JCPenney Holiday Return Policy (All You Need to Know)

jcpenney holiday return policy

Do you know what JCPenney’s return policy is? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

During Christmas holiday season, we often end up buying a lot on sale or get gifts that we don’t particularly like. 

Before you end up buying a lot or trying to return gifts bought from stores like JCPenney, it’s important that you know how their return policy works and what are the conditions for returning something. 

JCPenney’s Christmas return policy entails that you can return anything bought during Christmas sales or given to you as a gift with a gift receipt for a gift card of the same amount, this way, you get an exchange and a refund.

The items can still be exchanged or returned even if it doesn’t come with the receipt but still has the tag on. 

This article will cover everything you need to know about JCPenney’s Christmas return policy, as well as how, when, and where to return or exchange them. 


An overview of JCPenney Christmas return policy

Before we get into the details of when, where, and how to return a JCPenney product, you first need to know the basics of the rules surrounding JCPenney’s Christmas return policy, as summarized by the CBS:

  • Items purchased can be returned with or without a receipt.
  • Items with a purchase receipt can get you a full refund or exchange. 
  • The policy accepts gift returns with a gift receipt. 
  • Gift receipts are refunded in the form of a gift card. 
  • Items without a receipt are exchanged at the lowest selling price respective of the item within the last 45 days. 
  • Without receipt, items are returned by issuing a merchandise return voucher/store credit. 

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What’s the time limit to return or exchange a product after purchase?

For some products, there’s no time limit set for returning, with or without a receipt, that’s the good thing about JCPenney’s return policy.

These items can be returned whenever although it would be recommended to return them sooner, lest you forget.

Some of the products that don’t require a set time limit for returns are shoes, houseware, clothing, and products of the sort.

However, there are certain products that have a time limit set on them for return or exchange. Most JCPenney products can be returned within 3 months (90 days) of purchase, but items like portraits and watches have to be returned in 2 months or less.

There are also some items permissible to be returned within a month of purchase such as beauty care products. 

Where can I go to return the purchased or gift products to JCPenney?

JCPenney products and merchandise can be returned at any store near you, just make sure you have the purchase receipt if you bought it yourself or a gift receipt if it was given to you by someone as a Christmas present.

There are exceptions to what things you cannot return or exchange, covered later in this article. 

Some items that may be too big for you to carry to your nearest JCPenney store (for example, mattresses, beds, tables, furniture) can also be shipped back to the store for your ease instead of being dropped off at the store location. 

Is there a restocking fee cut from the original price upon returns?

Normal products don’t require a restocking or pick up fee, but the large items mentioned above that have to be shipped back require transport costs, as charged by the JCPenney return policy (unless you mail them to the store yourself).

Call customer services to schedule a pickup from your location to the nearest store. 

Restocking those items in the store also takes a lot of effort and brawl so that cost is cut from the overall price to be returned back to you upon return. 

A pick up cost of 85$ is standard for any large merchandise, be it furniture or a mattress, along with a 15-20% restocking fee depending on the nature of the return.

JCPenney offers some concession on the restocking fee in the case that you’re exchanging the product for another one from their store. 


I’ve lost the receipt for the product purchase; can I still return it to JCPenney?

If you’ve lost the cash receipt or the gift receipt, worry not. You can still return the merchandise, but it will be at the lowest price recorded for that product within the last 45 days, as mentioned in the overview.

However, you still won’t get a cash return but a gift card or store credit that can be used to buy something else from JCPenney. You will also need to show proof of identification.

So, we suggest holding onto your receipts as tightly as you can because only those grant you the ticket to an easy return. 

How do I return my online JCPenney purchases in-store?

Any package from JCPenney that arrives at your door comes with a ‘Return and Exchange’ form to be used for returning, and online purchases can be returned in any JCPenney store in your vicinity.

Your online account has your order history saved, so you can start the return process online as well by following the instructions given. 

Does JCPenney take returns without the original product packaging?

You’d have to call their customer services to check and make sure but, according to our knowledge, most products can be returned without the original packaging.

It’s well-assumed that the customers sometimes throw away the original packaging while opening the product. 

What kind of items cannot be returned under any circumstances?

Despite JCPenney’s easygoing and accommodating return policies, there are some products that absolutely cannot be returned, for example:

  1. Gift cards/store credits
  2. Perishable food items
  3. Monogrammed, personalized, or altered items
  4. Body Jewelry
  5. Overly used or deliberately damaged products

Can I return used items back to JCPenney?

You can return somewhat used products back to the store, however, accepting the return entirely depends on the store staff, managers, and what they consider to be a viable return-worthy product.

Only gently worn or used items should be exchanged or returned, so we recommend not trading in your stained clothes or things you’ve broken on purpose as the management notices it very easily. 

Important clauses of the JCPenney Christmas return policy to keep in mind

Wrapping up this article, we’re noting down 3 important features of this policy that you should read before returning something:

  • Always take your proof of purchase or gift receipt to the store for returns.
  • If you don’t have one, try to generate a proof of purchase by using your credit card history, if you paid through your card. 
  • If all else fails, at least take some proof of identification or something that can make them believe you’re a reliable customer to their store and aren’t pranking them. 


By now we hope you’ve found out everything there is to know about JCPenney’s Christmas return policies and how they work.

Some of the specificities to keep in mind are what kind of products are eligible to be returned, what proof you need to return those products and the time frame during which they can be returned.

Although most products do not have a time frame, you can check their website or call their customer care hotline to find out which products have a return deadline, and which do not.



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