Greenlawn RVs: 8 Facts Owners & Buyers Should Know (Explained)


Greenlawn RV is the premier RV dealer in Columbus, Lockbourne, &and Chillicothe.

Greenlawn RVs are known as one of the best RV showrooms in the state of Ohio. So, we decided to do a little bit of research on them.

We figured that potential buyers would want to know a little bit more about the company before they part with their cash.

So, we figured that we would find out a little bit more about what Greenlawn RVs brings to the table, as well as a whole host of information about the products that they offer.

Who are Greenlawn RVs?

Greenlawn RVs is an RV showroom found in Ohio. They have three showrooms, all of which are located around the Columbus, Ohio area.

The models can differ from showroom to showroom, so make sure that you call in advance if there is something in particular that you want from the company.

Greenlawn RVs have been in business for an exceedingly long time now.

Their showrooms are not only packed with some of the latest RV models on the market, but their company is run by some of the most experienced RV salesmen in the state.

This means that if you head to Greenlawn RVs, they will really be able to help you find the model of RV that you want.

Where Can You Find Greenlawn RVs?

There are three different Greenlawn RVs showrooms.

  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Lockbourne, Ohio
  • Chillicothe, Ohio

The Columbus, Ohio showroom is the main one. This is where you will go if you want to find some of the latest models from the brands that they stock.

The Chillicothe showroom is their smallest showroom. Do bear in mind that the Chillicothe showroom is open just 5-days per week. it is closed on Mondays and Sundays.

The other 2 showrooms are open 7-days a week, although you will have to make an appointment if you want to head there on a Sunday.

What Size of RV Does Greenlawn RVs Sell?

Greenlawn RVs keep a few different sizes of RV in stock. The exact products can differ from season to season and the used options that they may have available.

However, you can expect the following sizes in stock at most times:

What RV Manufacturers Does Greenlawn RVs Stock?

Greenlawn RVs stocks the following manufacturers as standard:

  • Forest Lawn
  • Crossroads
  • Dutchmen
  • Palomino
  • Starcraft

They stock both new and used options from each of these brands. The company always strives to stock the latest models from each of these companies. However, remember, they do have limited space in their showrooms.

This means that they may only be keeping one option of each in at once.

This means that if there is a specific model that you are in the market for, then you are going to need to check the Greenlawn RVs website in advance to see if it is in stock.

If it isn’t, then you can give the company a call and they will be able to help you out.

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What is the Best RV Stocked by Greenlawn RVs?

This is a pretty difficult question for us to answer, because the best RV from Greenlawn for us may not necessarily be the best RV for you.

However, there are a couple of models from the company that we really do love.

2021 Forest River Sandpiper 

We have always loved Forest River RVs. The company, in our opinion, has never made a bad RV. The 2021 Forest River Sandpiper is easily one of the best products that they have ever made.

“This RV is able to sleep up to 6 people. It won’t be a cramped fit either. There is plenty of space to wander around the RV. There is a dedicated lounge, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom area.”

With the double bed at the rear of the vehicle in a rather luxurious bedroom, this is going to be the perfect RV for a couple that is looking to tour the United States.

The model that Greenlawn RVs stocks will be the standard model of the Sandpiper. However, as with many of the products that Greenlawn stocks, you will be able to change up the floorplan if you wish.

They are more than happy to order in one of the other floorplans or higher-spec Sandpipers if you really want.

2021 Palomino Puma Destination

If you have a rather large family in tow, then the 2021 Palomino Puma Destination may be worth your time. This can sleep a whopping 9 people. Although, we feel that it is going to work best for between 2 and 5 people.

Unlike most RVs of this type, there are actually 2 bedrooms in here. You have a bedroom with a Queen Size bed at the back, and then a bedroom with a double bunk in the center.

This gives people privacy without having to thrust everybody into a cramped living area to sleep.

Of course, these are just our picks. You may want to go through the Greenlawn RVs website to find an option that may be better for you.

Does Greenlawn RVs Offer Used Vehicles?


Greenlawn RVs do have a rather substantial number of used vehicles at any one time. Of course, the used vehicles will be limited to the various manufacturers that they keep in stock.

So, don’t expect to find anything outside of their normal brands. In most cases, at least.

One thing that has surprised us about Greenlawn RVs is that this company often has some of the cheapest used RVs on the market.

Their financing prices often start as little as $200 per month for the used RVs, which is probably going to be one of the most affordable ways for people to jump into RV ownership.

Of course, you are still going to need to be approved for that financing. This means that you will need to have a fantastic credit score.

All of the used vehicles that they do stock have clearly had a lot of work put into them to ensure that they look as brilliant as possible. They aren’t just put in their showroom. Greenlawn RVs carries out a little bit of maintenance to ensure that they are ready to go as soon as that purchase has been made.

“If you are looking to sell your vehicle, then Greenlawn RVs will offer some tremendous options for those that are looking to trade in their vehicle.”

You can either get some of the best prices in Ohio for trade-in (and walk out with cash), or you are going to be able to trade in your vehicle for a rather hefty discount on one of the new options that they have available.

All of the used vehicles that Greenlawn RVs offers can be found right there on their website. However, do bear in mind tha they sell out exceedingly quickly.

So, if you are in the market for a used RV, we do suggest that you check the Greenlawn RVs website regularly, otherwise you could be missing out on the deal of a lifetime.

The Company Offers Financing


In fact, if you head to the Greenlawn RVs website, you will find that a good chunk of their website is focused on pushing the idea of financing for their products.

It seems that they really do care about ensuring that as many people as possible get their hands on some high-quality RVs.

Their prices start at as little as $250 per month with a 0% down payment, which certainly isn’t too shabby. Although, of course, this is going to be for the cheapest products that they offer.

If you are looking for some of the best RVs that the company stocks, then you are probably going to be looking at a lot more than this per month.

 Although, we do suppose that it is still going to be a lot cheaper than buying the RV outright, right?

“Do bear in mind that you are going to need to have a decent credit score if you want to receive financing on Greenlawn RVs.”

There is a link on their website where you will be able to see whether you qualify for financing through the company.

Alternatively, you can head to one of their superstores and they will be more than happy to help you out.

The Company Offers Spare Parts and Service

As brilliant as your RV may be, it is going to need to have a service carried out every so often. This will help to ensure that it stays out there on the road for as long as possible.

You will need to give the company a call in advance if you want to book any maintenance on your vehicle. Although, this is something that does seem to make sense.

After all, they probably don’t want a queue of big, bulky RVs at their place just looking for a service. Thankfully, the company does have a fair number of open slots for vehicle servicing, and they are pretty good at it.

This means that any appointment that you do make shouldn’t be that much into the future.

If you prefer to be doing the maintenance on your own, then you will be pleased to know that the company stocks a huge array of spare parts and accessories for all of the RV brands that they stock.

So, whether you are looking to repair a small broken component or give your vehicle a complete overhaul, Greenlawn RVs should be able to offer you everything that you need.

They are able to service and repair just about any brand of RV that they stock. Of course, if you have purchased your RV from the company, then you will also be able to use this service to help deal with any claims that you may have under your vehicle’s warranty.

Again, they are going to help you to deal with these problems nice and quickly so you don’t have to worry about that too much.

“If you are looking for one of the best RV superstores in Ohio, then we suggest that you take a look at Greenlawn RVs.”

While they do not have the largest selection of brands, you can be sure that when you head to this company, you are going to be enjoying one of the best RV companies in the business.

You will get a service with a smile, and you can be sure that you are always going to be dealing with the experts.


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