Home Depot 48 Hour Return Policy (Full Guide)

home depot 48 hour return policy

Home Depot’s 48-hour return policy states that any appliance which arrives damaged or defective must be reported as such and processed for return within 48 hours. Once this period of time has passed, the item becomes ineligible for return.

Large appliances can only be returned if they are found to be damaged or defective upon delivery.

In the following article, we look at everything you need to know about Home Depot’s 48-hour return policy for appliances.

What is Home Depot’s 48-hour return policy?

Home Depot’s 48-hour return policy states that appliances which are damaged or defective upon delivery must be reported for return within 48 hours.

The policy applies to most large appliances, most of which will be delivered to you upon purchase. 

The returns policy also states that large appliances may only be accepted for return if they are faulty or damaged. So if you attempt to make a return on an appliance that is not damaged or defective, your return request is unlikely to be accepted.

In most cases, when you purchase a large appliance like a refrigerator or washer in store at Home Depot, you will have the item delivered to your home. Once you receive your appliance, you must thoroughly inspect it for any signs that it is damaged or defective. 

According to the policy, your opportunity for return will close after the 48-hour time period has passed, even if you have your receipt and any other necessary documents.

For this reason, it’s important that you make your return as quickly as possible.

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Do Home Depot appliances come with a warranty?

In most cases, your Home Depot appliances should come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Many manufacturers’ warranties will allow repairs for faulty appliances at any point, so you may be allowed to repair your appliance instead of returning it.

You can also add Home Depot Protection Plan when you purchase your appliance, which offers some extra protection against faults or damage.

The Plan gives you up to five years of added protection, depending on the coverage your purchase.

What does the 48-hour return policy cover?

The 48-hour return policy applies to most major appliances sold by Home Depot. Most major kitchen appliances are covered by the policy, including refrigerators, ovens, washers and dryers, and some microwaves. 

Is anything not covered by the policy?

Small appliances are not covered by the policy and instead have their own regulations. Products like toasters and blenders can be returned at any point within ninety days after purchase, whether they are faulty or not. 

The policy also doesn’t cover any appliance which is not faulty or damaged.

If you purchase a large appliance and it is not faulty or damaged upon delivery, you will be unable to return it unless you have additional protection on your product. 

How do you make a return to Home Depot?

If your item is delivered and you find it to be faulty or damaged upon initial inspection, you can choose to refuse to accept the delivery.

This means the product will be returned to Home Depot and you will either be refunded or allowed to exchange your appliance. 

If you accept delivery and later find a fault or defect in your appliance, you have 48 hours to arrange your return.

To do so, call Home Depot on (800) 455-3869 to speak to an associate, who will start the process of your return and help you to arrange the collection of the item.

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Do you need your receipt to make a return?

If you accept the delivery of your item and later find that it is defective or damaged, you might not need your receipt to make the return.

This is because Home Depot’s staff can usually trace the purchase on the system, using the card you paid with.

It’s worth noting that this receipt policy doesn’t apply to cash purchases. Any purchase made with cash must be returned with a receipt, as the system cannot trace any order purchased with cash.

Final Thoughts

Home Depot has a 48-hour return policy on any major appliance which is delivered to you damaged or defective.

Faults and damage to your appliance must be reported to Home Depot within 48 hours of delivery, after which point your option for returning the item will be closed.




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