Does CVS Sell Banana Republic Gift Cards? (Full Guide)

Does CVS Sell Banana Republic Gift Cards

Do you know if CVS sells Banana Republic gift cards? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

One-stop shopping at a CVS pharmacy can be a lifesaver. You can easily drop in to pick up prescriptions, toothpaste, nail polish, school supplies, even a snack for the kids.

With the addition of a wide array of specialty gift cards, you can now check off gift shopping at CVS pharmacy as well. 

Most CVS locations sell Banana Republic gift cards in-store, though gift card selection varies by location. CVS stores also carry gift cards from Banana Republic partners Gap, Athleta, and Old Navy, which can be used at Banana Republic stores and online.

Read on for more information on how Banana Republic gift cards work, and some tips about purchasing Banana Republic cards at CVS locations.

Can I Buy Banana Republic Gift Cards at CVS?

The short answer is yes, most CVS stores sell Banana Republic gift cards in the specialty gift card section of the store. 

CVS offers a wide range of gift cards in addition to apparel cards, including cards for restaurants, department stores, furniture stores, kids’ stores, and online shopping, among others. 

You will find these gift cards in racks at the end of an aisle. Typically, cards come in various denominations, so you may have to scan through them to find what you are looking for. 

There does seem to be high demand for gift cards at CVS these days, especially for clothing retailers such as Banana Republic. At times Banana Republic cards may sell out or become unavailable in the denomination you want.

If you have your heart set on a certain denomination Banana Republic gift card, you may want to give the store a call before you set out.

But read on for information on how to use Gap, Athleta, and Old Navy gift cards at Banana Republic. 

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Where Can You Use Banana Republic Gift Cards Online?

Banana Republic is part of the same family of stores as Athleta, the Gap, and Old Navy (and formerly Piperlime). 

For this reason, you can use gift cards from all of these stores pretty much interchangeably. You may notice that one website has tabs for all the different stores, and you can add items from any one of them to your basket and check out all at the same time, including with a Banana Republic gift card. 

Since a gift card from any one of these stores gives you access to all the other stores, a card from any one of them (including Banana Republic) can be a great gift idea for that person who is hard to buy for, or who may want to shop at stores from a range of price points. 

In addition, it allows for access to Athleta’s activewear line in addition to the apparel at the other stores. 

Keep in mind you can also use Piperlime gift cards at these stores, even though Piperlime stores have closed. 

Where Can You Use Banana Republic Gift Cards In-Store?

You can use Banana Republic gift cards in-store at Gap, Athleta, and Old Navy stores. You can also use a Banana Republic gift card at factory or outlet stores for Banana Republic, Gap, or Old Navy. 

Can I Buy a Gap, Old Navy, or Athleta Gift Card at CVS Instead?

If you are buying a gift for a person who loves Banana Republic, a gift card is an excellent way to get them something personalized that says you really are paying attention while at the same time letting them pick out the perfect apparel item they are dreaming of. 

If CVS is sold out of Banana Republic gift cards, what to do? You could certainly purchase one for a partner store–Gap, Athleta, Old Navy–but you may have to explain to your recipient that they will work in Banana Republic as well.

It may be a little awkward to have to explain, “well, I really wanted to get you a Banana Republic card, but they were out….”

At the same time, it really is the thought that counts and your recipient will be pleased to be able to shop at their favorite store, no matter what picture the card has on it!

Can you buy gift cards at self checkout CVS?

You can buy gift cards just as you would any other items at CVS. However, if you are buying more than $300 of gift cards at any one time, you may have to show your ID. 

What is the gift card limit at CVS?

You may only purchase $2000 of gift cards from CVS in a single day. The purpose of these rules is to prevent gift card scams such as people requesting payment in the form of gift cards (this is a common scam). 

Can I buy a Banana Republic gift card with another gift card?

This is generally at the discretion of the store. Some places may allow you to purchase gift cards with another gift card, though CVS will not allow you to use your CVS Pharmacy card or any other gift card to purchase prepaid cards. 

Do Banana Republic gift cards expire?

No. They do not have an expiration date and no fees apply. However, they may not be used for certain promotions as indicated in store or online. 

You can add additional value to a Banana Republic gift card at any Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy, or Athleta store, factory store, or outlet, or online at any of these store websites. 


A Banana Republic gift card can be a good gift idea for that picky dresser in your life who is difficult to buy for.

Really a Banana Republic gift card is a card for any of its partner stores as well. Plus buying Banana Republic cards at CVS can save you time and help you cross off one more errand!

Keep in mind you can also buy gift cards online if you can’t get to CVS or they are sold out of Banana Republic cards, though it is sometimes nice to receive a physical gift rather than a gift code.



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