55 Best Small Travel Trailers / lightweight Travel Trailers For Sale


Small travel trailers are great!

lightweight travel trailers, Small Campers With Bathrooms or campers under 5000 pounds are becoming increasingly popular among all sorts of travelers.

From solo to full families, people are escaping the droll of every day to hit the road and find adventure. And it’s out there to find.

But how you get there is up to you! But don’t worry, I´m here to help. 

I present to you the 55 small travel trailers that we could find! This guide breaks down categories from the ultra-lightweight to the smallest trailers with included bathrooms.

I know that you’re looking closely at features, size, and price. So that’s what I’ve put under the microscope for this roundup. 

Here are the best small travel trailers I´ve found:

  1. TAXA Outdoors Cricket
  2. Hero Ranger
  3. Forest River Rockwood ESP
  4. Vintage overland Lawrence
  5. Jayco Hummingbird
  6. Airstream Bambi Micro Camper
  7. 13” Deluxe Scamp Trailers
  8. Winnebago Micro Minnie
  9. Pika Trailer
  10. Riverside RV Retro

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5 Best Small Travel Trailer For Sale

Sometimes all you need is a compact space to take out on the road.

These small travel trailers are the best there is. Somehow they boast spacious interiors despite their compact size but also won’t be overwhelming large.

They’re a great balance of living space and desired nisities. 

Storage capacity, modern amenities, and comfortable living all await you in these lil campers.

From rugged to glam, you’ll find some intriguing variety in the selection below. Read on to explore our top choices for small campers for sale: 

#1: TAXA Outdoors Cricket

This NASA-inspired compact trailer is a space-y little camper with some very cool features. Despite its size, it still fits in integrated plumbing and electricity.

The roof even pops up to bring in more airflow and loft to the ceiling space. 

The aesthetic is rugged glam. Kind of like what you’d imagine a spaceship to be.

You’ll get plenty of storage, full-bed sleeping space, and the perfect camp kitchen – everything you need for the next family adventure! 


✔️Sleeps: 2 adults and 2 children

✔️Dry weight: 1,800lbs

✔️Length: 15 feet

✔️Width: 6’7 feet

✔️Slideouts: None

✔️Average new sale price: $31,800

 ? Click here to see the full specs

#2: Hero Ranger

The Hero is just that – a mighty little camper to keep you safe and protected from the elements while offering the perfect amount of space for comfortable living.

A vintage-like shape makes this trailer feel like a classic, but the Denmark-design denotes an air of hygge

It’s simplicity in a sweet package. The main cabin is a mini sleeping space with room to relax, while the hitch opens in the back to reveal a compact little kitchen.

It’s ready to take on a load with the included roof mount.


✔️Sleeps: 2 adults

✔️Dry weight: 1,911 lbs

✔️Length: 15’8 feet

✔️Width: 7’55 feet

✔️Slideouts: None

✔️Average new sale price:

? Click here to see the full specs

#3: Forest River Rockwood ESP (Extreme Sports Package) 

If you want to feel like you’re camping in a glamorous yurt, this pop-up trailer is for you.

It was designed especially for the adventurous and active campers out there that don’t want to sacrifice modern comforts.

Wood-look floors and faux leather seating give this trailer a rustic and elevated feel, while the extra storage, LED lighting, and USB charging ports ensure you have what you need for comfy living.

Dial-up that outdoor speaker and fire up the outdoor gas grill to take the party outside, just where it ought to be. 


✔️Sleeps: up to 6

✔️Dry weight: 2180 lbs

✔️Length: 20’4 feet

✔️Width: 84”

✔️Slideouts: None

✔️Average new sale price: $15,500

? Click here to see the full specs

#4: Vintage Overland Lawrence

This camper is a minimalist’s dream. In a classic teardrop design, this Danish-inspired trailer is a simple antidote for your travel-sleeping needs.

It weighs only 900lbs and can easily be pulled by the hitch by just one person for storage needs.

That’s pretty handy if you’re dealing with a small driveway or garage space and need to flexible. 

Though it’s small, you sleep on a queen size memory foam mattress and get access to spacious rear storage from both the back hatch and the main cabin.

