GAP Returns Without Receipt (Full Guide)

GAP Returns Without Receipt

The GAP has great clothes and products for all ages, although sometimes you find out after you buy an item that you don’t really want or need after all. What happens if you didn’t keep the receipt?

GAP stores will accept returns without a receipt. However, the item needs to be in its original condition and the store will mail a merchandise credit within the week instead of issuing an immediate refund.

In this article, we will review how to return products to GAP and time frame you have to return them. Additionally, we will cover how long it takes to receive a refund for returns to GAP as well as what items cannot be returned.

How Do I Return Items to GAP?

Items purchased at a GAP store can be returned to any physical GAP location. While items purchased online at GAP’s website can be mailed back to GAP’s return department or returned at a physical GAP location.

To return items to a store, bring the product in its original packaging with the tags still attached and proof of purchase such as a receipt or packing slip.

The sales associate will process your return and refund you the full amount in the same form of tender with which you paid given the item is in the proper condition and the return is made within the policy’s timeframe.

To return items by mail, begin the return process online in order to print off the return shipping label. All returns to GAP are free. Package the item with the returns paperwork and send it out from the nearest UPS store.

Once your package has been received and processed, GAP will issue your return and send an email notification that your return is complete.

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How Long Do I Have to Return GAP Products?

GAP allows you to return items within thirty days of purchase. If the item in question was purchased online, then the thirty day timeframe begins on the day of shipment.

If you ship back your return to GAP’s returns department, make sure it is received within the thirty day window, or else it may be processed as a return outside of the policy’s timeframe.

If you attempt to make a return after the thirty day window even if you have your original purchase receipt, GAP will treat your return like a non-receipted return. In this case, you will be mailed a merchandise credit for the amount of the lowest sale price of the product you are returning.

The only exception to this rule is the Christmas holiday season. For any items purchased between October 24 and December 24, you have until January 15 of the following year to make a return.

Be sure to include a gift receipt with any gifts you purchase from GAP or else the recipient of your gift will have to go through a non-receipted return regardless of when you purchased it.

How Long Does It Take to Receive a Refund from GAP for Returned Items?

Depending on what form of tender you originally paid with and whether or not you have your receipt with the return, you can receive your refund immediately or it can take up to ten business days.

With a receipt (including a gift receipt), any purchases that were made with cash or a gift card will be refunded in kind immediately.

Purchases that were made with a credit or debit card will have the funds issued back to the same card as long as you have the receipt with the return. This can take five to seven business days.

For items that are shipped back to GAP’s returns department, refunds will not be issued until the return has been received and processed. This can take about seven to ten business days.

If you return an item without a receipt or if it is beyond the thirty day return window, you will be issued a merchandise certificate in the amount of the lowest sale price for that item.

This will be mailed to your home address within seven days of the return transaction.

Are There Any Items That Cannot Be Returned to GAP?

GAP is very lenient about its return policy; however, there are certain items that cannot be returned. For health and safety reasons, swimwear without the hygienic seal and masks cannot be returned to the GAP.

Any item marked for Final Sale is also ineligible for returns since these are clearance items that will not be restocked, and the store needs to clear out this inventory.

Any clothing or accessory items that have been clearly used or do not come accompanied by the original tags or packaging will most likely be rejected for returns.

GAP reserves the right to refuse a return for any reason to protect the company from profit loss if they suspect fraudulent activity.

Additionally, GAP is under the same parent company as Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Athleta. However, you cannot return products from any of these other stores to the GAP nor can you return GAP items to other any of these stores.

Certain GAP items that you order by mail can also only be returned by mail and this will be indicated on the packaging when you receive the order.


GAP is a popular clothing store with lots of great choices for all ages. However, they understand that you won’t always be satisfied with your purchases which is why they encourage you to hold on to your receipts just in case you need to return something.

A return with a receipt will result in a full refund while a non-receipted return will be reimbursed with a merchandise credit by mail in the amount of the lowest sale price of the returned item.

If you need to return something, you have thirty days to do so either by mail or in person.

Check to make sure that the item you wish to return is eligible before you go through the process.



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