Does CVS Sell Hobby Lobby Gift Cards (All You Need To Know)

Does CVS Sell Hobby Lobby Gift Cards

Do you know if CVS sells Hobby Lobby gift cards? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

With such a wide variety of gift cards available at CVS, friends and family of dedicated crafters may wonder if they can find Hobby Lobby gift cards on the racks.

No, CVS does not sell Hobby Lobby gift cards. However, you can still purchase a few craft-related gift cards from CVS stores. For Hobby Lobby cards, you must go through the company itself.

So, let’s take a look at where to buy Hobby Lobby gift cards, as well as what gift cards CVS sells for all your crafting needs.

Where To Buy Hobby Lobby Gift Cards

If looking to make an in-store purchase, you’ll need to find a Hobby Lobby location in your area. Those uncertain of where to find a brick-and-mortar location can use their handy online store finder to make things easier.

Considering the brand currently operates over 900 locations across all but three states, you should stand a decent chance of finding what you’re looking for.

Anyone without a Hobby Lobby in their area can still purchase gift cards from their online store.

Even though you’ll be charged an additional $1 processing fee that you wouldn’t pay in-shop, you can also choose from a number of gift card designs that some local stores might not carry.

For this reason, you might want to consider this option even if the brand has locations nearby.

Regarding your range of options, designs vary seasonally. Generally speaking, you’ll find a few basic decorative cards as well as birthday-related or holiday-themed choices.

You can credit these gift cards for any dollar amount between $10 at the lowest end of the spectrum, or $200 at the most.

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Why Doesn’t CVS Sell Hobby Lobby Cards?

While neither brand offers any clear answer for this, the likeliest answer is simply that Hobby Lobby is not a publicly traded company.

Not only do they voice no plans to trade with the public in the future, but all locations are privately held. They do not work with third-party retailers, and you couldn’t even buy a Hobby Lobby franchise to sell the cards yourself.

You also cannot buy digital Hobby Lobby gift cards. Unless you’re able to order online or get to the store yourself, you’re out of luck.

Even on Amazon, where independent sellers often sell goods by other companies, you won’t find a single Hobby Lobby gift card in sight.

Fortunately, those in search of craft store gift cards still have a few other options available.

What Gift Cards Does CVS Sell?

Perhaps you’d like to buy your craft store gift cards specifically from CVS. Unlike Hobby Lobby, the pharmacy chain offers no online options for doing so.

You’ll have to visit the store in the flesh, where you’ll find that third-party gift card selections vary by location.

As such, you may wish to call your nearest store ahead of time, saving yourself a potentially wasted trip.

While CVS offers well over 100 third-party gift cards, the brands most relevant to those interested in Hobby Lobby include:

Note, however, that none of these stores will really do the trick for those seeking genuine craft supplies.

If you’re interested in gift cards for alternative craft stores such as Michaels or JOANN, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

You can find them on Amazon (which carries its own wide array of crafting supplies), but the other stores above are lacking in genuine craft materials.

That said, we might recommend creative types check out HomeGoods’ seasonal decor. Those with dedicated crafting rooms can find useful supplies at Pottery Barn, while anybody whose creativity most frequently graces the kitchen will find a wide array of useful products at Crate & Barrel.

Where To Buy Michaels Gift Cards

Perhaps there’s no Hobby Lobby in your area, and CVS doesn’t sell gift cards to stores that fit your needs. In that case, you might turn to Michaels.

The Krazy Koupon Lady notes that they pale in comparison to Hobby Lobby when it comes to certain items such as scrapbooking supplies, but they also boast a wide variety of items that you may not find at JOANN.

Like Hobby Lobby, the best way to buy Michaels gift cards is either online or at your nearest storefront.

They offer a similar variety in design, but an even greater monetary range. You can buy Michaels cards in any amount from $5 to $500, and you can even choose to purchase email cards if you aren’t going to see the recipient in person.

You can also purchase Michaels gift cards through other outlets such as Amazon, Kroger, or Target. If you prefer shopping in person and do not live near a Michaels storefront, you may find this purchase method preferable.

Be warned, however, that you may be restricted to buying in $25 increments rather than setting the specific balance for your card.

Where To Buy JOANN Fabrics Gift Cards

If the crafter in your life gets their thrills from yarns and fabrics, you may as well skip the Michaels and Hobby Lobby gift cards entirely. JOANN sells their gift cards both online and in-store, with the same option to send your card digitally if convenient. If your friend or family member prefers you spend their gift money on charities, JOANN even provides options for that.

Here, you’ll find the highest spending limit of all three stores. Gift cards start at $10, but you can spend up to $1000 if you wish.

As with Michaels, you’ll sacrifice a lot of this price range if you choose to buy your JOANN Fabrics cards at retailers such as Amazon, Staples, Target, or Sam’s Club. Some of these retailers only offer JOANN gift cards up to $250.


Even though you can’t rely on CVS for Hobby Lobby gift cards, those in search of easy gifts for craft-lovers can still find what they’re looking for in a variety of locations.

 Simply choose whichever option proves easiest or most appropriate for the circumstances.

Whether from Hobby Lobby, CVS, or elsewhere, you’ll find what you’re looking for.



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