Can You Rent an RV If You’re Under 25? [Read This Before]


Hitting the road in an RV can be an excellent way to travel and see various places. You don’t have to worry about booking hotels each night, and you can keep your stuff in the RV. But if you’re in or fresh out of college, you may wonder if you are old enough to rent an RV.

Can you rent an RV if you are under 25? In a lot of cases, a group of people can rent an RV if one person is over 25. However, if no one in the group is that age, it can be more difficult to rent one. Before renting an RV, research a few rental companies and find one that will rent to someone younger.

Whether you want to have a weekend getaway or to spend more time on the road, an RV is perfect. But if you’re not 25, you may have trouble finding an RV to rent. Consider what you can do to rent an RV if you have not had your 25th birthday.

Know the Local Law

Some states set the legal minimum age to rent an RV at 25, but others may let you rent if you’re a little younger. All states will require you to be at least 21 years old to rent an RV, but you don’t always have to be 25.

Before you look into renting an RV, check with your state on the local minimum age. If you are too young in your state, you can look into the laws in a neighboring state. Then, you may be able to rent an RV there.

You should know the law where you are, and you always want to obey the law. Always be honest about your age, and don’t try to use a fake ID. The good news is that you do not need a special license to rent an RV.

Consider RV Types

If you find that you can rent an RV under 25 in your state, you may need to rent a certain type. Some companies may only rent smaller RVs to younger drivers. While this is perfect for a solo trip or a couple of people, it won’t work for a large group.

The reason for the restriction has to do with liability. As a younger driver, you are a bigger risk to the RV rental company, and they want to protect their vehicles. Driving a larger RV can be difficult, so you may not even want to have one.

But if you do plan on traveling with a few friends, you can rent a couple of RVs. Or you can bring tents so that you don’t all have to sleep in the RV.

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Be Prepared to Pay

Once you do find a company that will rent an RV to you, you should plan to pay more than someone older. This also has to do with the risk the company takes on by renting to you. The company risks having to pay more to their insurance company if something happens.

Because of that, they pass that extra cost to you, the renter. If you have rented a car under 25, this may not come as a surprise. Many car rental companies also charge more to younger renters.

Even if you have a perfect driving record, you may need to save up more money before you rent an RV. The extra charge will vary between RV rental companies and states. If you are concerned about the cost, do some comparison shopping.

Shop Around

If possible, look at a few RV rental companies and their prices. The price of a rental can depend on many factors. So don’t let one rental company’s prices deter you from renting an RV.

  • Your location can determine how much an RV rental will cost. Some companies may charge more if a lot of people like renting RVs.
  • Similarly, the time of year could affect the price. The summer is a common time for people to get an RV, so you might have to pay more at that time of year.
  • If you can decide which type of RV to rent, that can also affect how much you’ll have to pay. Like with cars, a larger RV will probably have a higher rental fee than a smaller one.

Consider how flexible you are with your RV rental. The more flexible you are, the better the chance you have of paying less to rent. You will still need to pay a bit of money, but you may be able to avoid seasonal surcharges or other excess fees.

Do the Minimum

If you want to rent an RV because you want to go on a long road trip, consider when you will need the RV. You probably don’t want to stay in a hotel all the time, but you might be able to do a hotel occasionally. And on nights like that, you won’t need an RV.

Perhaps you are going on a trip that will involve more camping and if you would really prefer an RV mattress for sleeping. You might be able to pack a tent and an air mattress so that you don’t have to sleep on the ground.

Another option might is to rent a van.  Although it won’t be as spacious and you will have to find places to clean up and use the bathroom, those are obstacles you can overcome.  Most major car rental agencies that rent a car to drivers under 25 will rent you a van.

Invite Someone Over 25

If you’re headed on a road trip with your friends or a significant other, you may not want to invite someone else. But if you are flexible with who can join you, do not be afraid to invite someone who is 25 or older. If they are comfortable with driving, they can sign as the driver.

You can ask a friend or an older sibling or cousin. If you have a good relationship with a parent, you can also ask them to go on the trip. It may not be ideal, especially if you were counting on a solo trip, but it can be a great way to rent an RV and save money.

If you do this, make sure the person over 25 is okay with driving the whole trip. You don’t want to ask them to rent an RV so that you can drive it. As always, you want to follow the law so that you do not risk getting caught.

Which Companies Rent RV’s to People Under 25?

Even if you are under 25 you can still find a few companies in the US that advertise their under 25 RV rentals. Here are a list of some companies that will rent to you if you’re under 25:

  • El Monte RV (requirement at least 21)
  • Cruise America
  • check with local small RV rental services in your area as well
  • The Road Bear RV (requirement: people between the ages of 21 and 24 can rent with prior authorization)

Ask a Friend

Think about your friends and extended family, and consider if anyone you know owns an RV. If you do know someone, ask that person if you can borrow their RV for your trip. You won’t have to go through a rental company, so you do not have to worry about following any regulations.

Now, the person may not be comfortable with you borrowing the RV. But your relative or friend might be open to you renting their RV. You can set up an agreement regarding a rental payment and how to protect the vehicle. 

Then, you can hold each other accountable, and you can get an RV without having to find the right rental company. While you will have to go with the RV your friend owns, it can still be a great alternative.

Final Thoughts

Renting an RV can be tricky, and it can be almost impossible if you are under 25. You may not be able to rent in your state, and you will probably have to pay more for insurance if you can. However, it can be a great way to experience the great open road.

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