Does CVS Sell Visa Gift Cards (All You Need To Know)

Does CVS Sell Visa Gift Cards

Lindsey, do you know if CVS sells Visa gift cards? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Visa gift cards are ideal for all types of shopping. Whether you don’t like to give out your bank account information online or hate carrying cash, a Visa gift card is the ideal option. So, when you are looking for one of these cards, where should you go?

The 6200 CVS drug stores across the nation sell Visa gift cards in a variety of denominations. These cards can often be found on displays close to the checkout counters. 

What else can you do with your Visa gift card at CVS, how do you check your balance,  and are these cards really worth the money? Keep reading for that information and so much more. 

Does CVS Sell Visa Gift Cards?

Yes, you can purchase Visa gift cards from CVS stores. Visa gift cards are usually available at almost any retail location you visit since it is such a large and popular brand.

These cards are usually sold in denominations of $5, $10, $25, $45, $50, $100, and $500, and they can be found on a display shelf located at the front of the store alongside a variety of other gift card options offered by the company.

How Do You Pay For a Visa Gift Card at CVS?

CVS accepts all of the most common forms of payment when it comes to purchasing Visa gift cards, from debit and credit cards to most of the new touchless apps.

Below is a list of all the ways you can pay for merchandise at CVS.

You can also purchase food items from CVS using a SNAP/EBT benefit card. However, this is not an acceptable way to buy a Visa gift card.

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Can You Use a CVS Gift Card to Purchase a VISA Gift Card?

CVS gift cards are a great way to pick up everyday essentials without spending any money out of your own pocket.

While these cards are good for almost anything in the store, they can not be used to purchase other gift cards, including Visa gift cards.

This isn’t a CVS-only policy and is implemented by most retailers out there. 

Can You Use a Visa Gift Card at CVS?

Yes. You can use your Visa gift card to buy anything at your local CVS stores. These cards are seen just like a regular Visa credit or debit card and can be used to buy prescriptions, food, home goods items, other gift cards, etc.

How Do You Use a Visa Gift Card at CVS?

Using your gift card at CVS is very easy. Once all of your items have been scanned, the cashier will give you your total balance, swipe the Visa gift card through the card reader, and the amount owed will automatically come off of the bill.

As long as you have enough money on your Visa gift card, you are set to go, and the remaining balance will stay on the card until your next visit.

Can You Check the Balance of Your Visa Gift Card at CVS?

Although you are able to purchase Visa gift cards at CVS stores, you can not go there to check their balance of them.

In order to see how much money is still left on your card, you will have to call the number on the back or log onto the Visa website and access their gift card balance checker.

Can Funds be Added to a Visa Gift Card at CVS?

No. Visa gift cards are not refillable; once they are used up, they are garbage. The store only sells non-reloadable gift cards.

However, you can purchase a pre-paid gift card from VISA, which can be re-loaded at any time, just not at a CVS store.

If you have a re-loadable Visa gift card, you can add money to your balance by creating an online account with Visa and adding your funds that way.

There you can also check your balance and review your recent transactions.

What are the Types of Visa Gift Cards available at CVS?

The most common form of Visa gift card you are likely to find on a CVS display is their basic logo gift card. However, you might get lucky around Christmas time and find options that are a little more festive. 

Now, if you are looking for a Visa gift card that is unique, fun, or personalized, you won’t find these at any store and will have to visit the website specifically.

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Can You Return a Visa Gift Card to CVS?

If you received a CVS gift card for your birthday and didn’t want it, or you bought one and never ended up giving it away, you might consider taking it back to the store to get a refund.

Well, we are here to tell you not to waste your time. 

Unfortunately, CVS, similar to most other retailers, will not allow customers to return any gift cards for any reason.

If you have an issue with the card after you walk out of doors at the store, you will have to contact Visa directly.

Can You Exchange a Visa Gift Card at CVS?

The rules about exchanging gift cards at CVS are very similar to the rules regarding returning them. You can not exchange any gift card once the purchase is complete.

The only exception is if the card didn’t activate during the scanning process.

In this instance, you can bring your card back along with proof of purchase, and they will exchange the card for one that works. 

If you would like to exchange a Visa gift card, you can do so on a specific website designed to swap gift cards or ones that will pay you for your unused gift cards at a marked-down price.

Summing Things Up

If you want to buy a Visa gift card and live near a CVS drug store, you are in luck. This retailer offers customers a variety of Visa gift card denominations ideal for all situations.  



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