Add a camp kitchen or just load up your gear in that back hatch, it’s a blank slate and yours for the outfitting.

The stock model is basic, making it easy for you to adapt this trailer perfectly to your camping needs. 


✔️Sleeps: 2 adults

✔️Dry weight: 900lbs

✔️Length: 12 feet

✔️Width: 58”

✔️Slideouts: None

✔️Average new sale price: $18,500

? Click here to see the full specs

#5: Escapod

If gladiators owned camper trailers, this would be it. This Escapod is meant to head off-pavement to tackle trails and master the wiles of free camping.

It comes equipped with solar power, spare tire, pop up roof tent, outdoor awning, built-in cooler storage, kitchen galley, and more.

The amount of included features are shocking, but the folks at Escapod wanted you to have the option to get it all in one go.

No stressing yourself out with trying to consider what you want and what you need – it’s just all apart of the package. 

It’s a beast by the exterior, but once you’re inside the sleeping cabin it might as well be a deluxe mini-hotel.

Sleek design and warm tones are a pleasing constraint to its ready-to-rumble exterior.

Make easy use of the cabinets and cubbies for convenient storage, USB ports for quick charging, and laptop mount to watch your fav films.


✔️Sleeps: 2 adults

✔️Dry weight: 1650lbs 

✔️Length: 12.5 feet

✔️Width: 5 feet

✔️Slideouts: None

✔️Average new sale price: $16,995

? Click here to see the full specs

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5 Best Small Travel Trailer With Bathrooms

Just because you take your life on the road doesn’t mean you have to go without a modern commode.

Thankfully, even small trailers can make space for a bathroom! Go without the dreaded midnight walk across the dark campsite to the bathhouse and instead, roll out of bed and take two steps to the right. 

Adventure is better with loved ones and you’ll need them to be excited and free of anxiety about your upcoming adventures.

Your family is likely to be much more comfortable in a camper with a built-in bathroom.

And you’ll still get to save on space by going small. 

That saves on space, but keep the necessities – that being, the loo

Here our best small travel trailers with bathroom:

#1: Forest River R-Pod Small Camper with a Bathroom

The R-Pod by Forest River is a great size for a small family.

It comes with a TV, kitchenette with fridge, microwave, and… a wet bath! Included toilet and shower combo keeps everyone pleased and more up for an adventure.

Sometimes, you’ve just got to check off those creature comforts, and the R-Pod lets you tow them along with you.

Featuring a queen bed and a convertible dinette, there is a roomy sleeping space for stretching out at the end of the day.

It’s the details that matter here too – the wood grain flooring and doors, sleek kitchen design, and bright cheery lights all make for a lovely living area. 


✔️Sleeps: 3-4 people

✔️Dry weight: 2500 lbs

✔️Length: 18 feet

✔️Width: 96”

✔️Slideouts: None

✔️Average new sale price: $21,522

? Click here to see the full specs

#2: Lance Camper Small Camper with Bathroom

Take a ride in the seat of luxury with this incredible camper by Lance.

The Prince of Wales would travel in the like and be amply satisfied.

Ok, that might be an overstatement, but this trailer was made with glam relaxation in mind.

That was the goal by including two swivel rocking chairs with kick-out footrests.

You’ll also find a wall clock, LED reading lights, and shaded windows.

The on-deck toilet gives you immediate access to the latrine and a corner shower exactly when you need it.

Very comfortable for two travelers, this camper will also accommodate a third if you feel like sharing the adventure and relinquishing your spot in one of those captain chair rockers now and again. 


✔️Sleeps: 2-3 people

✔️Dry weight: 2600lbs 

✔️Length: 19.8 feet

✔️Width: 85”

✔️Slideouts: Optional bed slide out

✔️Average new sale price:

? Click here to see the full specs

#3: Happier Camper w/ Bathroom Add-on

This camper is retro-chic to the very core. Available in fun duo-tone colors, you’ll feel like you’re hauling an old converted VW bus.

The Happier Camper is ultra-lightweight and incredibly adaptive.

From the base stock options, you build your custom package from the floor up. 

You get to decide what you need in a camper – what to include and what to leave out. There’s never been a more adaptable trailer, as the options are limitless.

