Target Holiday Return Policy (What You Need to Know)

target Holiday Return Policy

Most of us do some holiday shopping at Target. How could you not? They have great prices, a wide variety of products, and good quality merchandise.

But with the holiday season right around the corner, it might have you thinking about buying gifts for loved ones and what the return policies are at your favorite stores.

Target has a holiday return policy but it’s not that much different than the regular one. Target’s return policy all year gives you 90 days to return or exchange items that are in brand new condition. Target RedCard holders who purchase gifts on their card can return those items up to 120 days after the purchase date.

In this article, we’re looking at the Target holiday return policy and what you should know. We’ll look at the return process, if there’s anything different for various types of merchandise, and more.

Read on to find out all you need to know.


What Is the Target Holiday Return Policy?

Target has one of the longer return policy timeframes compared to many other retailers. Customers can return new items within 90 days of the purchase date all year long.

The only difference in the holiday return policy is with purchases made on the Target RedCard.

These are returnable for up to 120 days after purchase.

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What Is the Target Return Process?

All items purchased at Target stores or on the website can be returned in store. You can take the product and a receipt to the Customer Service counter to get a refund. 

If you received the item as a gift, make sure you take the gift receipt if there is one. This ensures you get the credit for the amount the gift was purchased for. 

You can also take items you ordered online to the Customer Service counter. You’ll want to take your packing slip with you as proof of purchase to get your full refund.

Can You Return Items without a Receipt?

You can return items to Target without a receipt at holiday time and the rest of the year. In these instances, you will likely be issued a store credit that can be used to purchase products at any physical Target location.

In some cases, a Target employee may be able to look up your receipt in-store for you. You’ll need to present the form of payment you used to make the purchase.

Once the employee is able to locate your receipt in the system, you can get a full refund to your card for qualifying purchases.

Can You Return Items Through the Mail?

When you order from, you are able to return items in-store or through the mail. You’ll contact the Customer Service number to request a return.

They will help you with printing your label and making sure you pack your items with the order slip they came with. 

Once your items are packaged and ready to go with the label attached, you can drop them off at the appropriate carrier or schedule a pickup.

Are There Items You Can’t Return to Target?

There are certain types of items you cannot return to Target stores. For starters, you can’t return Target eGift cards or Mobile cards.

You also can’t return other retailers’ gift cards purchased from Target stores. Lottery tickets are non-returnable, as well.

Any items you purchase through Target stores or that are personalized are non-returnable. This includes downloaded digital purchases.

Any video games, music, or software that have been opened are non-returnable. However, if you need to exchange this type of item for another of the same thing because it isn’t working properly, that’s acceptable. 

Items that are special editions or collectibles which have been opened cannot be returned, either. An example of this is the annual holiday Barbie.


Are There Items with a Shorter Return Policy?

Target partners with several other companies to sell their products inside Target store locations. For instance, you can purchase some Apple products at Target. 

Apple has stipulated that their products must be returned to Target within 15 days of the purchase date. That being said, the holiday return policy differs for Apple phones purchased at Target.

If you purchase an Apple phone from November 1 through Christmas day, your 15-day timeframe starts on December 26. 

There may also be some specialized products, such as holiday merchandise or limited collections that have various return time periods.

So, be aware that some other return policies apply at times.

Are There Items with a Longer Return Policy?

We mentioned above that RedCard holders can return items up to 120 days after the purchase date when using their RedCard for payment. 

Target offers some of its own signature brands. Archer Farms is a popular brand owned by Target that’s sold in their stores.

When you purchase items from brands Target owns, you may return them for up to a whole year with your original receipt. 

Can You Return Christmas Items to Target After Christmas?

You can return any Christmas items to Target after Christmas as long as they’re unopened, undamaged, and you have a receipt.

Should you not have the receipt, you may still return Christmas items, but your refund will likely be less than what you paid because of after Christmas markdowns. 

