Gap Return Policy for Yeezy (All You Need to Know)

Gap Return Policy for Yeezy

You’ve just gotten your Yeezy Gap clothing item in the mail after weeks of waiting. Unfortunately, you’ve got the wrong size, or it’s damaged or defective. What’s the Gap return policy for Yeezy clothing?

Unlike other Gap Global clothing, the company only accepts Yeezy returns by mail. If you try to return your Yeezy Gap item in-store, they’ll decline it. The Yeezy Gap item must be unworn, unused, unwashed, and with all original packaging to return it.

So how do you start a Yeezy Gap return? In this article, I will go over what Yeezy Gap is, how to return their products, and answer some frequently asked questions. If you’re trying to return or exchange a different Gap product, I’ll go into that too.

What Is Yeezy Gap?

Yeezy is a fashion brand under the ownership of the rapper Kanye West, now performing under the name Ye.

Collaborating with powerful fashion house Balenciaga, Yeezy is now releasing clothes through Gap as part of a ten-year deal.

Yeezy Gap is not Ye’s first fashion partnership with an established brand. Much of Yeezy’s success was through their partnership with Adidas, releasing pairs of Yeezy shoes in limited drops.

Through partnering with Yeezy, Gap is hoping to slow a 20-year decline and access some revenue in the lucrative street fashion market.

Most Yeezy Gap items have, to this point, been available through preorder only. and, so far, are the only exclusive sites selling new Yeezy Gap items.

Yeezy Gap does process international orders through a third party called Global E. If you’re wondering why your package is going through Inwood, NY before coming to you, it’s because that’s where Yeezy Gap’s international mailing hub is.

Returning Yeezy Gap Items By Mail

For both international and domestic orders, Yeezy Gap has a returns portal here. You’ll need your order ID and email address. Both domestic and international orders have a 30-day window to start your return.

Rules and methods do differ somewhat between international and domestic orders. If you’re in the US, call Gap’s customer service number. You can ask questions about international returns through email.

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Other Frequently Asked Questions: Yeezy Gap Returns

There might be some other questions you have related to your return. This section might be able to answer some of them.

Can I Return a Final Sale Item?

No, you cannot return your Yeezy Gap item if it was a final sale. This is true across all of Gap’s brands.

Can I Exchange my Yeezy Gap Clothing for a Different Size?

As of now, Yeezy is unable to exchange your item for a different size. You’ll have to cancel your order and create a new order for the size you want.

With other Gap items, the process is a bit simpler. You can exchange your Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic clothes for a different size, if available, within 30 days.

Why Did the Company Cancel my Yeezy Gap Order?

There are a couple of reasons why Yeezy Gap might have canceled your order. They mainly have to do with problems with the payment method or their inventory.

In this case, you’ll get an email notification that they canceled your order. They won’t charge you anything if your order is canceled.

My Clothing Item is a Slightly Different Color than what I Was Expecting. Can I Return it?

No. Yeezy Gap dyes their items in individual batches. Color variation is an inevitable part of the process. They will not accept a return just because the color wasn’t quite what you were expecting.

What If I Want to Exchange or Return a Different Gap Item?

Gap Global owns Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta stores. Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic accept in-store and mail returns within 30 days.

Athleta has a 60-day window to return any clothing bought there. Exchanges and returns are free both by mail and in-store.

Gap makes returning by mail easy. They have an interactive process to print your UPS shipping label. This label won’t cost you anything: Gap pre-pays for it. Once you’ve gotten your packaging together with their label, you can drop it off at any UPS store.

Gap will refund you through your original payment method and send you an email to verify they’ve completed the return.

Keep in mind the funds may take up to 10 days to show up in your bank account or credit card.

While Gap and its family of stores will accept damaged or defective merchandise, all other items need to be unwashed, unworn, and with their original tags and packaging.

Gap does not accept final sale items for return.

Where Can I Find Yeezy Gap Clothes for Resale?

You can find Yeezy Gap clothes for resale on websites like eBay, Grailed, and StockX. However, considering the high cost, you’re probably going to pay as much for the resale as you would have if you’d been part of the original pre-order.

Sometimes, resellers even charge more for these specialty items.

For example, while the original retail price of a Yeezy Gap hoodie was $90, resellers often inflate that price to over $100.

These resellers are banking on the brand clout of Yeezy alone.

Obviously, don’t try to return these items directly via Yeezy Gap. Use the return policy and methods of the website you bought the clothing from.


Yeezy Gap only accepts returns of its clothing items by mail. Unlike other Gap items, you can’t return Yeezy clothes in-store.

This is partly because much of Yeezy Gap’s sales are through pre-orders. You also can’t exchange sizes at this time unless you cancel your order and start a new one.

Like other Gap items, you can only return clothes that haven’t been worn or washed. You can’t return final sale Yeezy Gap items. 

Other Gap Global items from their family of stores are much easier to return via Gap’s interactive returns website.



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