And yes, that includes the ability to build in a toilet. You know where your priorities are! 


✔️Sleeps: 2-3 

✔️Dry weight: 1100 lbs

✔️Length: 13 feet

✔️Width: 7 feet

✔️Slide outs: None 

✔️Average new sale price: $29,950

? Click here to see the full specs

#4: Airstream Basecamp Small Camper w/ Bathroom

Airstream campers have a cult-like following and for good reason. Firstly, the body design is gorgeous and completely iconic.

That silver bullet exterior? It’s an Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. The design is modern and the brand is 100% US-made.

For all that, you’ll pay a pretty penny, but a lot of people know that it’s worth it.

The Basecamp model we’re covering here includes a compact complete shower and bath.

The showerhead is stored cleverly within the wall and includes a built-in clothing line for drying your duds after a day’s adventure.

You can also access the showerhead from the outside of the camper, making it super easy to hose off your gear and equipment. 


✔️Sleeps: up to 4 people

✔️Dry weight: 2,650 lbs

✔️Length: 16-20 feet

✔️Width: 7 feet

✔️Slideouts: None 

✔️Average new sale price: $43,900

? Click here to see the full specs

#5: Winnebago Micro Minnie

The Micro Minnie is a cool trailer that offers a few floor plans to choose from, giving you the versatility to include what you need.

Each features a full bathroom and some plans come with extra wardrobe storage in the same space.

Choose a slide-out dinette for extra living and sleeping space for up to 5 people. So, pack the whole family! 

Outdoor patio speakers and awning with LED lighting keep the party going all night, without having to move into your living space.

When you are ready to settle for the night, you’ll enjoy the roomy mattress and extra windows for plenty of fresh air. Now, that’s good camping. 


✔️Sleeps: 3-5 people

✔️Dry weight: 3,600 lbs

✔️Length: 19 – 25 feet

✔️Width: 7 feet

✔️Slide outs: Optional

✔️Average new sale price: $22,172

? Click here to see the full specs

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3 Best Scamp Trailers

The fun indie brand of Scamp Campers makes great little trailers and is based out of Minnesota.

This is where they do all of their manufacturing and they vow to keep all suppliers US-based as well.

The campers are constructed with a hard fiberglass shell, are compact and easy to handle, and offer plenty of optional add ons. 

With Scamp, you get incredible quality, ever since the first trailer was made in the 1970s.

The company now offers base models in six different sizes, from 13 – 19 feet long.

You won’t find these campers trailers sent out to retailers, as they are all sold directly from the brand. 

Scamp has crafted a name and reputation for themselves. Take a look at a sampling of their range, described below. 

13´Deluxe Trailers

The smallest size offered by Scamp, the 13-foot trailer comes in two different floor plans – a front dinette or front bathroom.

It includes a deluxe wood interior and carpet flooring, to keep things feeling cozy. This is likely the smallest camper you’ll find that includes a built-in bathroom!

It’s a great size for a couple or small family. The dinette converts to a bed to allow for two separate sleeping spaces.

With a two-burner stove and wood cabinets, spending time in the kitchenette is comfortable and enjoyable. 


✔️Sleeps: 1-3 people

✔️Dry weight: 1300-1600 lbs

✔️Length: 13 feet

✔️Width: 6’8 feet

✔️Slideouts: None

✔️Average new sale price: $20,000

? Click here to see the full specs

16 ´Deluxe Trailers

The 16-foot Scamp Deluxe trailer is a great middle-ground in sizing. The best part about this size is that you don’t have to convert the dinette to gain a sleeping space.

Add in a bath and rooftop AC for the ultimate modern comfort. 

This model includes a built-in wet bath and comes in two different layout options.

The interior, like all Scamp trailers, is cabin-cozy with those hardwood features and soft neutral curtains.

The craftsmanship is clear and nothing short of high quality. This mid-size trailer is perfect for a small family looking for adventure. 


✔️Sleeps: 1-3 people

✔️Dry weight: 2200-2600 lbs

✔️Length: 16 feet

✔️Width: 6’8 feet

✔️Slideouts: None

✔️Average new sale price: $25,000

? Click here to see the full specs

19´Deluxe Trailers

The largest of the Scamp campers trailers is the 19-footer. In the Deluxe model, you’ll see a loft queen size bed, which is unique among trailers! You no longer have to be jealous of the kids getting the loft life.

