Sam’s Club TV Return Policy (What’s Covered, No Receipt + More)

sams club TV Return Policy

Do you know what Sam´s Club TV return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

For any TV returned within 90 days of the date of purchase, Sam’s Club will offer a refund or exchange to members of the Club. Sam’s Club offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which protects purchases and offers to reimburse the cost of a faulty or damaged TV. Sam’s Club also accepts returns of open box TVs, and does not always require a receipt.

In the following article, we look at everything you need to know about Sam’s Club TV return policy, covering how to make a return, whether a receipt is needed, and whether opened boxes can be returned.

What is Sam’s Club TV Return Policy?

As part of their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Sam’s Club will accept returns of TVs within 90 days of purchase.

In most cases, if a customer is unhappy with a TV they have purchased, it can be exchanged or refunded if it is returned within the given 90 days.

After this point, an attempt to return a TV to Sam’s Club is unlikely to be accepted.

In order for your return to be accepted at Sam’s Club, TVs must be in their original condition, complete with all the accessories it might have been purchased with, and must be free from damage.

If anything is missing or the Television has been damaged in any way, Sam’s Club will not allow the return to be made.

Whereas most other items at Sam’s Club can be returned at any time, electronics like TVs are one of the few exceptions that have a separate set of rules for a return.

The majority of other items can be returned at any point, with no set number of days required. For TVs and other electronics and major appliances, returns must be made within the 90-day period.

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What is covered by Sam’s Club TV return policy?

Sam’s Club TV return policy covers refunds on TVs that are unsatisfactory or faulty, meaning a customer can return a TV simply because they are not happy with it.

Many other retailers will only allow a refund to be made if there is something wrong with the product, but this is fortunately not the case with Sam’s Club.

Returns made to Sam’s Club must be complete with all parts, accessories, and packaging that it originally came with.

This includes any promotional gifts that might also have come with the purchase. If any of these parts are missing, the refund risks being denied either in part or in full.

Sam’s Club may refuse to fulfill a refund request if the customer is found to have abused returns privileges, for instance, if too many returns have been made in too short a period of time.

For refund requests which are suspected to be fraud or are made during any kind of emergency period, customers may also be denied a refund.

Sam´s Club TV Return Policy Without a Receipt

You can return a TV to Sam’s Club without a receipt. While a receipt is preferred at Sam’s Club, they do acknowledge that it isn’t always available.

In the case that a receipt cannot be shown when making a return, staff at Sam’s Club can help you out to validate your purchase and help you get your refund. 

By scanning your membership card, a staff member will be able to find your previous purchases and check that you made the purchase you are trying to return.

Once your purchase has been validated, your return can be processed straight away and your refund will arrive shortly.

Sam´s Club TV Return Policy for Opened Box

You can return an opened TV to Sam’s Club and it will be accepted for a refund.

Sam’s Club policy is fairly lenient when it comes to open box returns and you should have no problem returning any open box electronics.

The only items that cannot be returned to Sam’s Club once they have been opened are food and contact lenses. 

Sam´s Club TV Return Policy for Online Purchase

To make a return online, all you need to do is log in to your Sam’s Club account and choose ‘Purchase History’.

From there, you can choose the TV you want to return and select ‘Return Item’. Print the shipping label, attach it to your TV package, and your return is ready to be sent back to Sam’s Club. 

It’s worth remembering that any TV which has been bought online must be returned online. Sam’s Club will not accept an online return for any TV which has been purchased in store.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to make an online return for a TV, so this shouldn’t cause too much of a problem.

Sam´s Club TV Return Policy In Store

TVs can also be returned in store, simply by taking the TV in its original packaging, with any accessories, to your local Sam’s Club location.

TVs which have been purchased in store can only be returned in store and cannot be sent back through the mail. This is something worth considering when it comes to purchasing your TV. 

It’s also worth noting that you do not need to return your TV to the Sam’s Club location you purchased it from.

Sam’s Club’s terms and conditions state that returns can be made at any location in the country, so members should have no problem returning a TV to a different store.

This should offer a little more peace of mind for making big purchases in-store.

Do Sam’s Club offer TV warranty?

Sam’s Club offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which acts as a warranty on products like TVs. The Satisfaction Guarantee offers refunds, and a 90-day return period, and ensures customers are pleased with their purchases.

Most products will also come with a manufacturer warranty, which will vary from item to item but usually offers additional protection for goods.

For an extra cost, Sam’s Club can also provide a 4-year SquareTrade warranty on TVs which adds extra protection for a TV on top of its manufacturer’s warranty.

