GAP Return Policy for Online Orders (Coverage + More)

GAP Return Policy for Online Orders

Do you know what GAP return policy for online orders or online purchase is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

GAP has been a dominant retail giant in clothing and accessories for decades now, expanding into new clothing lines as they ride the coattails of success. Of course, sometimes things don’t turn out quite the way we want them to and a return has to be made. Howe, does GAP handle online returns?

GAP’s Online Returns are handled fairly easily and through the mail. Online returns are treated much like in-store returns, with 45 days to make your return, starting from the original purchase date. 

If you return items by going the online route, you will have to fork over the shipping fee, which is $6 according to GAP.

The rest is pretty standard as far as it goes. The Online return policy extends to all GAP-owned retailers, including Old Navy, Piperlime, GAP Kids, Athleta, and Banana Republic.

How To Make an Online Return with GAP

Speaking of all of the GAP-owned retailers, if you wish to return an item to any of them by going online, you have to return those items to the store in question.

For instance, you can’t return something that you purchased from GAP to Piperlime, even though all of the above are owned by GAP.

To start the online return process, go to the GAP website. 

  • You will need to create an account if you haven’t already
  • Select the “Contact Us” tab on the Home page
  • Select the “Return by Mail” option
  • Fill out the pertinent information
  • Print out the shipping label
  • Package your goods in a clean box
  • Affix the shipping label to the box
  • Take the package to the mailing service office that GAP uses
  • Pay the $6 shipping fee and send the item on its way

Keep in mind, that mailing your return back to GAP is the longest method to use. It will take a couple of weeks in most cases.

You have the travel time to consider, along with however long it takes GAP to unpackage, scan, and process your return.

Then you will have to wait for them to post your return payment. If you purchased your item with a credit or debit card, that’s how you will get your return.

If you purchased your GAP item in-store and with cash, you can still do an online return by mail.

However, you will have to speak with someone by contacting GAP’s customer service. Ultimately, you will have to provide them with a receipt for the item to prove that you purchased it before they can facilitate a return through the mail. 

Online Exchange

You don’t have to return your item for a full refund if you don’t want to. If you merely picked the wrong size and need something a little bigger or a little smaller, you can do an online exchange instead. 

Everything works exactly the same so you don’t have to jump through any additional hoops. Just choose to make an exchange rather than a return.

You will have to pick something of equal value and return the original through the mail, paying the $6 return shipping fee. 

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GAP Return Policy Exceptions

Like every other retailer, GAP has certain exceptions when it comes to making returns. Some things cannot be returned at all, while others can only be returned assuming certain conditions are met. 

One thing that confuses certain customers is the fact that you cannot return any items purchased from GAP if they were purchased through Instagram or the Facebook (Meta) Marketplace. 

GAP will also refuse any returns from items purchased through their “Mail Only” category. Since GAP is first and foremost a clothing retailer, they have certain rules or stipulations on returning clothing to GAP, especially when it comes to swimwear and underwear. 

The hygienic liner has to be intact if you are returning swimwear to GAP and it cannot have had the tags removed that come with all clothing items purchased from GAP.

The same is true of underwear. It would be ludicrous of GAP to accept returns on underwear that has been used. 

GAP accepts returns if all you want in exchange is a replacement item (mentioned above) or a GAP gift card that is equal in value to the item that you are returning. Sunglasses have to have the original receipt with them. 

That means, when you package your sunglasses to return them, you need to have the original receipt in the package with the sunglasses.

It would be to your benefit to make a copy of the receipt before you send it in, however, because you never know what can happen. 

Sunglasses also have to be inside of the complimentary case that they arrived in, with the original tags still attached to them. If you remove the tag, lose the complimentary case, or no longer have the original receipt, GAP may accept the return on a case-by-case basis.

Does GAP Charge a Restocking Fee for Online Returns?

Fortunately, GAP does not charge a restocking fee on any items that you return for a full refund. While some retail chains may charge you a restocking fee for rarer items or items that are more expensive, GAP doesn’t embrace any such policy, so you don’t have to worry about it. 

Speaking of fees, there are several websites out there that claim you can return items to GAP without paying any shipping costs. While there are many blogs that maintain this, the above, $6 shipping charge that we maintained above, is clearly marked on GAP’s own policy statement, which can be found here. 

It’s always easy to quickly look up information on the web, only to find articles that have been surpassed by time and the changes that time brings. If you want the most accurate and up-to-date information, however, you’ll find it here. 

All Things Considered

GAP’s return policy for online orders is pretty open and generous, even with a $6 shipping charge.

You have 45 days to return an item and the process is designed to be quick and simple. Also, GAP’s exceptions make for a very short list.



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