Instead, you can look down on them while they sleep on the dinette to bed conversion at the back of the trailer.

Don’t worry, it’s comfortable there too. 

A great sized fridge and equipped kitchen keep the meals fresh. And you get your option of oak or birch cabinets, and three carpet options to customize the look.

This large trailer can sleep up to 6 people, so bring the party with you on your travels, you’ll have plenty of space. 


✔️Sleeps: 1-6 people

✔️Dry weight: 2400-2900 lbs

✔️Length: 19 feet

✔️Width: 6’6 feet 

✔️Slideouts: None

✔️Average new sale price: estimated $30,000

? Click here to see the full specs

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3 Best Teardrop Trailers

An icon in the camper world, the teardrop trailer is an eye-catcher. It’s small, lightweight, and compact.

They’re almost like the tiny-house of the road! Though they can be pint-sized, they’re often impressively equipped, as some even feature a full kitchen and bathrooms!

Teardrop campers are so popular, there is even an annual rally dedicated just to campers that use them, called Tearstock.

So, what are you waiting for? You know you want to be a part of that party. Join the hordes of tears and check out our favorites below to see why there are so many fans!

#1: Tiny Camper

The Tiny Camper is based out of Lithuania and could be a total Instagram Influencer. The exterior design is minimal and chic, yet colorful and bright.

The interior layout features a collaborative approach, letting you decide what you want to include or leave out. 

A cozy and beautiful sleeping space gives you protected rest in the evenings, while the back hatch opens up to a kitchenette for fresh air cooking.

With three basic packages, there is a lot to expanding to do from stock options!


✔️Sleeps: up to 2 adults and 1 child

✔️Dry weight: 1212 lbs

✔️Length: 13.7 feet

✔️Width: 6.6 feet

✔️Slideouts: None 

✔️Average new sale price: $20,000

? Click here to see the full specs

#2: Safari Condo Alto

The Alto is rightly named, considering its retractable roof, extending from the base of a classic teardrop design. And when that roof pops up, it reveals a cascade of bright windows.

You might as well have turned the Sydney Opera House into a towable camper. 

There is no sacrificing needed thanks to the large sleeping spaces – up to a king-size bed in some models! The brand excels at excellent window placement and unique layouts.

You might find yourself getting lost in the photo galleries of this beautiful trailer.

Overall the clean and modern look is a delight compared to other rather dated-looking campers. 


✔️Sleeps: 3-4 people

✔️Dry weight: 1825 lbs

✔️Length: 13-15 feet

✔️Width: 83-95”

✔️Slideouts: None

✔️Average new sale price: CAD 41,209

? Click here to see the full specs

#3: Pika Trailer

Now, this trailer looks cute, but it’s built to tackle the roughest roads. The Pika trailer by Timberleaf is compact and nimble, with excellent maneuverability.

You have plenty of options when it comes to building. The model offerings are vast and span from basic outfits to kitted out. 

Though you can get crazy with outfitting the camper, above all, this little teardrop camper is simple.

Ease of use was highlighted by including lots of storage, sliding bypass doors,  plenty of plugins, and even a fridge! Tuck into the cabin for cozy-time and keep the air moving with the overhead fan. 


✔️Sleeps: 1-2 people 

✔️Dry weight: 1025 lbs

✔️Length: 96”

✔️Width: 54”

✔️Slide outs: None 

✔️Average new sale price: $13,200

? Click here to see the full specs

5 Best Micro Campers

For the ultimate accessibility, many people choose to invest in a micro camper for their travel needs.

These are very lightweight and can be towed by nearly any vehicle, and are often more affordable.

They’re easy to travel with and offer a sizable notch above for camping experience compared to tent-life. 

Micro campers can be a great entry into the world of camper travel and the perfect option for those that want to feel like they’re roughing it…but not too much.

