What Colors Make Gold Icing? (Buttercream, Pipping)

What Colors Make Gold Icing

How to Make Gold Icing? What colors make gold icing? The Golden yellow icing color comes from mixing combinations of yellow, orange, red and green. Edible gold shimmer dust can add a metallic sheen to any icing. A striking gold metal effect is produced by covering icing with edible gold leaf. However, gold icing is made in several ways, depending on whether you want a golden yellow shade or metallic gold result.

If you want to make a cake with a rich and sophisticated appearance, gold icing is a good option for creating this impression.

This article below tells you more about how to buy, make, and use gold icing.

What color is gold icing?

When talking about icing, ‘gold’ could refer to a deep golden yellow color, or to decoration which has a resemblance to the metal gold.

Metallic gold icing might be achieved in the form of a gold shimmer powder or spray onto a plain icing base, or a full surface coating of edible gold leaf or edible gold paint.   

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Can I buy gold icing?

You may be able to buy ready-made gold icing in local stores or online. Some brands will sell ready-mixed golden yellow food coloring, and you can add this to plain icing at home.

You can also buy edible gold shimmer powder or spray to sprinkle or apply to your icing surface for a more metallic look.

Edible gold leaf or gold paint can be bought online or in stores that sell goods for confectioners or bakers. Some supermarkets may stock gold leaf in their baking sections.

How can I make gold icing?

For gold yellow icing, you will always begin with some type of yellow icing or food coloring. Different starting shades of yellow (lemon, acid yellow, mustard, banana, etc..) will produce different final results.

The exact shade of any colored icing generally deepens over the course of 24 hours as they dry.

For very specific results and special occasion cakes, it’s always a good idea to practice your recipe and icing in advance so that you can be sure of the shade achieved in the final result.

When working with colored icing, always remember that lemon juice (and other acids) can react with food colors to change their shades.

If you’re making a gold citrus icing, trial a small batch first in case the final color is not as you anticipate.

HOW TO MAKE GOLDEN YELLOW ON ICING DIY >> Check out the video below:

Yellow and red (or orange) for golden yellow icing

Add very small quantities of red coloring (or orange), perhaps with a tooth pick, and mix thoroughly until your desired shade is achieved.

Yellow, red and green for golden yellow icing

A slightly aged version of golden yellow can be achieved by adding a minute amount of green coloring to your yellow and red combination.

Gold shimmer icing

A simple and versatile means of achieving a metallic gold icing appearance is to apply a gold shimmer icing powder or spray to the surface of your plain white or golden yellow iced cake.

Gold paint icing

Edible gold paint is another way of creating a metallic gold icing surface. You will apply the edible paint to a layer of white or another icing to achieve your desired effect.

Gold leaf icing

Edible gold leaf may be applied to the surface of icing with tweezers, brush, or other precision tools. It can be used to add accents and patterns or to completely cover the icing in a layer of metallic gold.

Can I make natural gold icing without artificial ingredients?

Yes, while many food colorings are artificial there are also natural food coloring options available to buy online or in stores. You can experiment with these to produce gold colors for your icing.

Gold metal itself is completely natural and edible gold leaf should contain no artificial coloring or other additives.

Is gold icing safe to eat?

Yes, gold icing is as safe to eat as any other color, whether you choose to buy artificial food colors, naturally derived colors, sprinkle on a gold shimmer layer, or apply gold leaf.

Gold leaf is simply an extremely thin, fine sheet of gold metal.

Edible gold leaf is a very pure form gold leaf, always being at least 21 karat gold. Karats (or carats) are a measure expressing the purity of gold as a proportion of its total makeup, with 24 karats being the highest end of the scale.

Gold itself is a non-reactive metal and usually considered inert in the human body. This means that it will not react with any part of your biological system and should pass straight through your body.

Remember never to use any gold coloring, gold leaf or gold paint in your icing that isn’t specifically produced for food products and marked as being edible.

Non-food gold colors may contain toxic ingredients.

Can any icing type be gold?

Yes, in some form. The best gold color option for your icing type will depend on its texture and consistency.

Edible gold shimmer dusting is very versatile and can be easily applied to the surface of all icing types.

Edible gold leaf, or gold paint, can also be used to decorate any icing, but if you’re aiming for a uniform coating, this will be more easily achieved on a flat, even icing surface.

Decorating a swirl of buttercream with a gold leaf flake will be simpler than trying to coat the whole irregular surface of the swirl.

You should also be able to produce a gold yellow shade of all icing types, including royal icing, buttercream, glacé, and fondant. Icing recipes will often indicate the best time to add your coloring.

Some physical forms of food coloring, (e.g. liquid, dusting powder, gel or spray) will work better with specific consistencies of icing.

Experimenting with different options and methods is often the best way to find your ideal gold icing color and consistency.

Is gold icing vegan?

You can choose plant-based coloring options which do not contain animal products if you wish to produce a vegan-friendly gold icing.

Check for a vegan symbol on the packaging of any ready-made colors or icing, indicating that the product contains no animal products.

Be aware that some red food colors are made from cochineal, derived from beetles. Nothing containing cochineal is suitable for vegans.

Gold leaf itself is only the metal gold and therefore should be vegan.

A final word…

Gold icing can produce truly luxurious decorative results for your baking projects and we hope we’ve given you some good ideas for how to use it.


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