The warranty allows members an extended return period, as well as other benefits like a remote failure, failure due to power surges, and a 5-day service guarantee. 

The SquareTrade TV warranty usually costs between $30 and $130 extra on top of the cost of the TV.

The exact amount will depend on the coverage provided by the warranty plan chosen, the services provided, and the cost of the Television itself.

The warranty also adds a set-up service and 24/7 tech support. 

How do you make a warranty claim?

If your product is covered only by the manufacturer‘s warranty, you should go directly through the Manufacturer to make a claim on your warranty.

Usually, the Warranty information will include details of how to go about doing this and will include the serial number, which you must quote when you contact the Manufacturer.

To make a claim through Sam’s Club partnership with SquareTrade, you can submit your claim online through the Sam’s Club website.

On the SquareTrade Claim page, click ‘Start a Claim’, and follow the instructions to make your warranty claim. Alternatively, you can call SquareTrade and explain the issue you are having.

Can you purchase extra TV protection from Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club also offers Allstate Protection Plans for TVs.

These can be purchased online on the Sam’s Club website, and retail for between $29.99 and $129.99, depending on the price of the TV you are purchasing.

These plans offer four years of protection for your TV and can be purchased at any time within thirty days of purchasing your Television.

The Allstate Plans offer a service guarantee, technicians available 24/7, and a complementary set up of a new device.

You can also access tech support for any issues you might face while getting used to your new TV, or at any time during the four-year protection period.

Some of the other ways the Plans offer protection for your Television include:

  • Failure of screens, remotes, and speakers,
  • Failure due to power surges.

How do you make a claim on a Protection Plan?

To file a claim on an Allstate Protection Plan, visit their website and navigate to the Sam’s Club section, where you can choose to make a claim.

You can also call Allstate directly if you wish to speak to someone. You will need to have your receipt and any information you have on your Protection Plan on hand, as you may be asked for details. 

In most cases, a claim is likely to be approved straight away. For others, you may need to provide a bit more information, in which case the specialist will help you with what to do next.

 In many cases, repairs can be carried out via an in-home repair by a technician. If a repair is not able to be carried out, your TV will be replaced or refunded.

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How do you initiate a return to Sam’s Club?

There are a couple of different ways for members to arrange a return to Sam’s Club. Going online is probably the easiest way to request a return and begin the process of sending your TV back to Sam’s Club.

All customers have to do is log in to their Club account and choose to return the item on their Account.

Alternatively, members can call the Members Service Center, where a staff member will help to initiate the returns process and get the return started.

Remember to have your membership number and the order number at hand for when the representative asks for more information, as this will help to quickly locate and validate your purchase. 

Members who have purchased their TVs in store at a Club location can initiate a return by visiting a store, where a staff member can help to initiate the returns process.

If the staff member is unable to assist you, they should be able to point you in the right direction to get the assistance you need to make your return.

Pros and cons of Sam’s Club TV return policy


  • Unlike a lot of other retailers, Sam’s Club does not require a receipt in order to accept a return request. Instead, a Sam’s Club staff member can find the information they need by scanning your membership card, which makes returning an item much easier.
  • Sam’s Club also allows and will accept TVs returned in an open box, something many other retailers do not offer. This means customers do not have to worry about opening the TV box to check on the product and make sure it suits their needs and is in working order.
  • Sam’s Club offers different ways of arranging a return that is suitable for different people’s needs. A return can be arranged by going online and filling out the required information, which is perfect for anyone who struggles to travel, or by going in-store and speaking to a staff member.
  • Members at Sam’s Club have ninety days to return a product. This means customers have a long period of time to make a return. For products like TVs, which can go wrong very easily, this returns period means customers have a little more peace of mind.


  • TVs that have been purchased online can only be returned to Sam’s Club online, which is not necessarily useful for anyone who would rather make a return by going in-store. It also takes longer for the return to be processed and the refund will take more time to arrive.
  • Similarly, a TV bought in store can only be returned to the store. This makes returning an item inaccessible for a lot of people who do not have the time to go into the store or might find it hard to travel, particularly with something as heavy and hard to transport as a TV.

Final Thoughts

Sam’s Club accepts TVs for refund or exchange at any point within ninety days of purchase.

Under their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Sam’s Club offers TV returns for any Club member is unsatisfied with their purchase or who experiences problems with their purchase.

It’s also worth noting that a receipt isn’t necessarily required, and open box returns are accepted.



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