your trailer and explore the river walk.

The San Antonio River Walk has over 15 miles of beautiful waterways that you can explore.

You can ride in a river taxi or you can window shop and try out the fantastic restaurants along the river.

👉 San Antonio is full of rich history and culture. If you are interested, you can park your trailer and participate in a San Antonio Haunted History Ghost Tour.

You will learn about some of the histories of San Antonio in a spooky, fun way.

👉 If you are more interested in a hiking adventure, you can visit the Natural Bridge Caverns. These caves offer tours where you can explore the largest underground attraction in Texas.

Hike through the caves and take photographs of the beautiful stalagmites in these caves.

San Antonio offers plenty of unique travel trailer adventures for people with all kinds of interests.

Enjoy the natural scenery and learn as much as you can about the history, all within the range of your camper trailer.

Things Travel Trailers Can Do in Minnesota

Minnesota has thousands of lakes. This makes it the perfect destination for anyone who wants to hike around a lake or try out water sports.

There are ten thousand lakes, so you can camp just about anywhere and have access to beautiful nature and fun adventures.

👉 The Minneapolis Northwest KOA offers access to the beautiful lakes in the area and several family-friendly activities. They have a dog park, a swimming pool, and even a miniature golf course.

👉 Wild River Campground offers a great forest option for anyone who wants to explore a lush, green area.

The campground itself is deep in the forest, so every day when you wake up you will hear wildlife and see beautiful plants and trees.

Minnesota is perfect for nature-lovers who want to explore lakes and forests while enjoying the luxuries of their travel trailers.

Trailer Weight Vs Towing Capacity: What You Need to Know

If you are ready to rent a travel trailer and explore every place the road can take you, you will need to make sure that your vehicle is ready for the voyage.

Understanding towing capacity is important if you want to protect your vehicle and your travel trailer while on your trip.

Towing capacity

Towing capacity is the weight limit that can be towed behind a vehicle. Towing capacity is sometimes also referred to as the maximum towing capacity.

Exceeding the towing capacity can damage the trailer and the frame. It is also illegal because it creates a danger to other people on the roadway.

Some people confuse vehicle payload and towing capacity. Because of the way that weight is distributed in a vehicle, vehicle payload and towing capacity are not interchangeable terms.

The payload

The payload is the total weight of everything in the vehicle. This would include passengers, equipment, and luggage. It does not include the weight of anything pulled behind the trailer.

In order to find the towing capacity of your particular vehicle, you will need to check the user’s manual or look it up on-line.

There is a large range of towing capacities within certain truck brands.

The towing capacity can vary by length of the truck bed, vehicle model, type of hitch, and the towing package.

If by looking at your towing capacity and considering the payload of your vehicle, you believe that your vehicle can handle pulling a travel trailer, you will need to find the right trailer.

In order to do this, you will need to know how much the trailer weighs and how much the hitch weighs.

Make sure that those numbers are safely within the towing capacity of your trailer.

Do not forget that you will likely have luggage and food as well. After some calculations, you should know which trailers you can safely pull behind your vehicle.

How Much Towing Capacity Do I Need for a Travel Trailer?

How much towing capacity do I need for a travel trailer? In general, you will need to have a towing capacity of at least 5000 to 6000 pounds in order to tow a travel trailer. However, your particular vehicle and trailer will have to be accounted for.

The amount of towing capacity that you will need for a travel trailer depends on the weight of the travel trailer and the payload of the vehicle.

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating will tell you roughly how much weight the vehicle can handle (this is more about payload and tongue weight than towing ability).

You can find the Gross Combined Weight Rating (which combines the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating with how much the vehicle can tow) in the towing section of a truck manufacturer’s website.

Camper Trailer Rentals FAQs

Let’s close out this page about camper trailer rentals with answers to some of your most frequently-asked questions about them!

What is the Average Park Rate for Travel Trailers?

The average park rate for travel trailers will vary between 10 dollars for primitive campsites and 35 dollars per night for standard campsites and up to 50 dollars per night for luxury campsites. However, the rate depends on how many amenities you want.

👉 There are primitive campsites that only offer a place to park your trailer. These are usually between 6 and 15 dollars per night.

👉 Standard campsites usually have water, sink waste, and flush stations. They range from 27 to 37 dollars per night.

👉 Campsites that offer more luxuries can cost between 30 and 50 dollars per night, depending on which amenities they offer.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Small Camping Trailer?

In general, the cost of renting a small camping trailer ranges from 60 to 100 dollars per night. Newer trailers or trailers with more amenities cost more.

The make and model of the camp trailer you rent can affect the total cost.

Are RV Rentals Pet Friendly?

This will entirely depend on who owns the RV you rent. Many RV rental agencies do not allow pets, because it is difficult to properly clean RVs after pet hair and dander have been left in the camper.

If you are renting through Outdoorsy or RVshare, there may be an owner who allows pet rentals, and you can search for that if you need that option.

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Do RV Rentals Offer Delivery?

Yes, many RV rentals companies offer delivery and some owners on Outdoorsy or RVshare offer this.  RV delivery can make the road-tripping experience way easier.

Having your RV delivered means you can fly to a destination and begin your RV trip there. It also means you can rent an RV from across the country in order to begin your trip.

Check with your RV rental agency to see if they offer delivery.

When renting through a peer-to-peer trailer rental site, you can add filters that will restrict your offerings to only deliverable trailers.

How Old Do I Need to Be to Rent a Travel Trailer?

How old do I need to be to rent a travel trailer? In general many states may allow people to rent trailers as long as they are over 21 years old. Many of these also require the renter to pay extra for insurance. As a general rule, some states do not allow trailer rentals to individuals under 25 years old.

You can call RV rental agencies in your area to find out if they have rental age limits.

Different companies can set age limits for their travel trailer rentals. You will need to confirm with the company before you rent.

Can You Airbnb a Travel Trailer?

Airbnb does offer an option for RV owners to rent out RVs. As a renter, you can also search for RV/Camper, if you want to rent someone’s RV. This is not necessarily AirBNB’s specialty.

Outdoorsy and RVshare will likely have more options for peer-to-peer RV rental.

Outdoorsy and RVshare offer more protection for both Travel Trailer owners and renters.

In addition to this, AirBNB’s camper trailer rentals are highly limited. Searching through another site will offer more flexibility and variety.

Does U-Haul Rent Camper Trailers?

Does U-Haul rent camper trailers? No, U-Haul does not rent camper trailers. They only rent utility and cargo trailers. These trailers do not offer amenities like kitchens, beds, and insulation that would be required for a camper trailer.

If you want to rent a camper trailer, you will need to find an RV rental agency or another online site that offers peer-to-peer camper trailer rentals.


Travel trailers are a fantastic way to explore the country. You can rent travel trailers in almost any city or region of the country.

They are often less expensive vacation options than hotels and they give you more flexibility as you travel.

You will need to ensure that your vehicle can properly tow a trailer before you can start your trip, though.

Travel Trailer rental is not a difficult process. There are several websites that offer stress-free rental options.

With a travel trailer, you can explore parks and cities. The sky is the limit!


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