What Is GAP Return Policy after 90 Days? (Secrets Nobody Is Talking About!)

gap return policy after 90 days

Do you know what GAP return policy after 90 days is? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

GAP is an enormous and popular fashion and clothing retailer. They are popular enough that they have spawned several spinoffs, such as GAP Kids and others.

Part of their success story is their return policy, which is pretty liberal, especially compared to GAP’s primary competitors.

So, what is GAP return policy after 90 days? GAP’s normal policy is limited to 45 days, however, you can still return items after 90 days have passed. GAP will do what is called a “no receipt” return after 90 days because the receipt (even if you kept it) is no longer valid that far out. So the policy actually falls under the “no receipt” policy. 

If you return an item to GAP that is that far out, you will be able to return it but you will get the value of the item back at the lowest cost that the item in question was priced at in the last 90 days.

Not only that but the value is returned to you on what is called a “Merchandise” card. 

A Merchandise Card is not the same as a gift card and is more limited than a gift card in terms of what you can purchase and otherwise use it for in the store. 

How Does the 90-Day Return Policy Work?

Let’s say that you purchased a blouse from GAP for $45. You get home and realize that it doesn’t fit you the way that you thought it would so you set the blouse aside to return to GAP as soon as you possibly can. 

As things usually go, we all get busy sometimes and forgetful. This is what happens to the imaginary you that we are describing here.

Before you realize it, it’s been over three months since you purchased the blouse and you still have the receipt. 

Having the receipt gives you some confidence. So long as you have the receipt and the blouse is brand new, it should be good, right? During this three-month time period of forgetfulness, GAP discounts that same blouse and puts it on the “Sale’s Rack” for $20.

You show up in the GAP store three months and 10 days from the original date of purchase, receipt in hand. A smiling, GAP representative smilingly tells you that they will certainly take your blouse back and that is no problem at all. 

Once they take it back and realize when you paid for it, however, they inform you that you will get a Merchandise Card in the amount of $20, and not only that, but you will have to wait for the card to arrive in the mail. “Thank you so much for shopping at GAP, is there anything else I can help you with today?”

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Additional Return Stipulations at GAP?

That story may sound frustrating, however, that’s pretty standard fare across the board for clothing retailers. Of course, there are other factors that affect how you return your purchased items to GAP. 

  • GAP does not accept returns on mail marked items, items purchased through Facebook Shop, or items purchased through Instagram
  • GAP won’t accept items purchased at a physical store if you try to return them online
  • GAP won’t accept swimwear returns without the price tag still attached and the hygiene liner still in place
  • Sunglasses are not accepted without an original receipt, the tag attachment, and the case
  • Gift returns will only net you a gift card or item of equal value

GAP, along with many other competing clothing outlets began to change the way they deal with swimwear and underwear items after a rash of complaints arose several years back.

It’s as if suddenly thousands of people realized that they may be wearing swimwear that was previously worn by an unhygienic person. 

It’s an appropriate change but one that took decades to come along.

For obvious reasons, GAP won’t accept an online return if you purchased the item in one of their stores. Sunglasses returns are a little strict but that is the official return policy regardless. 

Lastly, gift returns can only be exchanged for another item of equal or lesser value. However, you can accept a gift card instead, if it’s more convenient that way. 

Returning Items to GAP

There are several ways to return items to GAP, even if you have exceeded the 90-day policy. If you made a purchase through the online GAP store, you can either return your item to the store via mail (you cannot send returned items to the GAP factory or outlet) or you can walk into any GAP store to return it. 

If you decide to return your item via mail, you can generate a shipping label by using GAP’s “Interactive Returns Process.”

Once the label is generated, box the items up that you want to return and mail them to-

100 GAP Inc. 

Direct Gateway

Groveport, OH. 43125

GAP accepts returns through USPS or UPS but not FedEx or any other carrier. So be sure to take your item to the post office or to your local UPS office. 

To return your item to a physical GAP store, bring the item along with the receipt or any other proof of purchase that you can provide.

You can return items to a physical store that you purchased from the store or ordered online.

Even if you are past the 90-day period, you should still bring your receipt, even though it will be considered invalid. It will make the whole process a little easier in the long run. 

If you don’t have the receipt, you can still return your item to GAP, so long as you understand that you probably won’t get the value of your item returned to you, especially if you have gone past 90 days.

Final Thoughts

GAP’s return policy is fairly liberal, especially if you return your items within the standard, 45-day allotment for purchased item returns.

If you bring it back after 90 days, GAP will work with you, however, you’re not going to get the full value of the item back and you’re going to have to wait for your refund in the mail.

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