You can return the items up to 90 days after your date of purchase. If the store employee processing your return deems the items used or damaged, he may decline your return.

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Can You Get in Trouble for Returning Too Many Things to Target?

Target, like any other retailer, may label you as a frequent returner. If you are known for making excessive returns, the company has the right to decline any future returns you attempt to make.

This is often referred to as being “blacklisted” by retailers who will no longer take your returns.

What Does Target Consider Excessive Returns?

Excessive returns, in general, are determined by the management at the particular Target location. However, there is a rule in place for the number of returns allowed without a receipt.

If you return three purchases within 45 days without receipts, you’ll likely be denied your next refund. The store tracks your returns without receipts by using your license information. 

People who return items without receipts are doing so on an honor system. The company is trusting that you purchased the items from them. 

The limit on returns without a receipt is to protect the company in the event that you are being dishonest. It keeps their loss at a manageable level.

Does Target Throw Away Returned Items?

Ever wonder what stores do with the items you return? Some get resold. These are items like backpacks, some clothing, or toys that are still in their original packaging or have all of their tags and are brand new.

Items that don’t make the cut for going back on the shelf often get donated by Target. These are items that have been inspected and are in like-new condition but missing packaging or tags. They’re safe for others to use but aren’t quite up to par for reselling.

Items that are broken, spoiled, ruined, or clearly damaged are either recycled, salvaged, or disposed of accordingly.

How Does Target’s Holiday Return Policy Stack Up to Other Retailers?

Target’s return policy in general is more generous than most. Customers can return items for full refunds up to 90 days from the purchase date year round. That’s better than many other retailers that only allow up to 30 days. 

Target also allows returns without receipts. You’ll receive a store credit to use on any of your future shopping trips.

You must use the credit inside a physical store location rather than online. Sometimes, a Target employee can pull up your receipt with your original form of payment information.

What’s more is the return policy for items purchased from Target’s own brands. You can return Target-owned branded items for up to one year from the date of purchase.

Can I Get a Copy of a Lost Target Receipt?

You can get a copy of your receipt. You can call the Target Customer Service Team at 1-800-440-0680.

They can look up your receipt and send it to you, or you can go by the store to have a copy printed.

Can I Get a Cash Refund if I Paid by Debit Cart at Target?

Target gives refunds according to the method of payment used for the original purchase. If you used a credit card to make your purchase, you will receive a refund back to that credit card account.

If you used a debit card, you’ll receive a refund to your debit card account.

Customers who purchase items with cash and who have a receipt for items bought within the last 90 days are the only people who will receive cash refunds. 

If you’re returning items without receipts proving what method of payment was used, you will receive a store credit to use on future purchases. 

How Long Does a Refund from Target Take?

Refunds for cash in-store are processed instantly with a receipt. You’ll also receive store credits immediately for items returned in-store without a receipt.

Refunds to credit or debit cards take a little longer to process. The store employee will initiate the refund at the time of your return.

Once that’s done, the refund is sent to your issuing bank where it has to be processed through on the other end.

Most credit card refunds are processed within 3 to 5 business days. Target’s RedCard refunds process quicker. You can expect to see your refund within 1 to 2 business days.

What’s the Maximum Amount You Can Return at Target without a Receipt?

Target allows returns without receipts, to a maximum amount. You may not return more than $100 of merchandise within a year.

That means you cannot return any single item costing more than $100 without a receipt. 

You should always keep your receipts for pricier items. If you misplace one, contact Customer Service to have a new one printed.

Final Thoughts

The Target holiday return policy isn’t much different than the all-year one. You’ll likely find employees are more lenient when it comes to returns at holiday time, though.

All unopened, undamaged items are returnable for up to 90 days after the purchase date.

RedCard purchases are returnable up to 120 days from the purchase date.

It’s best to return with a receipt, however, if you don’t have one, you can still return your unwanted items to Target for store credit.



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