Pacsun Swimwear Return Policy (In-store, No Receipt + More)

Pacsun Swimwear Return Policy

Do you know what Pacsun Swimwear’s return policy is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Buying swimsuits from Pacsun in-store or online is always a hit-or-miss experience! This is especially true if the store isn’t allowing you to try on swimsuits! What happens if you buy a swimsuit, only to try it on at home and discover it doesn’t fit how you would like. If you’re wondering what Pacsun’s swimwear return policy is, you’re not alone! 

Pacsun does allow returns within 30 days of purchase for swimwear purchased online and in-stores, however, they do place certain conditions on them.

In this article we will discuss Pacsun’s general return policy, the special consideration for swimwear, and how you can return items bought in-stores and online.  

What Is PacSun’s Return Policy?

Pacsun allows returns for their online and in-store purchases if the customer isn’t satisfied with their purchase. They will either offer a return and refund or allow you to exchange the merchandise. 

However, the exact rules for when exchanges are allowed and how the process works depends on if the purchaser still has their original receipt! 

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Pacsun Return Policy With An Original Receipt

In general, all returns with an original receipt can be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase for a full refund. Your refund will be made to the original form of payment. This means if you paid with a credit or debit card, the money will be transferred back onto your card, but if you paid in cash you will be refunded cash. 

All merchandise must be in their original condition in order to be eligible for a full refund. 

If the customer fails to make your return within 30 days from the date of purchase, then they will be given store credit for the merchandise or be permitted to exchange it for something similar. 

Pacsun does reserve their right to refuse any exchange. This may be due to an item not being in its original condition or simply because the customer is being unruly. 

Now, what happens if you’ve lost your receipt, but still have the tags for your item?

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Pacsun Return Policy Without An Original Receipt

If you don’t have a receipt Pacsun will still likely allow you to return your merchandise within 30 days of the original date of purchase in exchange for merchandise credit that is equal to the lowest selling price the item had over the previous 30 days. Or, they will allow you to exchange it for a similarly valued item. 

However, if the item was purchased at a discounted price and is considered a “markdown item,” then Pacsun will not allow a return without the original receipt. 

In addition, Pacsun may require a valid ID and ask further questions when you make a return without a receipt, including the customers: 

  • First/last name, 
  • Address, 
  • Phone number, and 
  • Signature. 

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What Considerations Are Made For Swimwear? 

Pacsun has additional rules in place for three different items, and one of them is swimwear! 

All swimwear can only be returned unworn with their original tags and hygiene strips attached. 

If any of these have been removed or it appears the merchandise has been used, Pacsun reserves the right to refuse the return. 

The reasoning behind this policy boils down to sanitary restrictions. If a swimsuit has been worn it is no longer able to be re-sold by Pacsun due to hygiene issues. 

Pacsun has the same rules in place for undergarments as both types of clothing would be considered unsanitary after use due to where they are worn on the body. 

So, we recommend that you leave your undergarments on when you try on your swimwear from Pacsun and leave their hygiene strip and tags in place. If you remove these, your item will likely not be accepted for a return or exchange. 

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How Do I Make A Return? 

The directions for making a return vary depending on whether the purchase was made in-stores or online. 

If you’ve made an online order you can return the order through the mail by printing a return label. But, you are also permitted to return your online order to a Pacsun store. The only way you wouldn’t be allowed to return an online order in-stores is if you made your purchase online using Venmo. These orders can only be returned by mail. 

If the online order was made with BitPay or PayPal, these can be returned in-store, but you can’t receive a refund, you would only be eligible for store credit. In order to receive the refund to the BitPay or PayPal account, the return must be made by mail. 

If you made your purchase in-stores then you must return it in-stores, you can’t return an item purchased in-tore through the mail. 

The 30 day timeframe for returns applies to both online and in-store purchases. 

Final Thoughts

Pacsun’s swimwear return policy is fairly lenient when we consider that other stores do not allow swimwear to be returned at all. As long as your merchandise has the original tags and hygiene strips in place it should be eligible for a return. 

It will make it easier for you to complete your return if you have your original receipt, however, returns are still possible without the original receipt. 

Just remember to try on your swimwear without removing the tags to make sure you like it. If the tags have been removed, Pacsun will likely not accept your return for a refund or store credit. 

These rules are in place to ensure that returned merchandise is sanitary and can be resold safely after it has been cleaned.



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