GAP Christmas Return Policy (All You Need to Know)

GAP Christmas Return Policy

Lindsey, do you know what GAP return policy for Christmas is? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Return policies vary from store to store. They also vary from season to Christmas season, in some cases. Retailers set their own return policies based on the needs of the company.

According to GAP return policy, you’ll have until January 15th for Christmas time returns or exchanges or 30 days after the date of purchase or delivery. GAP has a Christmas return policy that is different than its regular one. Customers have an extended time period to return unwanted items due to the nature of the holiday season.

Many people buy Christmas gifts well before the holiday. That’s why stores extend their return time periods.

Though the recipient may have just received the gift, it was purchased months before that. So, read on to find out all you need to know about the GAP Christmas return policy.

What Is the Regular GAP Return Policy?

Generally, GAP allows 30 days to return or exchange unwanted items. The 30 days start from the date of purchase or the date of delivery, depending on how you bought the merchandise. 

Customers are expected to bring a receipt or order invoice with the item to get a full refund. If you don’t have a proof of purchase document, you are still entitled to a refund but for whatever the selling price is at that time.

If the item is on sale, you will get a gift certificate granted for the amount of the sale price. 

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What Is the GAP Christmas Return Policy?

The GAP Christmas return policy gives you until January 15th to return items that were purchased between October 24 and December 24.

Items purchased in the last couple of weeks before Christmas still have the 30 day return time period, as that takes their eligibility past the January 15 deadline.

You should bring a receipt, order invoice, or a gift receipt to ensure you get the full amount of the refund. If you cannot produce one of these, you risk losing out on money. 

Exchanges don’t necessarily have to be accompanied by a proof of purchase document, but it still helps in case there has been a change to the price of the item.

Can You Return Items Purchased Online In-Store?

You can return items ordered from the website to a store location. Make sure to take your order invoice with you, along with the method of payment you used to place the order.

If you order your GAP items through Instagram, Facebook, or Shopify, you cannot return them in-store. 

Some items are marked “mail only” when you receive them. These also can’t be taken to return at a store location. “Mail only” items must be returned to the warehouse through the mail.

What Type of Items Can You Return?

All items must be unused and unwashed to be returnable. GAP only accepts brand new items with packaging and tags intact for the return. Exceptions are made for defective items.

Some items are marked as “final sale” at the time of purchase. “Final sale” means GAP will not issue any returns or exchanges on these items.

Are There Any Non-Returnable Items?

GAP does not accept returns of face masks or swimwear that’s missing tags and hygienic lining. It is unsanitary for stores to take items like these back.

These items endanger staff members and other customers due to the nature of their intended use.

What Other Brands Are Associated with GAP?

GAP owns and operates four companies in total. They are GAP, Old Navy, Athleta, and Banana Republic.

Each subsidiary has its own atmosphere and style of products offered. GAP is the flagship brand that is the most well-rounded.

The clothing is classic, yet trendy all at the same time. There are pieces ranging from casual up to business class.

Old Navy is the laid-back little brother store to GAP. Items are less expensive and less detailed.

Athleta is a fitness and sports clothing store. The brand brings fitness and comfort together with higher fashion so people can look their best even when being active.

Banana Republic is the dressier version of GAP. The clothing is targeted at an older, more affluent audience. 

Can You Return GAP Clothing to Its Other Brands?

You cannot return GAP clothing to Old Navy or Banana Republic. Each brand is its own entity within the company. The brands do not mix across store fronts. 

All items purchased at GAP stores and through the GAP website must be returned through GAP.

Can You Return Regular GAP Clothes to GAP Factory?

Though this might seem reasonable, you cannot return GAP clothes purchased at the regular store to a GAP Factory store. You also can’t return GAP Factory items to a regular GAP location.

This applies between Banana Republic and the Banana Republic Factory, as well. Not only is the pricing different from one type of store to the other, but they also stock different inventory.

How Do You Know if Something Is Final Sale at GAP?

When shopping in-store, items are clearly marked “final sale” on their tags. They may also be sitting on a rack or display table where everything is “final sale.”

The store employee is also required to tell you at the time of checkout.

If you’re shopping online, “final sale” will be mentioned somewhere in the item’s description. 

How Much Is the Shipping Fee for Online Returns?

Should you need to return an item you ordered online from GAP, the return is free. You will not have to pay any additional shipping fees to send the item back. 

You’ll go online to the GAP website and initiate your return. Follow the instructions to print a UPS label for your return package.

The prepaid label must be affixed to the box and all other markings must be removed or blocked out.

If possible, use the original packaging your order came in. You should also print a packing slip from the returns page to put inside the package with your item.

Once you’ve repacked the item, affixed the label, and securely sealed the box, take it to a UPS store location or drop it in a drop-box somewhere. 

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How Long Does It Take to Get Your Refund?

Once the package makes it back to the warehouse and is received for processing, GAP initiates your refund. The credit goes back to the original account you used to make the purchase.

The refund process takes about 3-5 business days once it’s received. GAP warns customers the rest of the process may take up to 10 more business days, depending on your banking institution. 

Does GAP Refund Original Shipping Fees?

When you order GAP items from the website, you may have to pay for shipping. If your order doesn’t qualify for free shipping, the fee is added to your purchase cost.

If you return the items ordered with the prepaid label provided through the company, you will be refunded for the items in the return but not the original shipping fees.


The GAP Christmas return policy gives you time to return gifts you purchased, or someone purchased for you months before Christmas.

Though much of the other return policy guidelines still apply, the timeframe allowed is extended to accommodate the holiday season.



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