What Is JCPenney Return Policy after Christmas? (Secrets Nobody Is Talking About)

jcpenney Return Policy After Christmas

Lindsey, do you know what is JCPenney return policy after christmas? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

You love JCPenney and everyone knows it, which is why you received two of the same item from your favorite store for Christmas.

You don’t need double, so you plan to return one to JCPenney. First, you need to know what their after Christmas return policy is.

So, what is JCPenney return policy after the Christmas sale? You can return any unwanted JCPenney Christmas gifts with a gift receipt for an item exchange or refund in the form of a gift card for the full amount that the gift was purchased. If your gift giver failed to give you a receipt, you can still exchange the item with the tags on for a gift card.

In this article, you will learn if JCPenney charges a restocking fee for returned merchandise and where you can return items to JCPenney that you received as a gift.

Additionally, we will give you advice on how many days you have to make a return to JCPenney and whether or not they will accept returned items without a receipt.

Does JCPenney Charge a Restocking Fee for Returned Merchandise?

JCPenney does charge a restocking fee for certain items that are large and expensive in order to recuperate the costs of taking them back. A restocking fee is applicable for returned furniture, large fitness equipment, and mattresses.

For furniture and fitness equipment, the restocking fee is 15% of the cost of the item plus a pick-up fee of $85 since these items cannot be dropped off at a store location for return.

For mattresses, the restocking fee is 15% of the cost of the mattress if another mattress is selected in exchange.

If it is just a simple return and not an exchange, the restocking fee is 20% of the cost of the mattress plus a pick-up fee of $85.

All other types of merchandise can be returned without financial penalty.

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Where Can I Return JCPenney Merchandise I Received as a Gift?

You can return JCPenney merchandise to any JCPenney store. If it is a gift, make sure you have the gift receipt. There are some exemptions to the type of merchandise that can be returned to the store.

For example, large items such as mattresses and furniture can only be shipped back to JCPenney and not dropped off at a store location.

If you ordered JCPenney merchandise online, your account should have all of your orders saved. You can start the return process online and the prompts will tell you how to ship the item back to JCPenney.

Alternatively, most products purchased from the website can be returned to a store in person.

If you are unsure about whether you should ship your returned item back to JCPenney or drop it off at one of the store’s locations, call one of their customer service representatives.

They should be able to help direct you on the steps to take to complete your return.

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How Many Days Do I Have to Return an Item to JCPenney?

Most JCPenney merchandise must be returned within ninety days of purchase. There are exceptions for certain types of purchases, however.

Portraits, watches, and fine jewelry have to be returned within sixty days of purchase with the receipt.

There is also a list of items that have to be returned within thirty days of purchase including furniture, armoires, jewelry boxes, personal health and beauty care items, small kitchen electronics, floor care products, innovative gifts, and housekeeping products.

You have up to 120 days to return mattresses, ten days to return smart watches and fitness trackers, and two days to return large fitness equipment.

Some products are not eligible for return at all including masks, body jewelry, and custom blinds.

Most of these special return policy items need to be returned with a receipt and some of them require a restocking and pick-up fee.

If you are unsure if the item you wish to return to JCPenney falls under one of these categories, give their customer service representatives a call.

They will be able to help you figure out how long you have to return an item and what other details you need to be aware of for the return.

Can I Return JCPenney Merchandise Without a Receipt?

You can return most merchandise to JCPenney without a receipt, but you will need to present a government issued photo identification card.

They accept driver’s licenses, state IDs, military IDs, passports, and voter registration cards for Mexico and Puerto Rico.

When you return the item without a receipt, they will refund you with a JCPenney gift card totaling the lowest selling price of the product within the last 45 days.

For returns made in Massachusetts and Connecticut, you may not get a refund on sales tax without a receipt.

There are certain items that must be returned with a receipt otherwise they will not be accepted such as watches and fine jewelry. Personalized or special order jewelry cannot be returned at all.

If you are returning an item without a receipt, you will need to return it at a physical store location. You will not be able to do an online return or ship it back to the store without a receipt.


JCPenney has a very extensive return policy that includes gifts and unwanted items. If you received a gift you would like to return, you can get a gift card in the amount of merchandise’s value as long as you have a gift receipt.

If you don’t have a receipt, you can still receive a gift card in exchange for the product, but it will value the lowest price the product sold for within the last 45 days.

Certain items cannot be returned and others have a shorter return window than the general ninety days after purchase.

Some larger items such as furniture, mattresses, and fitness equipment require a restocking and pick-up fee and cannot be returned to a physical store location.

If you have any questions about the nature of your return, contact JCPenney’s customer service desk and they can help you.

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