NAPA Legend Battery Warranty (Coverage, Claims +Time Frames)

NAPA Legend Battery Warranty

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend what NAPA Legend battery warranty is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

NAPA is a supplier of many critical automotive parts, batteries included. But when purchasing a battery, it’s important to know the details of the warranty agreement to be sure what’s covered and what isn’t, as well as how long the warranty lasts.

NAPA Legend Batteries come with a 24 or 36 month warranty, depending on whether they are Legend Professional or Legend Premium batteries. Within that time any defective batteries can be returned and replaced for free.

This article explores what’s covered in a NAPA Legend Battery Warranty, how to make your claim, and everything else you need to know.

What Are The Terms of the NAPA Legend Battery Warranty?

NAPA Legend Batteries Warranties guarantee a free replacement under the following conditions:

For Legend Professional Batteries: The battery must be returned within 24 months of purchase.

For Legend Premium Batteries: The battery must be returned within 36 months of purchase.

For Legend Premium AGM Batteries: The battery must be returned within 18 months of purchase.

For All Batteries:

– Must be defective due to faulty materials or improper assembly, not personal misuse or depletion.

– Must have proof of purchase when making a claim on the warranty

– Battery must be tested with appropriate equipment by NAPA professionals to determine whether it is faulty or merely discharged.

Replacements can be done completely free, or on a Prorated scale, depending on the results of the tests.

The warranty covers the replacement of a battery with another battery of similar size and capacity.

Warranty only covers the cost of the battery, not any installation costs, loss of time, or any other costs the customer making the claim might have incurred.

Proof of purchase must be provided to make a claim regarding a NAPA battery

What Happens if the Battery is Found to Be Merely Discharged?

If the battery is discharged rather than actually damaged, then the battery can be serviced and recharged and returned to peak use condition.

Note: If the battery is discharged, it may require charging before appropriate tests can be run to determine if it is broken or not.

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Is the Warranty Automatic or Optional?

All indications are that the Warranty is a guaranteed part of any sale of NAPA batteries.

Does the Warranty Cost Anything?

According to the policy, there is no extra cost for the warranty on a NAPA Legend battery.

The warranty is part of their customer service and customer satisfaction efforts.

Are There Circumstances the Warranty Doesn’t Cover?

The Warranty for Legend batteries does not apply under the following circumstances:

– The Warranty has expired.

– The battery has not been properly tested

– Batteries that are discharged rather than broken.

– Batteries that have failed due to poor or improper maintenance

– Batteries with cracked cases or broken posts

– Batteries that have been frozen

– Batteries damaged in fire or explosions

– Batteries left on the shelf for too long.

Why Does the Warranty Not Cover Broken Cases, Freeze Damage, Explosions, or Over-Extended Shelf Time?

All of these are conditions that would be visible and have the product taken off the sales floor, if they were present in a battery prior to leaving the store.

Therefore, all of these conditions would most likely result in buyer carelessness, which NAPA and associated vendors are not liable for.

In terms of Over-Extended Shelf Time, NAPA vendors and NAPA stores are required to keep records to prevent the sale of items that are not in optimum condition for use by the customer.

Does The Warranty Offer a Refund or a Replacement?

The warranty offers only a replacement of the faulty battery, no refunds.

It also does not cover any other costs involved in the removal of the damaged battery or the installation of a new one.

Is There an Extended Warranty Option?

For Legend batteries, the only warranty offered is a limited warranty. Batteries may be presented for a claim in 18, 24, or 36 months, depending on which type of battery is being discussed.

Lifetime warranties are only offered for specific items of NAPA merchandise, such as chassis parts.

Batteries presented for claims after the warranty period has run out may only be prorated.

Does The Warranty Still Apply if I Purchased My NAPA Legend Battery From A Third Party?

The NAPA Legend Battery warranty still applies if the battery is purchased from a third party vendor, so long as the vendor is listed as a licensed Seller for NAPA products.

However, claiming the warranty may require you to return the battery to the third party vendor, rather than directly to NAPA.

The warranty may also be subject to some of the terms and conditions of the third party vendor.

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What Should I Do If I’m Not Sure My NAPA Legend Battery is Covered by a Warranty?

NAPA and third party vendors will generally issue a card, stamped or punched with the date of sale. This can be used to determine if your battery is still eligible for a warranty in terms of time.

For other concerns, you may need to consult with a Customer Service representative to see if your Legend battery qualifies for a warranty claim.

When purchasing a NAPA Legend Battery, the type of battery determines the length of the warranty. Despite the limitations of the warranty, NAPA does provide a solid long-term warranty for any manufacturing issues you may find yourself experiencing.



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