We’ve rounded up our top five options in this category to get you started on your search for the perfect micro camper. These finds are small but mighty

#1: Rugged Rhino Micro Camper by Tiny Camper Co

This trailer is a rugged rhino! Its exterior is sprayed with rhino lining, so it’s built to last and take on the rough stuff.

It also looks pretty dang cool with it’s muted black and textured exterior surface.

This sturdy camper comes with two doors, two windows, roof racks, and a lifetime warranty on that rhino lining.

Take a peek inside and you’ll be happy with what you see. Along with the tri-fold bed, you’ll get interior cargo nets and a built-in cubby for quick and easy storage.

With 30” power king tires, you can easily jump off-road for a fun weekend of free-camping.

So, don’t let that pavement path hold you back and unleash the rhino into nature, where it belongs!


✔️Sleeps: 1-2 people 

✔️Dry weight: 790 lbs

✔️Length: 12 feet

✔️Width: 4 feet

✔️Slideouts: None

✔️Average new sale price: $5,799

? Click here to see the full specs

#2: Highway Basic Micro Camper by Hiker Trailers-2000lbs

When simple is what you’re looking for, Highway basic delivers.

It’s almost built like a storage trailer, but comes equipped in the standards you would expect – like the side windows with screens, lockable doors, and cabinet storage. 

Vinyl flooring takes this trailer to a modern level and no rear door keeps things simple.

Extra customizable options let you tweak the setup to fit your needs.

At a very affordable price, this trailer is an excellent entryway into exploring the world of camping by starting with the basics!


✔️Sleeps: 1-2 people 

✔️Dry weight: 700-1000 lbs

✔️Length: 8-10 feet

✔️Width: 4-5 feet

✔️Slide outs: None

✔️Average new sale price: $3,795 – 6,795

 ? Click here to see the full specs

#3: TigerMoth Micro Camper by TAXA Outdoors

The TigerMoth is an awesome little camper with a ton of possibilities.

It bases its design on an open-air concept. The huge side hatch opens up for an infusion of freshness and proximity to nature that can’t be rivaled. 

This micro camper was made to dive into nature, as the built-in electric system extends your off-grid camping to a lengthy 7+ days. There’s no leaving comfort behind when you go off-grid.

Especially considering the pull-out kitchen and thoughtful storage, you’re always ready to tackle the trail. 


✔️Sleeps: 2 adults (and 2 more if you add the rooftop tent)

✔️Dry weight: 1,360 lbs 

✔️Length: 12.5 feet

✔️Width: 6’7 feet

✔️Slideouts: None 

✔️Average new sale price: $18,000

? Click here to see the full specs

#4: Airstream Bambi Micro Camper

Airstream leaves nothing to want with their Bambi micro camper. This little silver nugget lives up to its adorable nickname.

It’s a charming respite from a day of adventures and features permanent sleep space, a convertible dinette, and a decked-out stainless steel kitchen. 

Though the Bambi clocks in a bit heavier than other micro campers, it’s also slightly larger.

But, if you’re a die-hard Airtstreamer, this is the smallest you’ll get! 

There are four different floor plans for your selection and each comes pre-wired for solar power, air conditioning, heat, and retractable awning.

Airstreams were built for luxury camping, and the Bambi is just as stylish as them all. 


✔️Sleeps: up to 4 people. 

✔️Dry weight: 3,000lbs

✔️Length: 16-22 feet

✔️Width: 8 feet

✔️Slideouts: None

✔️Average new sale price: $60,000

? Click here to see the full specs

#5: Pika Micro Camper by Timberleaf

The Pika was named after the tough mini rabbit of the high-alpine. Like it’s namesake, it’s rough, durable, and nimble. You’ll enjoy the rugged simplicity with a touch of finesse.

Elevate your camping with the skylight, aluminum siding, and modern wood cabinetry. 

Inside is a roomy sleeping area with smooth wood walls and net storage bags.

Wake up to the view of morning clouds or light rainfall from your direct view out of the skylight, then close the shade when the sunrise is too bright.

Swing open the doors to let some more airflow in when the overhead mini fan isn’t enough. 


