How Much Are Publix Wedding Cakes? (Here Is How To Order)

How Much Are Publix Wedding Cakes

If you’ve thought about turning to Publix for your wedding cake needs but aren’t sure on the specifics of how to make it happen, you’re not alone! Let’s start with the most important question:

How much do Publix wedding cakes cost?  On average, a Publix wedding cake for 100 guests will cost you around $370 and around $680 for 200 guests. The lower end would be a basic three-tier cake with no additions, the more you add to that, the more you pay!

In this article, we will discuss all things Publix wedding cakes to help you prepare for your big day!

How Do I Order A Wedding Cake From Publix? 

You can get your dream wedding cake from Publix in only four simple steps. 

First, you need to visit your local Publix bakery department and set up a consultation with the cake decorator. Make sure to schedule this well in advance for your wedding, Publix recommends at least four weeks. 

Second, you choose the cake you want! You can browse online through the Publix website prior to your appointment, or you can look through the provided cake book in their store.

Once you choose one, you still have the option to discuss customizations with the decorator. 

Third, you need to pick your final flavors! Publix even offers a cake tasting free of charge so you can be sure you’ve chosen what you like.

Once you’ve finalized everything and placed your order, that’s all there is for you.

The fourth step is to either pick-up your cake on the day of your event, or you can pay an additional fee for Publix to deliver the cake to your venue! 

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What Is The Average Cost For A Publix Wedding Cake? 

While the exact cost of your cake will depend on your specific size, customization level, and choice of fillings/frostings, we can provide some ballpark numbers for Publix wedding cakes. 

On average, their round cakes will range from $370-$540, and their square cakes will range from $450-$680

We will get into servicing size specifics soon, but the cost difference between round and square cakes is to encompass the fact that square cakes will generally serve more people than a round cake of the same size. 

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What Kind Of Wedding Cakes Does Publix Offer? 

Publix has a catalog of cakes available online for your viewing. They have classics like an elegant three tier white cake, apple cakes, cookies and cream, chocolate, and much more! 

Once you’ve chosen a theme and know where to start you can begin your customizations

You will need to choose your cake flavor, filling flavor, icing flavor, size, and type of decoration. 

What Cake Flavors Are Available? 

As far as grocery store bakeries go, Publix has a pretty decent collection of cake flavor choices. You can choose from: 

  • Vanilla, 
  • Chocolate, 
  • Confetti, 
  • Marble, 
  • Strawberry, or 
  • Vanilla/chocolate combination.

As for icings, they go beyond the typical buttercream and offer: 

  • Buttercream
  • Chocolate fudge, 
  • Cream cheese, and
  • Fondant.

They even have fillings you can add between your layers, you can choose from: 

  • Cannoli, 
  • Cherry, 
  • Dulce de leche, 
  • Fresh strawberry, 
  • Guava, 
  • Hazelnut cream cheese, 
  • Lemon, 
  • Pineapple, 
  • Raspberry, 
  • Raspberry custard, 
  • Vanilla custard, and
  • Chocolate custard.

Publix also has 140 different icing colors, which should make it fairly easy to match the colors of your wedding. 

As you can see, the Publix bakery really does have the capability to accommodate almost any wedding cake flavor you might want!

They even state on their website that additional flavors are available upon request. Which just shows that Publix is committed to making sure they can accommodate you and make the wedding cake of your dreams. 

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What Cake Sizes Are Available? 

Another aspect of choosing the right cake is knowing what size to get. Publix offers a handy chart that can help you decide which size of the cake is right for your guest list.

They recommend you need enough cake for each guest to have at least one slice. 

The sizes of round/square cakes offered by Publix include: 

  • 6”,
  • 7”,
  • 8”,
  • 9”,
  • 10”,
  • 12”,
  • 14”,
  • 16”, and
  • 18”.

As for servings, this can depend on whether you choose a round or square cake. 

  • A round and square 6” cake both serve 12, 
  • A round and square 7” cake both serve 16, 
  • A round 8” serves 20 and a square 8” serves 26, 
  • A round 9” serves 24 and a square 9” serves 30, 
  • A round 10”serves 30 and a square 10” serves 40, 
  • A round 12” serves 45 and a square 12” serves 58, 
  • A round 14” serves 62 and square 14” serves 78, 
  • A round 16” serves 85, and a square 16” serves 100, and 
  • A round 18” serves 125 and a square 18” serves 130. 

This is assuming each cake is 3 layers and each guest gets a 2 oz slice. 

What If I Just Want A Sheetcake For My Wedding? 

If you’re looking to cut costs even more and just get a sheet cake for your guests, Publix has this covered as well.

The cost of a sheet cake will be much less, but you will also have more limited decoration options. 

You’ll still be able to choose from the same cake flavors, icing flavors, and fillings that are offered for wedding cakes, but you’ll have to work out decoration specifics with your local Publix bakery associate. 

As for pricing, Publix offers four different sheet cake sizes: 

  • ¼ sheet cake serves 15-20 and starts at $32, 
  • ½ sheet cake serves 35-40 and starts at $60, 
  • ¾ sheet cake serves 55-60 and starts at $70, and 
  • Full sheet cake serves 75-80 and starts at $118. 

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Buying a cake from Publix is a great way to save some money and still make sure you get a tasty cake that looks how you want! 

You may even decide to purchase a small decorative cake for the bride and groom and then just use a sheet cake with the same flavors for all of your guests.

This can ultimately save you money and guests only care that the cake tastes good! 

Publix definitely has their flavors locked down, and no matter what you choose, you’re sure to get a delicious cake for your special day!



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