Sephora Birthday Gift in Canada (All You Need to Know)

Sephora Birthday Gift Canada

Lindsey, do you know how to get a birthday gift at Sephora Canada? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Many retailers tend to keep customers coming back by offering them “hard to resist” incentives, with a popular one being free gifts handed out once a year when their birthdays roll around, which is a promotional tool Sephora takes advantage of. 

Sephora offers their Canadian customers the choice of one free mini gift set for their birthday from brands ILIA, Amika Laura Mercier, or Tatcha in 2022. These offers are only good while supplies last.

Are you interested in the free birthday gifts offered by this beauty retailer? If so, we have the scoop for you, right here. 

What Kind of Birthday Gifts Can You Get From Sephora in Canada?

There is no better incentive to keep shopping at your favorite stores than being offered great birthday gifts everytime that big day comes up.

That is why the free mini gift set Sephora stores offer their customers on their birthday is such a popular way for the retailer to show just how much they appreciate their shoppers. 

This company gives their customers the option of multip mini-gift sets all from different popular brands that are sold in stores.

In 2022, these choices include ILIA, Tacha, Laura Mercier, and Amika. Each kit comes with two or three sample sized products wrapped up in a nice little pouch.

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How Do You Sign up For Sephora’s Birthday Gift if You Live in Canada?

If you live in Canada and are looking to receive your free birthday gift, there are two different ways to go about doing it.

The first is to visit your local Sephora retail location, or, you can log onto the website and request the mini giftset there. 

Do You Have to Purchase Something to Get the Free Birthday Gift?

Nope, your free gift is just that…free. There is no purchase required when collecting on this amazing birthday present offer. You simply have to prove it is your birthday and present the cashier your insider card.

Do You Have to be A Sephora Member to get the Free Birthday Gift?

Yes, you have to be a beauty insider customer in order to receive your yearly birthday gift. If you are not currently a beauty insider, you can easily and quickly become one by logging onto the website and entering in your personal information when prompted. 

Once your account is set up, you are qualified to obtain all of the insider perks, discounts, and rewards, including your free birthday gift.

Once you have applied for the Sephora Loyalty Beauty Insider Program, you will have two weeks before your birthday and two weeks after it to claim your gift. 

Is Your Free Birthday Gift Automatically Offered to You on Your Birthday?

Although it would be absolutely wonderful if stores would remind us it is time to grab a free present every time it is offered, they typically do not do this.

While you may get an email reminder to claim the gift, the product isn’t going to be sent to you unless you go to the website or a store to claim it.

Can I Trade in My Birthday Gift From Sephora for Another Product?

Nope, you can’t trade in your free birthday gift from Sephora’s. This is a present to you from the company and is in the form of samples or mini products which usually aren’t sold in stores.

If you do not like the item you received, you can always choose to give it away,

Can I Claim My Birthday Gift at a Sephora´s Inside JCPenney’s or Kohl’s?

Yes. You are allowed to claim your free birthday mini set from any Sephora store or their online retail sites.

It doesn’t matter if the store is located inside a large company or if it is a stand-alone building. However, there is a chance the products offered from stores inside Kohl’s and JCPenney’s will be different than those offered at the brand’s actual locations or at

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Does Sephora Sell Birthday Gift Cards in Canada?

Absolutely. Just like most other retailers, Sephora offers gift cards in a variety of denominations along with different styles and designs to make a unique and much sought-after birthday present. 

You can also log onto to customize a gift card with a photo or drawing to customize your gift to make it personal, special, and useful.

Many people love receiving gift cards on their birthday because it gives them the ability to buy themselves something from a store they love shopping at but may not have had the money to do so before.

Another reason Sephora gift cards are so popular is that it allows the recipient to purchase their own gift, ensuring you don’t give them something they don’t like or can’t use. It saves you time and money.

Where Can You Get Sephora Gift Cards in Canada?

You can buy Sephora gift cards from any Physical Sephora location or their online website. You can also pick these gift cards up at various retailers, including Amazon.

Keep in mind that Sephora gift cards can only be used at Sephora stores and can not be returned or exchanged. The recipient can also refill Sephora gift cards, but it can only be done at a physical store. 

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What if I am A VIB or Rouge member? Do I Get a Better Gift?

For those who have spent a lot of money within the company and have climbed the ladder, becoming a VIB or Rouge member, an extra product option is offered.

This last option will be different every month, and you won’t know what it is until it is about time for you to collect your birthday gift.

Summing Things Up

Just when you thought you couldn’t love shopping at Sephora’s anymore, they then through in a great free birthday gift incentive, proving the company appreciates their customers and are willing to prove it by gifting them some great products every once a year. 



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