✔️Sleeps: 1-2 people 

✔️Dry weight: 1,025lbs 

✔️Length: 96 inches

✔️Width: 54 inches

✔️Slide outs: None 

✔️Average new sale price: $13,200

? Click here to see the full specs

5 Best Ultra Lightweight Travel Trailers Under 2000 pounds

Opting for an ultra-lightweight trailer opens up accessibility to people that don’t drive big trucks on the regular.

The low weight of these trailers allows them to be towed by a range of vehicles, giving everyone the ability to join the camping world. 

Sometimes the floor plans are standard, while other times they are unique.

In any case, these trailers are fun, have great amenities, and are very comfortable for 1-2 people to reside in.

An ultra-lightweight camper makes an excellent choice for the weekend adventurer that likes to make the most of their time outdoors. 

Here our lightweight travel trailers under 2000 pounds:

#1: Riverside RV Retro

Enjoy the lightweight travel of the Riverside Retro camper. With an interesting slat-look siding and cozy wood interior, it feels like taking a step back in time.

It might be small, but you’ll still have the benefit of a wet bath, permanent sleeping space, and kitchenette with two burners. 

We included this in our lineup of ultra-lightweights because it’s the best size-weight balance out there.

It’s just tipping over the weight range of most ultras, but we think the interior features are worth it.

The exterior comes in a load of color choices and features a retractable awning for outdoor enjoyment.

When outside time is over, head indoors to enjoy some retro diner-like comfort.

The sofa sits right under a window, giving you plenty of light to read to enjoy your meal. When the sun starts to set, turn on the under cabinet lights to go into a night-owl mode. 


✔️Sleeps: 1-2 people

✔️Dry weight: 2,540 lbs

✔️Length: 15’9 feet

✔️Width: 7’6 feet

✔️Slide outs: None 

✔️Average new sale price: $13,000

? Click here to see the full specs

#2: Jayco Hummingbird

The Hummingbird is a unique trailer camper, to say the least. Though it looks traditional from the outside, you’d be surprised to find a large outdoor kitchen through the back hatch.

It almost looks like a little model showroom for a cooking show! Completely set with a faucet, microwave, TV, and refrigerator, this camper was built for a party. 

On the smallest model, you’ll have just a sleeping space for the interior trailer.

But it still includes the quirky kitchen, folding picnic table, and prep for a backup camera and solar power.

If you like to spend most of your time outside and tend to grill and socialize at the same time, this is a great camper choice for you.

Time to start a Food Network cooking show about cooking in a camper! 


✔️Sleeps: 1-2 people

✔️Dry weight: 1,545 lbs

✔️Length: 13 feet

✔️Width: 80”

✔️Slide outs: None 

✔️Average new sale price: $25,000

? Click here to see the full specs

#3: Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro

Style is the main component in the Flagstaff E-Pro. The interior is beautiful and neutral, with lots of windows and shades.

The standard build comes equipped with surprising additions like a Bluetooth radio, DVD player, WIFI booster, solar panel, and more. 

There are a few floor models to choose from, including a couple of toy haulers for the dirt-bikers out there.

The entry-level model features an outdoor kitchenette and a full bed. It’s at the level of just-the-right-size and is fun to take out on the road.

Especially considering that it comes with a TV, fridge, microwave, and gas griddle. Sign me up.


✔️Sleeps: 1-2 people

✔️Dry weight: 1,252 lbs

✔️Length: 11’3 feet

✔️Width: 80”

✔️Slide outs: None 

✔️Average new sale price: $13,695

? Click here to see the full specs

#4: Armadillo Trailers

The Armadillo is a cozy little camper with some great features. High-quality materials were used for the construction and interior, lending to improved durability and comfort.

A thoughtful touch was the self-closing drawer because nobody likes a drawer-slammer. 

Sunshades, screen doors, and fun circular porthole windows let you control your privacy while enjoying the view and fresh air.

There is a lot you can add on top of the base model to personalize your build.

For example, additional features include adding a furnace, hot water, backup camera, wireless charger, and extra storage. 


✔️Sleeps: 1-2 people

✔️Dry weight: 1,800 lbs

✔️Length: 13’6 feet

✔️Width: 6’8 feet

✔️Slide outs: None 

✔️Average new sale price: $29,900 CAD

? Click here to see the full specs

#5: TAG Teardrop By Nucamp

This teeny ultra-lightweight camper is ready for adventure. The rear-galley kitchen is nicely equipped with a deep sink, 2-burner stove, and great storage.

