Do RV Rentals Allow Pets? (Pet Friendly Companies)


As summer rolls around, you are finally planning your much-needed family outing, weekend getaway, or holiday vacation to your favorite campground. Though you may have crossed off the necessary items in your travel plans, including renting an RV, have you given thought over whether or not the rental is pet friendly?

Do RV Rentals allow pets? Sometimes. Whether or not your pet is allowed in an RV rental is contingent upon the permission of either the private RV owner or rental company. This information can be found in your rental contract. But, many companies allow you to have your furry friend with you during your RV rental travels.

Your pet(s) can enjoy the comfort and luxury of food, shelter, and air conditioning – or heat – while experiencing the wonders of the great outdoors with you. The missing step is to simply scour the internet for RV renting resources. Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, it is important to take a few precautions before searching for that RV rental that perfectly suits your needs.

Proper Pet Preparations for Your RV Trip

Before attempting to search for the RV rental that accommodates your pet perfectly, you need to determine exactly what your needs are for this portion of your planning to run smoothly. Some things to consider are:

  • Size of RV: is it an appropriate living space for your pet?
  • Pet Supplies: Do you have, and is there enough room for, all the proper supplies for an extended trip? Examples: food, water, and toys.
  • Type of RV: Some RV’s may have pet-specific spots or doors, making life on the road that much easier for you.

How To Find Pet-Friendly RV Rentals

In our current digital age, finding pet-friendly RV rentals is easy to accomplish because of the many tools at our disposal. The two best resources available are a Google search or a quick trip to the app store.

I have compiled a list of some of the pet friendly rental companies for your convenience:

RV Share

RV Share is one of the top RV rental companies in the US. Upon entering their website, you are immediately greeted with a user-friendly interface and a background of a family sitting comfortably in front of their rented RV. A tiny scroll beneath that lies the link you are searching for “pet-friendly RV’s”. Upon clicking the link, you are presented with a plethora of RV’s that are a variety of different sizes, models, and price points. The best part is that they are all pet-friendly!

El Monte RV

El Monte RV makes pet-friendly RV’s a focal selling point by highlighting vacation ideas, national park destinations, and camping resorts. El Monte RV prides itself on having over 50 years of experience in the recreational vehicle space and provides its services nationwide. They understand the importance of bringing your beloved pets on your journey and encourage you to bring them wherever you go. The best part? They do not charge a fee for bringing them onboard, however, they do ask that the RV is in its original condition when returned.

Cruise America

Cruise America offers pet-friendly RV rentals in the United States, Canada, and even Alaska! With over 132 locations, they are one of the most accessible RV rental services in the nation.  Like El Monte RV, there is no additional service fee for bringing your pet on-board, however, the RV should be returned in the same state it was rented to you in. Additionally, they request you clean up after your pets, but that is a given!

Best Types of RVs for Pets

We have covered various RV rental avenues for you and your pets, but the best type of RV is an important factor to consider, too. Take into account the size of your pets and how many you would like to bring along to the trip with you to determine if a larger rental is needed. This way, they will have more walking space and room for exercise! A living space that accommodates both humans and pets makes a happy equilibrium for everyone.

The Dogliner T730

This option is specifically tailored for pups! This motorhome has a slew of amenities so that your canine pal can travel in luxury alongside with you. It comes equipped with a short ramp for your dog to easily enter and exit the RV and a small window so they can have a glimpse of the outside world. The interior features a large kennel as well as a bed with steps leading up to it. This particular RV features a shower for your dog and even a built-in pet camera in front of the vehicle! Visit the aforementioned RV Share for rental inquiries.

The A.C.E Motorhome

Like the Dogliner T730, the A.C.E Motorhome was crafted to fit the needs of pets, but allows for a wider variety of them. For example, this motorhome features a floor-level window but also has a storage space that can act as a makeshift litter box station.

If you would like your pet to bask in the campground with you but are feeling trepidation over them roaming free, it comes equipped with a pet-tie down to ease those worries. Find the A.C.E motorhome that best suits your needs at Ace RV Rentals.

Highland Ridge RV

This RV company is a subsidiary of the company Jayco, which has been operating since 2007. They provide innovative RV’s at affordable prices, and most importantly, have many models with pet-friendly features.

What sets the Highland Ridge apart from the previous two entries is the variety of floor plans they have available for pets. There is also no carpeting found in any of the models- making the clean up of dander or other pet messes a cinch. To top it all off, they have a designated bunker for smaller animals; how sweet! For more information, visit Highland Ridge RV.

Tips for Bringing Your Pet on Your RV Trip

We have overviewed what to do in preparation for your trip, pet-friendly RV rental websites, and types of RV’s together. That takes care of a significant portion of your planning and hopefully eased some of your traveling worries.

Before you set out on a wondrous trip with your furry friend(s), I will leave you with a handful of helpful pet tips for the road ahead. Although, even more can be found at Pet Friendly Travel.

  • If your RV lacks a built-in kennel, be sure to bring a crate for your pet. As much fun as it is to idolize the idea of letting your pets roam around as you drive about, it is a highly risky venture. If a motor vehicle accident were to occur while your pet was out of its crate, it could prove to be dangerous.
  • As a word of precaution, make sure to pack essential paperwork relevant to your pet. These can include proof of ownership documents and immunization records.
  • Research the campground you will be visiting and inquire if they are pet-friendly. Although there are many sites available nationwide, the last thing you would want to occur is to arrive at your destination only to find your pets are not welcome there.
  • To ensure proper etiquette upon your arrival, read the campground’s pet policies. Some, for example, require your pet to be leashed if it is on the campsite.

Hit the Road with Your Pet

Have you gone on an awesome RV rental trip with your pet companion? If so, I’d love to hear about where you went and what RV you took. Share in the comments below about your favorite things about taking your dog, cat, or other pet along on your adventure.

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