It even features a gooseneck faucet and tile-look backsplash How’s that for thoughtful touches?

Inside, you’ll be nice and snug in the queen-size bed and a ceramic heater.

Come morning time, you can rinse off with the exterior shower to wake yourself up for the day. 

Included in your purchase of this trailer is a Yeti Cooler, to serve as your camping fridge. If you’re familiar with Yeti, you know it’s top-notch quality.

But possibly our favorite feature on this camper is the large stargazer window with a roll-down privacy screen.  



✔️Dry weight: 1,284 lbs

✔️Length: 13’7 feet

✔️Width: 6’8 feet

✔️Slideouts: None

✔️Average new sale price: $23,000

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Top 5 Travel Trailers Brand

Here are the top 5 travel trailers brand:

  • Airstream.
  • Winnebago.
  • Forest River.
  • Jayco.
  • Keystone.

All of the pull behind campers we’ve covered in this guide of excellent quality.

Many people are partial to specific brands, but overall, we’ve covered a range of terrific options. 

Your definition of quality alters this answer. If you’re looking for the most rugged camper, those off-road options will fit your bill. Take a look at the TigerMoth, Rugged Rhino, or the Cricket. 

Whereas, if the interior style is your bread and butter, a breeze through the photo galleries will help you make your decision here. You’ll likely enjoy the aesthetics of Airstream, Winnebago, Forest River, and Lance brands. 

10 of the Best SUVs for Towing a Trailer

Here are the 10 best SUVs for towing small campers or travel trailers:

  • Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
  • Lincoln Navigator, Navigator L
  • Chevrolet Equinox
  • Dodge Durango SRT
  • Ford Expedition, Expedition Max
  • Chevrolet Tahoe, Suburban
  • Nissan Armada
  • Infiniti QX80
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Toyota Highlander

Ultra Lightweight Travel Trailers FAQs

Let’s close out this page about ultra lightweight travel trailers with answers to some of your most frequently-asked questions about them!

1.How Much Does A Small RV Cost? 

How much does a small RV cost? Small RVs range in price depending on the construction and included accessories and features. Mostly, you’re looking to spend around $13,000 for an entry-level base model. From there, the sky is the limit. 

The price will vary greatly as you stack on additional features, like solar power and heating.

Many of these accessories are worth it, but it just comes down to what you need in a camper. 

2.Why Are Small Campers so Expensive? 

When you invest in a living space, you want it to be reliable.

The last thing you want to do is go for cheap considering that you’ll be both residing in and towing this camper behind your car.

Inexpensive means lesser quality. 

Considering the money you’ll save from paying for hotels and eating out every night you’re traveling, a small camper makes a great economical choice. 

3.What is Better Fiberglass or Aluminum Travel Trailers? 

What is better fiberglass or aluminum travel trailers? Fiberglass tends to be the popular choice in RV construction. If cost isn’t an issue for you, it’s the superior option between the two. Fiberglass is aerodynamic, clean, and lightweight.

It won’t accent any small dings or damage and is easy to maintain. 

Aluminum exteriors are also great options, as long as the cost isn’t an issue for you.

They provide great insulation and are often much more affordable than fiberglass. 

4. Smallest Camper With a Bathroom 

What is the smallest camper with bathroom? The winner comes in at a tie in this teeny category with the Scamp Deluxe 13-footer and Happier Camper. They’re both the same size (about 13’ long x 6’ wide) but the Happier Camper is more expensive. 

The Scamp also comes with ready to go floor plans, whereas the Happier Camper requires a customized build.

So, if too many choices freak you out, the Scamp is your best choice when it comes to compact trailers with commodes. 


We hope this massive roundup of our favorite small trailers gives you a heap of inspiration in your search.

The categories are laid out above for you to refer to hone down your options. 

Small campers come in many shapes and sizes but are all lots of fun.

So, the ultimate choice is yours. But remember, those awesome weekend trips are waiting for you to come out and greet them, so don’t pitter-patter around on finding your next small camper!

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